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Free Online Depression Counselling in Sikkim in India

Depression is one of the very common and widely spread problem mainly seen in the youngsters, adults and mature people. According to the Google Trends Sikkim is on top of the list in terms of depression searches — which indicates that the people in Sikkim are widely influenced by the problem of depression than any other states in India. You might not be aware that depression is not a disease, but a disorder where the symptoms like anxiety, stress and depression are the sign of not getting needs fulfilled and these needs can be mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. People with extra conscious mind who are concerned with a variety of things such as education, career, parenting, relationship and marriage are highly influenced by the depression.

People looking for the free online depression counseling in Sikkim can visit or can download the Android Smartphone app named ‘Soul Shapers app‘  to get free counseling against depression, anxiety and stress.

Soul Shapers currently offering free online depression counselling in Gangtok, Namchi, Yuksom, Pelling, Mangan, Rangpo, Lanchung, Ravangla, Chungthang, Pakyong, Lachen, Melli, Richenpong, Singhik, Tumlong, Kaluk, Sherathang, Gyalshing and Jorethang etc. of Sikkim.

Soul Shapers is available online and can be accessed from as well it can be reached through android smartphone app named Soul Shapers which is available for free to download on Google Play Store.

There are more than 50 volunteers, professional counselors which include doctors, scholars and researchers from various states of India such as New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. The Soul Shapers also offers a variety of services which include Guest Writing, Experience Express under which you can share your experience with other people on the Internet.

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