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How to stay unaffected from summer heat

It is only April in India and summer has arrived in full circle already. With the temperature soaring high day after day, no one can deny the struggles one has to face to complete the daily tasks in life. If only staying at home all the time was a viable option during summers but the inevitability to stay out of our homes calls for peculiar measures that should be taken to not let the blistering summer heat get to you.

Always carry a water bottle

No one can deny the importance of drinking sufficient amount of water every day especially during summers. Dehydration and heat strokes are the most common ailments one can catch from the scorching heat and therefore it is crucial to not let your body suffer from water loss. Water also helps keep excess salt from the body and increases body’s metabolism.

Make sunglasses and scarfs your saviour

It is important to protect your eyes when stepping out of your house in harmful radiations of the sun. There are myriad of eyewear trends that you can choose from if your looks are of sheer concern to you. Covering yourself in scarfs will help you protect your face as sunscreens can only do little when it comes to the harsh UV radiations coming from the sun.

Let your garbs hang loose

Why most people look forward to summers in spite of the sweltering heat is the chance to flaunt trendy summer clothes which come in so many varieties and colours. You don’t have to put layers and layers of clothes on your body like in winters and you can let your skin breathe. Try going for the latest clothes’ trends like cotton pants, palazzos, crop tops, loose kurtas, shirt dresses etc. and in no time you will learn to embrace the fashionista in you.

Drink refreshing beverages

Summers are specially lovely because at this time you can get to relish some of the most refreshing drinks that vendors sell on the streets. From sugarcane juices and lemonades to fruit squashes, you can not only quench your thirst but get to sip upon ecstasies. There are plenty of cocktails too like mojitos, margaritas and mimosas which provide instant cool and also make you feel bubbly and festive with their exotic flavours.

Plan excursions to cooler areas

Summers limit our outings and we are forced to stay indoors to save ourselves from the excruciating heat. But when ennui starts to take a toll, you can plan a trip to places which don’t let heat to get to you like water parks, spas or swimming pools. Try avoiding longer excursions but if really needed, you can resort to visit cooler places like hill stations or coastal areas.

Add more spices in your food

This might sound crazy but it is only scientific that spices can help to maintain cool in your body by making you sweat more. It is no coincidence that Indians, even after being in a tropical country, have the spiciest food and are known worldwide to include so many spices in their cuisine. You might not fancy the idea but don’t think twice to include extra chillies in your plate next time you are about to gnaw on your favourite samosas or kadhai paneer.

Don’t be selfish

Summers are excruciating not only for you but also for the animals and birds that have no amenities like air conditioners or coolers in their abode like you have in your homes. You should keep water in buckets and small bowls outside your home for the street dogs and birds to come and rescue themselves from the cruel heat. Most importantly with such a humble service you will have peace in your heart and it is the best way to not let the summer blues bother you much.

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