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How to keep germs and bacteria away in winter?

Who does not like winter? In a hot country like ours, winter is just like a cherry on the cake. As poet Anne Bradstreet quoted “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant, If we did not sometimes taste adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” But it is tough to avoid germs in the wintertime.

According to studies, an estimated 189 million school days and 150 million workdays are missed every year due to colds.┬áThere is nothing worse than the sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, and overall this misery. When the temperatures drop, it increases your chances of getting a cold or the flu. But it’s not the cold weather that gives you the sniffles, but how your body reacts to the change of weather is what causes sickness.

Although getting sick as winter approaches seem unavoidable, there are lots of things you can do to reduce your chances. Fortunately, there are some savvy steps you can take now to prevent nasty viruses and germs. And a few simple strategies can help us reduce the likelihood that you’ll end up with a cold, flu, or other germ-caused illnesses this winter.

5 tips to keep germs and bacteria away in winter are:

1. Regulate your sleep schedule

Regulate Your Sleep ScheduleThere’s a saying that “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” quoted by Benjamin Franklin and according to studies people with bad sleeping habits are more prone to catch a cold than a person who has it regulated. And when it comes to sleeping it isn’t just about the quantity, what matters is the quality of the sleep you have had. Keep your sleep cycle the same every day to maintain the rhythm for keeping yourself healthy.

Morning headaches and sweating during sleep are signs of sleeping disorders. Night sweats can be a sign of several health conditions, but its a common symptom of stress and anxiety or even just a reaction to a nightmare. Therefore when you sleep well, your immune system helps your body to produce acids known as cytokines, which are necessary to fight inflammation and helps your body to resist cold, flu and infections. Also, read How To Maintain Hygiene In Winter For A Healthy Lifestyle?

2. Workout regularly

Women, Workout, Exercise, Jogging, RunningSpeaking of workouts, it is well proven that exercising regularly, such as biking, swimming, or merely walking benefits our body’s defence system. Our immune system is very responsive to exercise, and it solely depends on the intensity and duration of the effort. Working out has its benefits; it provides our body with the energy that it needs. Nonetheless, you should not overdo it when it comes to exercising as that may weaken your body’s defence system. 20 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity should be enough for a person with a hectic schedule. Therefore exercising even for a short time reduces the probability of you experiencing a cold by almost one-third.

If you are to go to a gym for working out, you may be exposing yourself to the gym germs so always bring your mat and towel, wipe every gym equipment before using it, avoid repetition of sweaty clothes and wear covered shoes to keep yourself away from the germs and bacteria.

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3. Have a balanced diet

Balanced Dite, Fruits, Vegetables

Try eating protein-packed food to keep your energy levels up throughout the day and also try to keep your carb cravings at a low as in winter it often ignites our cravings towards snacks and sweets. Consuming more of sweet foods can decrease your body’s ability to fight germs and bacteria. These delicious foods raise your serotonin level, and cravings get stronger and stronger. So try to eat more green and orange vegetables to ensure that you get healthy nutrients, sugars, and fats that are necessary for your body, especially during winter.

Maintain a balanced diet that has more fibre which is typically found in most of the fruits and also cook with mushrooms, it gives our body the properties to fight away many types of germs and decreases the inflammation and also increases our immune system’s function. Add onions and garlic or other kinds of spices to your dishes as it acts as an anti-oxidants. Make an effort on having your food warm for better digestion of food, making it easier for the body to break down the food and absorb the essential nutrients. Also, see the 5 Medical Oils For The Body In India For The Winter Season.

4. Hand hygiene

Hand Hygiene, Handwash

According to many sources, it is estimated that most of the chronic diseases spread by direct contact or insufficient hand washing. Always try to use soap and water to wash your hands thoroughly and make sure to keep your hands dry. Damped or wet hands attract more germs. If you are in a hospital or any public transport, use a paper towel to touch or grab any object. Always keep a hand sanitizer with at least 60 per cent alcohol content. If you are near someone who is infected, keep at least 3 feet distance.

Covering your mouth or nose when you sneeze or cough is significant but uses a handkerchief, as using your hand while covering your mouth might end up exposing your hands to various germs and bacteria, and you might also end up spreading them by touching other people or other objects subconsciously.

5. Get rid of your smoking habits

Get Rid Of Your Smoking HabitsWinter alert- try quitting on your smoking habits since it been proven scientifically that people who smoke tend to be more prone to getting infected by germs and bacteria than those who don’t. It is well proven that cigarettes are contaminated with hundreds of different types of bacteria that are infectious in humans.
The tobacco smoke makes germs more active due to the little absence of humidity in the air during winter. Passive smokers are also likely to get affected too. Smoking blocks our nasal passages and can cause damages to the cilia, which are the small hairs present inside our nose which actively helps in catching the germs and stop them from entering.

Sometimes summer colds can be just as debilitating and frustrating as those in the winter months. Infections are one of the complications of cancer. That’s because they have some of the same treatments, that weaken the immune system, making you more vulnerable to severe infections.

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