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How to get Back to Life after Breakup with Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

Break up is just like a bad dream and one feels himself in a worst situation of withdrawal and you really don’t know how to stop it. Pain is unbearable just similar to physical pain. Everything seems to be shattering and even the thing that please you the most, does not interest you. Break up is really hard to bear and a person get demoralised and looses its confidence as it feels like someone has taken the soul away from the body.

You may console yourself by saying that everything is fine, but the grief and sadness really lies within. The feeling of emptyness just like dying is there but you have to accept it and heal yourself.

Here are some tips to move on in life after a relationship that has ended and prepare yourself for better beginning.


Accept the situation instead of thinking about it. Be strong and grow up in life as a mature human being. As it is rightly said “one falls to rise in life”.  You are not alone facing break up, many people go through this, but one has to be strong and donot let it effect your confidence. Think about the situation and evaluate it. Find out the flaws that were left in your relationship and the things that went wrong from your side and other side too. Learn from it and move forward with a positive attitude.


Think about yourself and your future. Take decision what you want in life and what to avoid.  When you are in a relationship there are many aspects that you have not been able to devote time. Focus on your professional and social goals and get rid of boredom.

Call people whom you have not met and kept waiting for a long time. Your family can be the biggest support in this hard time of yours. Take care of your self and try to remain busy with your work.


It is natural to feel isolated after break up. Go out meet your friends and let yourself breathe the new fresh air. Friends are the people who takes your grief and fill your life with happiness. Talk to them and stay positive and get to know that there are plenty of people who love and care for you and need you in their lives.

Go out for a movie or other friends marriage be social and meet new people to gain experience. Afterall its not the end.


Divert your mind from the things that have become past now and focus on a new beginning. Think about your future. Forgive your ex of whatever happened because if you stick to those things you cannot move on. Stop thinking about the moments you spend together as they will only increase your pain. Let things go and stay cool.

Get motivated and try new things, do things you enjoy, listen good music , dance go for a drive and spend some time with yourself and get to know what you want to do next.

Go for shopping, get a new outfit, a nice hair cut that pampers you and make yourself feel good, thinking you deserve a better person.


Respect yourself and stand by your decision. Do not try to look back and give another try. Make up your mind that you donot need him/her and deserve a better right person in your life. Put your head held high with a smile on face and move on with confidence. Life keeps on moving and does not end if any person leaves or departs.

Although it is difficult to forget every thing, the promises and moments you spent together but time is the best healer. As time passes you will feel better and realise that there is much more wonderful things and people to know than you expected.


There are ups and downs in a relationship, but do not blame yourself for the break up as you both have taken the the decision through mutual understanding.  It is not one persons wish, if you have done your best to save it, but it didn’t work then its fine. You should be satisfied that you tried. Both of the partners have to stay together to be in a relationship, but if one of the person doesn’t want it then its better to quit.


Keep yourself away from the things that hurt you more. Delete his contact number from your phone as well as from your heart, cut all sorts of contacts with him. It is difficult to maintain distance, but you have to, as calling him again and communicating will not improve the situation. And it would be more hurting to see him/her moving in life without you. Do not live in the hope that you will get together again, let it go and move on.

Delete all photos and memories with your ex. Stay strong and try to move forward as your ex will also be experiencing the same as no body intentionally want a relationship to fail.


Do not get disappointed if a relationship fails. Think that there may be some better one waiting for you. Learn from your mistakes and prepare yourself for future. Life is cycle of ups and downs and no gain and loss is permanent. Learning gives us chance to improve ourself and grow as a mature human being.


Break up leaves a person shattered and feeling oneself demoralised. We often think all men are same unfaithful and liars. But one should not loose hope, as departures and failures are also an important  part of life and in every loss there is hidden gain too.

Keep meeting new people and talking to them and find the best one for yourself


You may be feeling angry on your ex and idea to take revenge seems to be very tempting. But it is never a good choice. Revenge or anger will still take to you think about them and hurt yourself. It may lead you to criminal charges and the consequences can be even worst. Love is not about having or possession. Keep your feelings in control and move ahead in life by forgiving.

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