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How to keep a healthy relationship and add more romance to your life during the lockdown?

THE SECRET OF LIFE RESIDES IN LOVE — It is true love we seek our whole life and the happiness that brings with it. True love is the elixir we desire, the desire to be immortal in the memories of our one who we can call our own. Almost all of human life we lead is spent seeking HAPPINESS and LOVE, some WANDER and SEEK MONEY, POWER, FAME hoping that this will bring them their ultimate happiness but in the end, they also realise that the true meaning of life is not in living in solitude. Still, it is the happiness we get to share with our partner and the company, which will lead to the light.

Many people find their love and get to live happily ever after, it is the thing we see in fairy tales and movies, but they only show you the story till their happily ever after and what comes beyond that ever wondered?. You ever wondered how Cinderella kept Prince happy after they got married, don’t you want to know if their romance survived the ups and downs of real-life?

Well in real life, the happily ever after lasts till the festivities and till the honeymoon period is over. When the newlyweds go back to the real-life, they realise after a while let’s say a few months that the romance is slightly fading and the good feeling of love is wearing off, well it might not happen so suddenly and so fast, it is going to take a few months but let me tell you this is going to happen. You need to be prepared to fight this thing.

If you want your marriage to survive the horrors of time and reality, then you must do these things to keep the flower of romance from wuthering.

Spend time together

Indian Married Couple

Now in this era, one of the most challenging thing that a healthy marriage has to face is lack of time and attention. See some people are too understanding and they do not demand to spend a lot of quality time with their partners but all that understanding it goes away with time and honestly you do need to spend time together when you can. We were all taught that time is the most precious thing, and once it’s gone, it never comes back, and it never waits for anyone.

Realising old learnings, we must spend time together with our partners even when we have to go the extra mile to make time. Spending time and understanding each other’s needs creates the foundation of marriage strong and stealthy.

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Go on dates and pay attention to each other

A Dinner Date

One of the complains coming from almost all the wives, and few of the husbands on the earth is about their better halves not paying enough attention. When we live together sometimes, it becomes our habit, and we do not even realise that we have stopped noticing our partner and it has become more of a routine to see him/her every morning, so you stop caring as to how they are looking or what they are wearing. You need to stop doing that and start paying attention.

The concept behind it is that when you are paying attention, the partner gets a sense of certainty and feels noticed, and it gives him/her an idea of security and love. So do not just shrug it off when next time your wife gets a haircut even if looks healthy as usual, compliment her and take her on a date every once in a while. These small things can make him/her feel special, and it can also reignite the spark which had started to go dim.

Leave small gifts and love notes

Write Thank You Notes

Now only giving attention and spending time together can’t be enough and you need to put in more efforts. Every now you need to remind your better half that the whole romance trip is not over and they are in for a long haul. You need to make your partner feel special and loved, what every other thing on this earth can’t do, can be done by a small note in which you’ve poured your heart out. You can even communicate using these love notes. In the times of emails, Whatsapp messages and phone calls, the cute little love letters have lost their place, but what can’t be fixed by a big fancy piece of jewellery can be set by a small love letter. You can leave these cute little letters whenever you are going out of the house, get them delivered to their place of work.

Now, remember when I said that letters can fix everything but do not ever forget what a woman loves more in her life is a gift and when men say that they don’t want handouts because they think that you are going to spend their own money to buy it. Don’t trust them when they say it and just get the gift.

Gifts make people feel special and loved, and they give me the idea that you are in it and you are putting efforts to keep this boat of marriage afloat. You do not need to buy fancy gifts or anything, any idea in which you have put enough thought be it anything may be hand-made or store-bought, but when you place your heart in finding it and present with love, it is worth more than anything.

Plan a vacay

Post Vacation Holiday

Well, times are getting weirder, people spend more time working and earning money than they spend that time spending the money. In these times, we have entirely forgotten to take breaks and enjoy this little time we get to live together. I am not saying that we sit and enjoy every passing moment, although I really would suggest a thing like that. But on the contrary, we all need small breaks from our boring lives and work and a vacation to somewhere far where we can enjoy the company of our loved ones. You can plan a vacation based on the likes of your partner and plan a cosy stay where you can go sightseeing if you may please or spend the day cooped up in room chit-chatting and doing fun things.

You can plan many other activities on the trip such as fun games, adventurous outings, shopping spree, camping trip, star gazing and every other thing which reminds you of romance. Going back to the place where you fell in love with seems like an excellent idea for your trip where you can stir the feeling of love again, and God knows maybe the love strikes once again and even harder and more durable than ever this time.

Now, this is not the end of this list, and there are many other ways that you can use to stir up your sitting stagnant love life. There is no need to lose hope and faith, you just need to give it a good strong push, and your love train will be back on track once again, and your romance ride will be full of fun and fabulous things that you could never imagine. After all, everyone deserves their happily ever after and well now no one can stop you from getting yours, and if you did get it, you could stop it from getting rusty and grey.

Sakshi Garg
Sakshi Garg
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