Download website from is an Internet Archive and a Wayback Machine which stores from a webpage to the entire website which can be accessed in future, even if the website goes down or completely shut down for forever. indexes and stores almost all types of websites and files like pdf, images, videos and audio etc. could be a great way to recover your website which you have closed or lost in past due to any reason and now you want to start it again.

We knew it really takes a lot to design, develop and add content to a website. In this article, we will help you out on how you can download an entire website from There could be numerous reason for downloading a web site from and some of them could be:

  • You want to download your old website
  • You want to get back the contents of your website that you have forgotten to renew
  • You want to download some other website etc.

For whatever purpose you want to download the website from it doesn’t matter at all until you don’t have bad ethics. So, let’s begin with it.

Before we begin with any steps make sure that you have following things installed on your PC-

Things you will need

1. Ruby

You can download ruby for free from

2. Wayback Machine Downloader

“Wayback Machine Downloader” is a script written in Ruby which helps you to download the website from You can download Wayback Machine Downloader script from for free

Download the zip file from the above URL and extract. I recommend you should extract it in the “C:\wayback” directory as it is going easy for you to follow our tutorial.

Once you have downloaded ruby and Wayback Machine Downloader script rightly follow the below steps.

Step 1- Setting up the path

The most important step is to set the path to Ruby as well as the Wayback Machine Downloader. Run the command prompt (cmd) and follow the below instructions

  • Type path=<path of the ruby bin directory>. Example in my case the installation path of the ruby is C:\Ruby23-x64\bin so, I typed path=C:\Ruby23-x64\bin
  • Once you have set the path of ruby the next step is to change the directory.
  • To change the directory type cd followed by the path of Wayback Machine Downloader(the path where you have extracted)
  • In my case the path of Wayback Machine Downloader is C:\wayback\bin so, I typed CD C:\wayback\bin

Step 2 – Downloading the website

The next step is to download the website from well, it is quite simple all you need to type follow commands –

  • ruby wayback_machine_downloader

In case you want to download the website for a particular timestamp you need to use “--timestamp” keyword with the above command. Example

  • ruby wayback_machine_downloader --timestamp 20060716231334

Step 3- Locating the downloaded files

By default, the downloaded files are stored in the “bin\websites” of the Wayback machine downloader folder.

Hope you will find it useful. Thanks for reading.