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How to stay positive in life by adopting yourself into a new lifestyle?

“Never wish life were easier; you wish you were better.”

Always keep in mind that life is not a bed of roses for all. Everyone has a different chapter. Yours is not same as others. In life, you may face many problems, or you might have faced many issues, but always be grateful for what you have!

Many people were facing many problems. Not only about education, shelter or clothing. They can’t even get basic food to eat. If you see these people, you will not even think that yours are not problems; they are just your expectations. Till now, many children can’t go to school, get proper clothing, shelter. Think about them.

Not everyone will think in a narrow way that their problems are not as big as being faced by many. But as a human, our mind will feel in a way that the problem we are having is the biggest one, and others do not face that. But actually, everything depends upon our way of thinking.

Here a small story about a way of thinking:

One university professor called four of his students and gave them a glass half of water. And he told them to observe that glass for five minutes. After five minutes he asked the first student, “What do you observe from this?”.

He replied, “A glass is half full”. And he asked the same question to the next student, He replied, “A glass is half empty”. The third student replied, “A glass is half-filled with water and a half-filled with air”. And the last student replied, “I am grateful that I have a glass and something in it”. The professor wondered after hearing these replies.

From this, we came to know that everything depends upon our way of thinking.

In this story, for the same question, we got four different answers and also if we observe deeply, we can get the nature of these answers.

  • The first student thinks a little positive that is “The glass is half full”.
  • The second one thinks negatively that the glass is half empty.
  • The third student thinks positively that the glass is half empty and half full.
  • And, the last student thinks in a very positive way that he is grateful to have a glass and something in it.

In life also we should think like the last student as he is finding the possible way to describe it. In life also you should find the best positive way to make yourself positive. We can’t be able to stay positive in life only by seeing everything positively. Also, we must try to change our lifestyle by doing different activities.

Let’s see about those activities that we have to do to be positive:

1. Exercise regularly

By doing exercise, you will not gain an only healthy body and also a peaceful mind. So do exercise usually to stay healthy. Not only exercise, but you can also do meditations and some yoga to remove all the bad vibrations from your body. This will help you to stay positive.

2. Be an optimist

Always try to be an optimist in all possible situations. Because I already said that “Everything depends upon our way of thinking”. So if you think that issue in a positive way you may find some best solution for that problem. But if you believe it as a burden or I can’t be able to handle this means then that’s it that thing will go wrong.

Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs:

  • Future must be better than power.
  • And I have the power to do so.

3. Go slowly

Always go slowly. It doesn’t mean that you have to be very lazy in doing things. It is something that you should not urge on things. While handling problems, you should be very calm to handle that situation. And always remember that God will not give you a situation that cannot be handled by you. I hope you get this point.

4. First understood then answer

If you are in a situation where everyone is complaining about your means, don’t start to shout or show your anger towards them. First, try to get into that situation and observe what they are saying and finally come to the solution to make it right. I know it is very tough to do so in such a situation, but only you can control you. No one will come to solve your problem. Because everyone has their problems. They will not find time to solve your problem.

Remember that the only person who will stay with you till the end is none other than you.

5. Concentrate on your favourite things

When your mood is not reasonable means then try to concentrate on something that you like the most. For example, if you get bored while studying ways then play a game with your siblings or friends for 1 hour and then continue your studies this will make you feel free and remove your stress and give you an energetic mind to study.

And also if you feel stressed or you had any fight with your loved ones means you don’t need to hurt yourself or always feel stressed. You should divert your mind towards things that make you feel better. For example, go to the park or any places where you’ll forget about your worries and feel better.

In life, you might have felt so many times why we are living in this world. You might have faced thousand and thousand problems. You might have met many fake peoples. Others might have teased you. You might have met being ignored by many, but remember one thing that,

If one person is continuously facing all the problems and again and again falling down means don’t think him as a looser or unlucky. Just remember that that day is not his day. But one day he will achieve great height in his life, like that you should think in your life when you face all this stuff.

Things will get better, not immediately but definitely. Always have faith in God and make your surroundings to stay positive. Make others happy and find a pure soul in yourself.

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