Op-edFor Every Indian Parents: The Best Ways and Methods To Understand Your...

For Every Indian Parents: The Best Ways and Methods To Understand Your Child

Good parenting involves- Understanding your child, his/her behavior, needs or requirements, everything about them. One should be aware of everything going in their kid’s mind. Being a parent, One has to be understandable, friendly, co-operative to their child/children. This will help you deal with them in each situation, this will let your child sharing things to you; may it be a problem, a want, or anything he/she should share with you.

There are parents who are so strict with their children. Remember, being strict is not at all a bad parenting habit, but there are other options too, which will make things easier for you and your child. Hitting & scolding may not let them share you any problem, because of fear.

Start understanding your child’s personality, accept his/her behavior; how she/he is, Accept it until it is not being a bad child. If you feel you don’t know much about your child, as he/she isn’t being comfortable sharing things to you, Start developing a bond with them, try and make a habit of telling each thing to you, Child should be comfortable sharing things which parents deserves to know. You can surely plan some games, activities with them, which will help to develop a good bond between you both. Remember, if you aren’t able to deal with your child since an infant-preschool age, it would be a problem to you further. Especially for new parents it becomes hard to deal with their baby, since infant age lets you know what your child expects from you, Fulfilling all of your child’s need and desire would not help you with co-operating with him, developing good relations, but ultimately will spoil your kid. He/she might expect the same thing from you in future. He/she might not even ask you things later believing; my parents co-operates, understands to each needs of mine. Sometimes your child does argue for things which isn’t good for the purpose, so worry about it; take special care over this talk.

Understanding your child at each phase:

INFANT AGE: Till infant age your baby may provide you each information as they rely completely upon you from feeding till sleeping. They know they just need you each time. As they start growing they need bit distance from you; they need some privacy; privacy is must; but not at this point of age. Don’t let the distance create any problem.

TODDLER: Now at this phase your child begins to learn little things, he/she loves to learn and perform thing by own way. You will see change in physical, emotional stress. Accept the behavior; it might be for a reason; find out the cause and then work upon it.

PRE-SCHOOL AGE: At this age your child will begin to learn things, they may cry sometimes if you are not letting them do some activity they want to. But let them learn; Let them do – Make sure to them – We are just here to make you learn and support. Develop ask habit in them- Let them ask you anything at this point of age & they will develop ask habit in them. They would surely know later that it is must ask my parents and then proceed further. You will see social, emotional, intellectual change in your child at this age.

TEENAGER: At this age your teenager would know a bit about what is right & what is wrong. Now here at this point many parents go wrong dealing with their children due to lack of understanding. The child may quarrel with you over any particular topic, don’t just let them shut up; instead listen to them, see what he/she feels, understand what are the views behind a thought they have. This is a good pace to develop a good level of understanding between you both.

He/she will be developing social relations with people at this age. May get attached to few fellow friends, They may not listen to you – if you will say that- Don’t talk to that person, he/she isn’t good for you. Don’t just put this sentence on your child’s face. Explain them the reason why isn’t that friend good for them and explain them with whom and how to maintain your social relations.

Adult period is where a child reaches to adulthood:

Now he/she has developed a circumference for himself or herself. Remember, if you were lacking in understanding earlier in any phase or point; it is going to be bad for you to deal with your child at this age. He/she has got an exposure to change, lifestyle, behaviors at earlier phases. Now they might be aware of what they are doing, why they are doing. As they are learning to understand their parents for a baby, believe it your child knows everything about you, they will know how they will get what they want, how they can make you agree with their point, they would be knowing how you will react for each thing they do or they ask. So You too understand each point of your child.

It’s never too late! If you are worried?

Then Here are some few good ways which will help you to develop a good understanding with your child. Spending time is a must. One need’s time to know another person, so you will have to spend few good hours with your child. If he/she doesn’t agree with you – then plan something interesting for them, plan out activities they love to do, am sure they won’t mind spending time with you.

Know about likes/dislikes:

See what is your child liking and don’t imply things on them which they don’t like.

Keep observance on their daily routine, activities, observe if they are going through some changes. Deal with the change. Change may be in physical terms, behavioral terms, or it may be a routine or habit change, it can be anything. Accept your child, even with a change. This will help build trust. And also it will help you to know what are they going through, is it an emotional stress? What is it about? Then you can find ways to help them. Sometimes our children are so disturbed due to so many reasons- but they don’t share it to us; they feel scared to sometimes say things to their parents. They would be questioning themselves, how will my parents react if I share this thing to them. Understand this happens due to the lack of understanding between parents and a child. Hope this helps you to be a good parent. Stay Happy Together, Grow Together!

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Pooja Sharma
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