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One million questions, Is it possible to Enable USB Debugging in Android Using Recovery Mode or any other technique? Well, the answer is Yes! It is now possible to Enable USB Debugging using Recovery Mode no matter even if your phone stuck in a boot loop. In this article, we will guide you smoothly on how to Enable USB Debugging using Recovery Mode.

If you are stuck in a boot loop, you should try the following steps before getting into a more detailed and technical solution.

1. Delete and Clear Cache

One of the very first steps that have to be considered before making a hard-reset is trying a cache delete using CWM recovery, AmonRA, TWRP recovery etc. Follow below steps to clear and delete Cache:

  • Turn off the phone by simply removing the battery or pining to the reset button.
  • Now Hold the Volume UP key (it may be possible your handset support Volume Down key) plus the power key. Note: Some phone requires the Home button to be pressed instead of Volume Key or both.
  • Use the Volume (+/-) keys to navigate through the recovery menu.
  • Select “Advanced” and choose “Wipe Dalvik cache.”
  • Return to the main menu
  • Choose “wipe cache partition.”
  • Again return to the main menu and select “reboot system now.”

2. Factory Restore and Wipe Data

Warning: Your Data-saved in Phone Memory will be permanently lost.

  • Enter into recovery mode by following the steps as specified above under the “Delete and Clear Cache” section.
  • And select “wipe data factory reset.”
  • Return to the main menu and choose the “wipe cache partition”.
  • Again return to the main menu and select “reboot system now”.

Now see if it is fixed. If not, you need to follow the next step.

3. Enabling USB Debugging Using Recovery Mode

It could be very mind storming if you are stuck in a boot loop and unfortunately if you have not enabled USB debugging from the Setting. Well, no worries, follow the below instructions.

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Things you will need

  • Download the Stock ROM  for your device- Google it, I am dam sure you can find it.
  • Download SuperSU from
  • contains :
    • Superuser boot permission manager.
    • Update script (important) etc.
  • Basic Knowledge of C++ or Java
  • Notepad++
  • WinRAR

Steps to Enable USB Debugging Using Recovery Mode

  • Unzip the stock ROM.
  • Within the extracted folder, you will find the system.img well extract it too using Ext4 Unpacker
  • Also, extract the file.
  • Now open the folder where you have extracted the system.img files
  • Grab any .apk file from this folder and change the extension from .apk to .zip
  • And Copy the RSA Certificated to the Update-SuperSU.v1.65 folder (delete previous files if exist)
  • Also, copy the build.prop to the system folder located within Update-SuperSU.v1.65 folder
  • Locate the update-script file within this folder and edit it using Notepad++
  • You need to update the build.prop file after adding the following line at the bottom


  • Next step is updating SQLite Database
  • Which can be done by adding the following code to the update-script file

sqlite3 /data/data/ "UPDATE global SET value=1 WHERE name='adb_enabled'"

Cheers! You have Enabled USB Debugging
Now you can install your custom or stock ROM using ADB – USB Debugging.