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[Only Girls] 10 Ways to Look Awesome at School or College in India

Rules! Rules! Rules! When it comes to dressing up for school you can only think of ‘n‘ numbers of rules to follow such as you can’t wear this, you can’t wear that, don’t put nail paints, trim your nails da da da and the list goes on. You just can’t find the right way to look your awesome self. We know you want others to be mesmerized with, well your appearance even in that uniform you just have to wear.

Don’t worry — We have a solution for you. You can look your best self, your pretty self even in your gawkiest looking uniform. All you have to do is change a thing or a few. Nothing is tough if you give your mind to it. There are these small small things which I’ve discussed below which you need to add or eliminate in your lifestyle to make you look “the best” at school. You may be doing a few things wrong or may be hesitation some things which has stopped you from looking your best. I am here to remind you of that and pull you out of it.

So, Shall we begin? Okay! I am gonna pretend you said yes.

1. Alter Your Uniform

Fit School Uniform Indian Girl
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This just had to be my first point. I have seen girls wearing uniforms which are definitely not made for their body height, size or type. Girls, this can be a major mistake to commit. If you are one of them just go to a tailor right now — NOW. You need to make sure that the clothes you wear fits you perfectly. And by saying fits you I don’t mean it should be too tight. It just means it should be according to your size. Not too tight, not too loose. I feel it just enhances your personality beautifully. No matter what your body’s shape or size is you should carry it gracefully by not being ashamed of your parts. Now this takes us to our next point.

2. Don’t Be Too Reveling

Dress Well School Girl
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I may sound like a teacher, but don’t go exposing your body at school or anywhere I would say. Decency makes you look classy. Vulgarity makes you look needy. So, make sure you are looking classy. And yes, there is nothing wrong in showing a little skin, but too much is too bad.

3. Smell Awesome

Fogg Deo Ad Girl

I just can’t tell you how necessary it is to smell good. You can’t sit beside your classmates with a bad body odor and expect them to be impressed. If you are dealing with this problem, then there are a lot of Do It Yourself (DIY) solutions available throughout the Internet. One of them is using baking soda to dust your underarms. Baking soda helps kill those bacteria that causes bad odor. It really works believe me, I have tried and tested. Let me know if it did for you too.

Okay, now the good smell part. Try using a good quality perfumes or nice smelling body lotions to smell good. Make sure you don’t overdo it. Nothing is worse than somebody fully drenched in perfumes that it’s even hard to breath. It should feel natural. They should only get the mild smell when they come near.

4. The body Posture

Right body Posture for school girls
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Your body posture says a lot about you. It displays the level of confidence you have in your. If you are confident you will have a good posture and vice-versa. Good posture makes you look super fabulous. So, make sure you don’t slouch. Always, I repeat ALWAYS pay attention to your body posture and gestures. It will transform your whole personality. Trust Me.  😉

5. Accessorize

Accessories for school girls

I know you want to look awesome at school and college and there is nothing wrong in it we all do. But, you cannot wear your kind of clothes because you have to wear uniforms at school and at some colleges too. So, what? You can always use accessories to enhance your appearance. You can save a little of your pocket money and buy a cool backpack. It really adds to your style.

6. Lip balm

Girl applying Lip balm

You can always use a light colour lips balm to enhance your lip colour. Just choose the right shade for your skin type. It makes great difference.

You may take the help of below colour chart to find the right lip balm colour that suites your skin.

Chart for Lip Balm according to skin colour

7. Smile

Indian Girl Smile Close up
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Most essential and pocket friendly accessory is your “Smile”. There is nothing more beautiful. Smiling will make you feel good and when you feel good you look good. So stop frowning girl.

8. Cleanliness

Indian School Girl cleanliness
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Make sure that your uniforms and clothes you wear are clean and ironed properly. It really makes a difference. Also make sure you bathe properly. Cleanliness makes you comfortable and look — well clean.

9. Health

Maintain Health
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You should definitely look after your health. Staying healthy helps you stay positive. This will increase your confidence and confidence is a key to success in everything. Just take care of your health and be energetic and sway in the world.

10. Build Reputation

Build Reputation
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Last but not the least — Build a reputation. Reputation is very important if you want to build an impression. Once a positive impression is made, people will remember you forever. Have good reputation with your teachers and your classmates and you will be loved always.

These are the best 10 ways for you to sway at school or college. Try it and let us know what you think about it.

Abhilasha Sinha
Abhilasha Sinha
Abhilasha Sinha is a student at St. Xavier's College of Management & Technology. She is an active Theater Artist at Xavier's Theater Club (Patna) & have performed many Nukar Natak for Hunger Free India. She is passionate writer and has written many poetry on her personal blog. Instagram: abhilasha_sinha069 Twitter: @Abhilasha0Sinha

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