TechNASA Unveils the super mars rover to fly off

NASA Unveils the super mars rover to fly off

It looks like Super Smart Futuristic Truck with a Detachable Science Lab. NASA wants to take off humans from Earth to Mars in this Super Rover by expected in 2030.This is something called by NASA Team ”NASAs visionary Mars Rover” which could be a future Vehicle to travel to Mars. This is a concept vehicle at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, the futuristic Mars rover concept vehicle recently unveiled with a new creativity and state of the art to educate people. US based Parker Brothers Concepts, based on specifications provided by NASA.

Look at this Super Giant Rover with Six Legs (wheels) as we saw in science-fiction Movies. As sources Said, the rover vehicle measurements 28 feet (8.5 meters) long and 13 feet (4 meters) wide makes it Super Dracula of Mars. The frame of rover made full made of aluminum and carbon fiber, which helps to reduce the weight. Still the Super Mars Rover would carry Tons of weight to space on a Mars mission. According to the Designers the theoretically it’s maximum speed will reach as high as 70 mph (112 kmph approx.). But on Mars’ the speed may be reduced to 15 mph (24 kmph approx.) or less.

This is not just a Rover, the Designer Marc Parker Said it split into two parts,It is designed to work for a dual purpose.It actually separates in the middle,” he said The rear or back section is a full lab for doing lab tasks,which will remain stationary while the front area is a cockpit for going out and doing scouting.It’s a Clear cut design which is designed to the specifications of NASA,but still it’s not sure this Rover will fly to Mars or not.

This rover operates on the electric motor, it is power-driven  by solar panels and a 700-volt battery.It uses a Power bank of solar panels to give a supercharged power to its 50-inch wheels.It is quipped with a radio and navigation operated by the Global Positioning System.

The rover was built as part of an educational purpose to educate and inspire the young public about space exploration of future technology of transportation, but NASA says it is keen to incorporate its design in future rovers. While this will not be the same river which would to operate on Mars, one or more of its elements could be added to make it perfect Rover will drive on the Red Planet,” said a NASA spokesman. NASA’s current timeline to land humans on Mars is 2030, so we can make a prediction of real Rover from this to make an impact.

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