FinanceHow to Remove or Disable Facebook Pages Ads on Instagram?

How to Remove or Disable Facebook Pages Ads on Instagram?

Facebook Pages also known as Facebook Business Pages are the best way to connect with your customers, fans and followers where features like boosting and promoting posts and pages help you to connect and reach more people through the Facebook Advert. The Facebook Advert is a forced advertisement where we force Facebook users to see your ads through the Facebook Advert targeting that let you filter your audiences on the basis of age, gender, location and interest etc.

Where Instagram is a great platform to connect and share your personal moments with your fans and followers which may not be suitable for many businesses which require hits and views or sales and purchases of services and goods on the website or apps.

There is an option to connect your Facebook Business or Fan page with your Instagram account which let you share the posts simultaneously on the both the platforms also this feature is good for advertising and promoting the Facebook posts  on the Instagram.

But there are situations when we want to connect our Facebook pages and advertise through Facebook Advert only on Facebook and not on the Instagram where the Facebook smartly start promoting your Facebook Boosts on Instagram where you may not get the desired results or reach the targeted audiences.

So, how to opt-out or remove or disable Facebook Pages ads from appearing on your Instagram account?

Well, there are two possible ways to opt-out for the Facebook pages boots and promote Ads appearing on your Instagram account that we will learn in this article.

1. Opting-out to Facebook Instagram Ads from Pages Settings

The best and easy way to opt out completely to the Facebook Ads from appearing on your Instagram account is from the Settings pages of your Facebook Page.

To opt-out or disable Facebook Ads to appear in Instagram:

  1. Login into your Facebook account through PC
  2. Open your Facebook Page
  3. Go to Settings page of your Facebook page
  4. Select “Instagram Ads” from the left sidebar of the Settings page
  5. Click on the “Remove” button to opt out completely to the Facebook Instagram ads

There are situations when we want to opt-out or Disable Facebook Ads appearing in your Instagram account only for certain boosts or posts in that case you can follow the next step for opting out Facebook Ads from appearing in Instagram.

2. Opting-out or Removing Facebook Instagram Ads only for certain ads and boosts

To opt-out to Facebook ads from appearing in the Instagram only for certain boosts:

  1. Login into your Facebook account
  2. Go to your Facebook Manager account or follow this link open it directly
  3. In the Campaign name column hover the mouse over the posts and click on Edit option
  4. On the Edit page uncheck the Instagram option to opt out.

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