Malls and Shopping Places in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Malls and Shopping Places in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Jabalpur is situated in the Heart of India, Madhya Pradesh has a population of 1.082 million people as per the 2011 census. Jabalpur is the major tourist spot in Madhya Pradesh well known for its waterfall, marble and religious temples which include Maa Narmada Mandir located in the Gwari Ghat of Jabalpur and the Lord Shiva temple of Kachnar City.

In this article, we have listed the best shopping places in Jabalpur, including the popular shopping malls in Jabalpur.

Shopping Places in Jabalpur

The public and popular shopping places in Jabalpur include the Kamaniya Gate, Adhartal, Ganjipura, Kotwali Bazaar, Sadar Bazaar and Gorakhpur Market. These popular shopping places in Jabalpur are not only best known for affordable and budget shopping but also it has a variety of products to shop. Be it clothes, footwear, accessories, beauty and grooming products, watches and other household products you will get everything that you can think of.

1. Ganjipura

Ganjipura market in Jabalpur
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Ganjipura is one of the most popular shopping places in Jabalpur ideal for girls and ladies to shop fashionable apparels and artificial pieces of jewellery, footwear, sandals, watches, slippers and makeup products, etc. Here you can shop almost all types of ladies clothes including the collections, lehengas, party wears, bracelets, necklaces, kangans and sarees.

Ganjipura has the affordable and expensive both types of products that will win your heart, and you won’t go home disappointed. Ganjipura is also known for its wholesale market in Jabalpur.

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2. Kamaniya Gate

Kamaniya gate Market in Jabalpur

Kamaniya Gate is the marriage shopping destination specially dedicated to shopping and buying the clothes and jewellery meant for the bride and grooms though this doesn’t mean others cannot go there to shop.

Kamaniya Gate is located in Uprainganj of Jabalpur and counted among the best shopping places in Jabalpur. Here you can find ethnic and modern apparels and jewellery.

3. Adhartal

Jabalpur Adhartal market

Are you a housewife? Doesn’t matter. Here at Adhartal, you can shop almost all types of household goods and products including the crockery, furniture, kitchen appliances, home and decor items etc.

Though you won’t find many crowds during the offseason, when it comes to wedding season, it will be very difficult to shop here at Adhartal.

4. Kotwali Bazar

Kotwali Bazar jabalpur

Haven’t you found something that you were looking at Adhartal? Well, include the Kotwali Bazaar in your shopping spot list in Jabalpur. Kotwali Bazaar is known for shopping and buying electronic appliances, Sarafa Bazar including the vehicle spares and parts.

It is one of the oldest shopping places in Jabalpur located near Hanumantal Ward.

5. Sadar Bazaar

Sadar Bazar Jabalpur

Sadar Bazaar is one of the popular markets in Jabalpur known for its open and branded shops. Here you can not only shop but also can enjoy the delicious foods from the various food corners.

Food corners and popular food brands of Madhya Pradesh like the Indian Coffee House (ICH) and the Traffic Jam is situated in the hub of the Sadar Bazaar where you not only shop for the branded items but also can taste the best food in the city from these two popular restaurants.

6. Gorakhpur Market

Gorakhpur Market jabalpur

Did love brand clothes and apparels? Then forget about the rest of the shopping spots and directly go to the Gorakhpur Market where you can find almost all types of branded apparels like jeans, T-Shirt, Shirts, Top, Womenswear, Menswear, Footwear, Topwear, Bottomwear and other types of clothes and accessories.

Shopping Malls in Jabalpur

Popular Shopping Malls in Jabalpur include Samdareeya Mall, South Avenue Mall is also known as “SAM” and Treasure Island.

1. Samdareeya Mall

Samdariya Mall Jabalpur

Samdareeya Mall or Samdariya Mall is located in the Awadhpuri, Marhatal. Samdareeya Mall is a seven storey building well connected with known hotels, offices and other restaurants. It has International and popular clothing brands that include US Polo, BlackBerrys Clothes, Reliance Ltd., Bata and Food corners include Domino’s and other brands. It is a great place to spend time with your loved ones and especially for the people who love watching movies since Samdareeya Mall have multiplex named the “Samdareeya Era Cinema”.

Samdareeya Mall also has parking space in the basement so, you don’t have to worry about the theft of your vehicles.

2. South Avenue Mall (SAM)

South Avenue Mall

Unlike Samdareeya Mall, South Avenue Mall is situated far away from the main city of Jabalpur. It is almost 6 kilometres away from the Samdareeya Mall and the centre of the city. The place is ideal for couples who want to spend some time together away from the crowd of the city.

Same as Samdareeya Mall, South Avenue Mall (SAM) also has popular shopping stores like Big Bazaar and food junctions Domino’s and the multiplex called the “SAM Movie Magic”.

South Avenue Mall (SAM) also famous for hosting events and various cultural, musical and lifestyle programmes since they have a lot of space to host such events.

Parking facility is also available at the South Avenue Mall.

3. Treasure Island

Treasure Island is located in Bhim Nagar (Polipather) of Jabalpur. Treasure Island is almost 6.5 kilometres away from the Samdareeya Mall and the main city of Jabalpur.

There is no much information available about the Treasure Island Mall.

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