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How to Have Better Organised Life in Indian Context

I know the feeling when your life looks messed up. You feel you are going no where in your life. A sense of same old monotonous life sets in. We know you want to work more efficiently, but something is just not right. You are not sure what is it.

If you feel the same way. You should know you are in need of more organized life. It’s only you who have to add efficiency in your life. In doing so you need to follow these rules listed below. It will help you for a better and organized life.

1. Plan your day in advance

There is a chance of forgetting few tasks which you intended on doing on the day. That’s why you should plan what you are going to do at night before. When you plan your day in advance you are much likely to manage doing more stuffs than you usually do. This also keeps your day organized.

2. Do important thing first

You should first complete the most important thing first so that you don’t feel stressed throughout the day. Also, you will have much more time for all other petty stuffs to do.

3. Develop a habit

For having an organized life, you will have to be organized first. Develop a habit so that whatever work you do you do it regularly and constantly. Habits like waking up at the same time every day, having your food at a fixed time daily etc.

4. Tidy your room with music

Being organized demand you of being tidy. It has been proved that you work better in a clean and healthy environment. Make sure you make your bed as soon as you wake-up, dust your house. Oh, and you can do this with fun and music. 😉

5. Make sections on your clothing rack

Organize your wardrobe very well. Make sections like party wear, daily wear, traditional wear, winter wear, etc. This will make it easier for you to find your cloths and your wardrobe will look super clean.

6. Set up a daily routine

Make sure you follow your daily routine religiously. This will add discipline in your life and will make you more organised.

7. Cut unnecessary task

Sometimes it happens, such that we get a cot in unnecessary tasks which are not relevant like organizing your cloth rack over and over again, etc. If you really want to do this stuff, no problem just do it after completing work which demands more attention.

8. Make time for yourself

When you juggle many works at the same time and never take out time for yourself, that’s when you increase your risk of losing patience. For making your life efficient you need to pause and take out some time for yourself.

9. Follow the rituals

Follow everything you have thought of to make your life more organised and not just stop by reading tutorials. You need to act on them.

10. Evaluate your smoothness

Also make sure you evaluate how are you doing with the organizing thing. Evaluate every week how organised you have become and what more you need to improve.

These were 10 tips to have better and organised life. Let us know if you want to share more.

Abhilasha Sinha
Abhilasha Sinha
Abhilasha Sinha is a student at St. Xavier's College of Management & Technology. She is an active Theater Artist at Xavier's Theater Club (Patna) & have performed many Nukar Natak for Hunger Free India. She is passionate writer and has written many poetry on her personal blog. Instagram: abhilasha_sinha069 Twitter: @Abhilasha0Sinha

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