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How to utilise your energy and knowledge being a housewife and earn some handsome income from home?

Being a housewife really sucks sometimes. Following the same boring routine every day, cooking food, taking care of children and. It is not easy to be a housewife or in other words the home maker. One has to sacrifice a job, hobbies, even I would rather say whole life to take care of family.

But if one has talent, little bit courage and knowledge a housewife can also turn into a business woman and if not much at least can earn her pocket money by the number of ways from home only as the science and technology has developed so much. There are a number of ways to earn from home today. Here are some of the ways by which house wives can earn and be a helping hand to their husband in tough times

1. Online tutorials

If you love studying and are good at teaching. Make it your passion and start giving online tutorials to children on the subject you are good at. You can select the level according to your comfort and interest like from class 1st to 12th. The best thing about this is that you can do it from your home and manage things according to you. This can be a good source of income and also it will help you to gain knowledge by using your skills productively from home.

2. YouTube

Another source of generating income is making a video like making of any dish which you are good at or any beauty tips or makeup tutorials and upload it on YouTube. Make your audience and keep on posting. You will start earning according to the views and likes.

3. Running ones own blog

Blogging is another way to earn money for housewives. If you have a passion for something like any subject in education, homemaking, designing, cooking or parenting or beauty and you want people to know about it. Then the best choice is to start a blog and write your experiences and share your knowledge. Drive traffic by writing interesting things which can influence and attract others attention. Many house wives are already going for this and earning a good amount. It is just like being your own boss and doing what you like and as you like.

4. Freelance Writing

Today housewives and students are earning good amount of money by freelance writing. If you are a creative writer then there are many websites who hire freelancers and pay them. You can also earn by writing articles and sharing your thoughts online on different topics for websites who will pay you for each article according to their requirement.

5. Answering paid surveys

There are many websites like panel station, swag bucks, etc who conduct online paid surveys. Sharing your opinion and answering those surveys can also let you earn some extra money. Also there are other things like posting free ads, online quiz, captcha solving and reading emails etc for which you are paid. For that you have to make an account and join for free. Then the notifications are sent to your mail id or your registered phone number. By answering those surveys can make you earn some money at home. Many websites are providing coupons or PayTM cash according to the points scored in answering the surveys.

6. Stiching

If you are good at stitching and cutting and designing clothes, it can also be a good idea for earning with minimum investment. There are many young people you would love to learn sewing and will gladly pay you if you become a sewing tutor. You can start from small and reach the limit you want. There are many clothes which need minor alterations, if you are not an expert you can probably earn through repair work. Another way to earn is through your skill of embroidery. You can make your own products and sell it.

7. Coaching classes

Start giving coaching for different subjects as you teach your own children at home. Select your subject you are good at and start giving tuitions. Good teachers are the need of the hour, which can teach better and have a passion for the subject. Also, it requires no investment other than a pen and paper. If you are not good at teaching subjects, then being a house wife you start your own cooking classes. Plan a 15 day schedules and teach students some good dishes in those days and earn accordingly.

8. Online selling products

Another way to earn money these days are by selling things online. It is also called affiliate marketing. You can make money from websites such as Amazon, Flipkart etc. by bringing traffic to their site and selling a product. Commission is paid to you according to the product sold. Amazon is the largest online retailer and growing day by day. As online shopping has become a trend is at boom today. So earning money with affiliate marketing is not a bad idea at all.

9. Selling home made products online

If you are creative and have passion of making your own home made things which may be spices, pickles, dresses, food, or make up items or home accessories then sell them online. Create a website and display your items and mark the price for each item. Attract an audience using social media websites. Reach your family and friends and seek advice and become business woman.

10. Consultant

Being a woman we daily interact with others and come across many problems and search for solutions. God has given us some extra powers such as patience and feelings of motherhood and love. Women are more likely to be interested in others problems and suggesting a solution than men. So master those inborn powers and become a consultant.

There are so many problems in the world related to work, children and home. If you are good at giving advice then become a consultant or guide by using your instincts and brain and help people solve their daily problems and charge money accordingly.

Nothing is impossible in this world. What you require is little bit courage and self confidence. So ladies what are you waiting for. Decide and get set go

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