TechHow to root DOCOSS X1?

How to root DOCOSS X1?

After Freedom 251  DOCOSS X1 is the another cheapest smartphone launched by an Indian Jaipur based Multimedia company. With the coming of Make in India and Digital India programmes various domestic companies has came forward mainly in the sector of Information Technology (IT) and smartphone telephony and has started manufacturing domestic cheapest smartphones.

Recently, Govt. of India has banned the Chinese phones in India which could be a great opportunity for these domestic companies to invest in smartphone manufacturing as it is going to be the future with Digital India scheme.

In this article we are going to assist you on how to root  DOCOSS X1, but before rooting you should keep following things in mind.

What is rooting?

Rooting is a method by which you grant yourself admin or super admin level right of accessing the root files mainly the operating system files which are protected by every smartphone manufacturer because of security reasons and protect the user’s data etc.

Advantages of rooting: By rooting you will able to remove or uninstall pre-installed apps. The rooting gives you an ability to install custom room and remove adwares which sometime get installed by rooting and unroot once it get successfully installed.

Disadvantages of rooting: By rooting the warranty of the phone get void, though you can unroot it and can enjoy the warranty again. Rooting opens the door for attackers, adwares apps etc. to enter into your system without your permission in case you have enabled “Installed from Unknown sources”.

How to root  DOCOSS X1?

Rooting is quite simple with any Android based operating system. You can use Kingroot to root your DOCOSS X1 smartphone.

You can download kingroot from the official website of Kingroot which is

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