Op-edOur deity – God or Devil?

Our deity – God or Devil?

Have you ever thought about the big questions of life? Have not these questions built a gust of anxiety in you at some point in life and you thought of quenching your soul’s thirst by actually knowing what their answers are? Homo sapiens by their very nature are curious. Since their childhood when their mind starts developing, several questions evoke in their minds on the new world they see. If we do not get answers to our questions by our reasoning and perception, we turn to other people of our specie to question the same. Nowadays we even have Google as our entrusted alma mater in the name of technological advancement that answers almost all our queries though they are indirectly given to us by people who post them.

So all in all, we like to live our life reasonably and logically incorporating each others’ perceptions and understanding. But the questions to which we couldn’t find the answers to even after collective brainstorming forced us to develop hypotheses and myths. We impose faith and belief in things that relate to our soul; the things to which we failed to answer with our reasoning. The most important hypothesis that got developed was of our creator, the one who sent us to this world and is responsible for our living. What most people believe in is God – the deity who is perceived differently by different religions but still is considered the one who brought us and looks after us. Don’t we develop faith in things which satisfies many of people at once? Oh yes, we do and this attribute of us has helped marketing enterprises to prosper at large.

Some people have altogether different faith or I should better say, have a faith-based on pure misconception. A famous novelist Dan Brown, through his novel Angels and Demons, brought the enigmatic yet riveting topic into light about which people did not use to talk at large before. It was about Illuminati. By it’s very definition, illuminati are people who claim to have special enlightenment or knowledge of something. According to the author, illuminati were a secret brotherhood which was presumed extinct for nearly four hundred years but it was reborn for the vengeance against their sworn enemy, the Catholic Church. He has used them in developing the plot of his book and he has claimed this brotherhood to be factual.

Illuminati originated in Rome in 1500s by a group of men who were against the church. They were considered enlightened as they mostly consisted of physicists, astronomers and mathematicians. They were against the church’s inaccurate teachings. They believed that their superstitious dogma worked to threaten academic enlightenment and was mankind’s greatest enemy. A famous illuminates was Galileo Galilei. The ardent believers of God chided away and almost executed him for his proclamation that the Sun is the center of the Solar System and not Earth. Naturally, these Illuminati were ruthlessly hunted for by the church and hence they could only survive through extreme secrecy.

This all happened many years ago but do illuminati still exist is a big question. People consider Illuminati Satanic who worship devil while historically they were educated men who just stood as adversaries to the church. Illuminati had created a luciferin doctrine intending it to be bringer of light which the church claimed was a reference to the devil. This all led to the modern day misconception that Illuminati were the followers of Satan and they had a deity of their own which was devil.

If you just care to Google sometime that what Illuminati is, except Wikipedia almost all sites will give you enlightenment of how people who follow devil can be ensured fame, money and success. There is an altogether reformed notion that Illuminati sell their souls to the devil because he will give them anything they want. Many who joined this society when wanted to leave it, ended up being killed. The signs and symbols that were developed by Illuminati to mark their presence and influence in the past, when are used by celebrities makes them devil worshipers according to the interpretation of people. People are misled by being asked to pay huge amount of money to join this secret Illuminati group and follow its ethics by not revealing about it to anyone.

Similar to what people do in the name of God, the followers of so called devil do things in his name. Is this all not quite similar to what theists are asked to pay in huge amount to make their lives happier? Does faith blinds people so much so in the name of their respective deity that they do not even pay heed to the common logic that it is all being done for the intention of duping them with their beliefs and earn money out of it?

And yes, there are some dauntless people out there too who disregard both the myth and the misconception – the atheists. Why do I call them dauntless is quite simple. We believe in our deity out of fear. No matter however much reason we may supply to prove that fear doesn’t rule our faith but our conscience knows the real fact quite well and never fails to acknowledge it. Every theist at some point or the other in his or her life has faced this question that whether what they have been asked to believe all of their life is worth their faith or not. Everyone will get a different answer to this question depending on their experiences and incidences in life.

When keeping both the God and devil in view, it is hard to be convinced about the individual claims of their followers unless they bring some logical evidence into light. But nevertheless for most people it is all still a game of faith and belief!

Swati Verma
Swati Verma
A dreamer with an ardent love for writing, can be found gasping with delight at the sight of dogs, new technology, pop music and bold influencers, believes in breaking stereotypes and at the same time, a total dreamer who wishes to travel the world.

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