LifeStyleMarriage For Every India: How to Strengthen Your Bond With Your Partner?

Marriage For Every India: How to Strengthen Your Bond With Your Partner?

Marriage is a beautiful relationship in which two partners are bound together with love and trust. In today’s busy life when both husband and wife are working, stress and worries can often push romance on the back. In earlier times marriage was believed to be a religion sacrament, but now, it has become a social contract which can be terminated anytime. You must have read similar articles like ‘How to strengthen the bond with your boyfriend?’ or ‘How to strengthen your bond with your child?’, but today we would be exploring, ‘How to Strengthen Your Bond With Your Partner?’

The truth behind this is, that work has become our priority and we have no time for our loved ones and family. We often ignore their importance and in this race for money, a large gap has been created which needs to be fulfilled in time.

There are many ups and downs in every relationship. Disagreements and arguments do happen,but there are specific things and actions by which couples can show their love and care to improve their bonds with each other.


For a successful relationship one has to accept his partner the way he/she is. Nobody is perfect in this world so love your partner, by remembering about what is good about him. Accept the fact that arguments and misunderstandings happen in every relationship, but instead of blaming one another discussing and resolving the matter is the best solution.

For a successful relationship compromises have to be made from both sides. Give space to each other. Try to let go of some things and avoid arguments and frustration.


Improving Communication in Relationship

To have a better understanding and trust in a relationship there must be enough communication. Try to speak to your partner about his work, his worries, and about his day in the office. Better communication will lead to a strong relationship in which both the partners know each other and their needs. Give priority to your relationship and spend time together after your work.

Talk about the things you like and remember some past events which you both enjoyed together a lot. Apologies for the things you might have said during an argument.


Spending Quality Time with Beloved Ones

From your busy schedule spare some time for each other and spend quality time. That time should be for you both. It can be at home or you can plan it outside. Avoid talking about your office issues. Switch off your phone and avoid any other distractions. Relax and enjoy being together. You can go out for a dinner or any amusement park or to watch a movie.

Be open and honest, discuss what you and your partner want a relationship to develop a sense of intimacy and affection. Talk about your sexual fantasies, about your love life and how you feel about it, which most of the couples feel embarrassed or shy. Respect each others wishes and mutual consent is very important.


Couples Cooking Food, Relationship

Cooking a meal and having it together is also a good way to understand each other and one’s likes and dislikes. Help your partner in cooking. Go out, shop for the things you need to prepare food. Plan to cook dishes for each other according to the liking. Let him teach you something he is actually good at. The other partner may arrange the table if one partner is preparing the meal.

Decorate the place by using scented candles, balloons, and turn on the music to add an extra charm to your dinner. Have a meal together, look into one another’s eyes, serve your food with love and laugh by remembering some moments from the past. This small thing will definitely play a greater role in strengthening the bond between two of you.


Expressing Thoughts in Relationship

Expressing your love is really important as most of us assume that our partner knows what is in our mind. Text Message like “thinking of you” from a phone when you are in office shows your love and care. Sometimes get ready to surprise your partner with a sexy dress or a nice haircut when he comes back home from the office. Say those three magical words “I Love You”. Make your partner feel special by complementing each other.


Do not forget to celebrate your special moments together. Remember your anniversary dates, and each other’s birthday. Surprise him/her with gifts or flowers and notice that wonderful smile on their face. Give importance to each other and show that you care. Doing all this will make your small occasions unforgettable. Plan out for a date or go on a long bike ride. Set your relationship goals and how you want to move forward together.


Importance of Physical Touch Relationship

Hugging, kissing and holding hands and looking in each other’s eyes is also a part of healthy relationships. Be expressive. It is also a kind of Nonverbal way to show that you care. As someone has rightly said, actions speak louder than words. Physical touch like putting a hand around the shoulders and resting on the shoulders or lying down in each other’s lap are small things that create magic in a relationship.


Both the partners should try to mix up with each other’s family and get to know their friends. Go out together on family functions or a family picnic. Talk with friends and try to know your partner better. Answer your in-laws phone calls on your partner phone. Try to be good to them and this will help to gain your partners trust and love too.


Disagreements occur in every relationship, but there is a way to handle them. Avoid speaking in a loud tone in order to prove your point as this will only make the matter worse. Be a good listener and try to understand each other point of view. You may be right sometime, but yelling on others will not make you win. Be calm and smart to handle the situation.


Happy Couples in Bed

At the end of day resolve your problems and go to bed happy. Say sorry and let go the things that happened and have ended. Be flexible and supportive.

Forget everything and enjoy being naughty together in bed. Talk about your fantasies and the way you want to make love. Play together and make your partner happy and satisfied for a beautiful morning.

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