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Pad Man or the Bad Man: Will it affect Indian Culture?

Pad Man, a biographical movie inspired by the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham. A real-life movie enacted by two well-versed actors Akshay Kumar and Radhika Apte with their complete enthusiasm just to imply the factual necessity of cleanliness of a woman’s body or let’s make it simple: the use of PADS.

Well, society is always in search of some controversial topics just to make the people aware of happenings in this world. So, this time again, it found a topic to reveal something sad about our Indian culture. This time the topic is not two ways, but just the one way which at the end leads towards the best outcome for the women’s of this society.

Let’s find out why actually we need to discuss this topic, which has already changed the lives of many?

We need to understand our culture first which has been entangled between several castes, races, and languages. Culture is the base of a country which defines its dignity in all aspects of this human-created world. Now, what basically is our Indian Culture? Is it also like to all those cultures entangled somewhere between this customized society?

Our Indian culture is a well-defined example of values and customs, but not always it follows this rule of its definition. Movies have always been on the verge of controversies, sometimes they easily cross this hurdle and sometimes they do not clear it. An issue of the movie starts from censors boards and end up by forming and society of revolting Indians. Pad Man is again one such movie, which is facing this problem where the society desires the approval that it will not harm our so-called “INDIAN CULTURE”.

Pad Man is principally a film based on the periodic menstrual cycle of a normal Indian lady which can either be working or a homemaker. Long ago, if we travelled back to reverse to the time when there was only a human body covered with the jersey of leaves and no ideal way to control the normal ongoing monthly cycle of a woman. Soon, the ladies found their own way to control their flow by placing sheets of leaves, but it wasn’t the permanent remedy to this problem. Women use to suffer from multiple hygiene problems due to this and yet no proper and stable solution was discovered. Suddenly, a man may be with God’s grace initiated a step towards such a problem which was always termed as “unhygienic and dirty” in our society.

How can a lady be DIRTY due to her usual monthly cycles which are involuntary to her?

The movie has envisioned the actual society in which we are living and their beliefs. A normal husband from a middle-class family when seeing her wife troubled due to her periods and tries to HELP her even then why he is a creep? Since we all say rural India is growing well in every sector, but still there is a subject of concern where a woman in her periods is considered as untouchables. Pad Man, in short, realizes us of some solemn aspects of our rural India. Well, how can normal movies regarding the natural processes of a woman affect the Indian culture?

Today, if we look rural areas 55% of the ladies are still suffering this hygiene problem due to their monthly cycles and that too due to an improper covering of their private parts. Is it not good to have a better hygiene than to get ill eventually? The movie has just spotted the need of sanitary pads in these rural areas and positive points. Why being in the period of menstruation makes a woman an abnormal creature? No one can certainly win over this most discussed question. We just need to look at the requirements of people and invent new ideas.

A woman has always been the most controversial topic of the Indian society where she has to face multiple problems. She had been judged on the basis of her wearing to her liking!! When a girl is married to a stranger, although it is termed as “arranged marriage” in our Indian society, she has no other option except sacrificing her boy to him than why people question illogically when it comes to her internal hygiene. It was a tough task for that one man Arunachalam Muruganantham who valiantly initiated the task of making sanitary pads for ladies living nearby in his locality. It had never been a simple job for him to this the people near to her rejected his opinion of being so open to the ladies and asking about her irritation levels due to menstruation. It took a long time and went a long way when he was finally succeeded in manufacturing a low-cost sanitary pad for the ladies of this society.

Pad Man is just a short film over the life of that one man who changed the lives of several women. A film produced by Twinkle Khanna is just a message to this Indian society which is already suppressed under the fake ideals of Indian culture. Indian culture can never be elevated up to a new level of prosperity until it allows the people of society to speak for their rights and respect. Indian culture is never defined on the basis of how well it is versed in its education, but to how well be its depth of the education. A culture would not expect a girl of its society to suffer from unwanted diseases just because of some nasty situations and their factual solutions. If a lady is allowed to express her situations freely it makes her more confident in her profession.

The topic suggests multiple aspects to discuss, but we can’t conclude such diplomatic topics so easily. A wise decision is always perfect and so the movie is based upon, opinions might vary person to person, but at the end, the movie will leave you with a thought which will allow you to think more prudently over such topics.

Pad Man could be a Bad Man for some, but definitely not a bad one to ruin our Indian culture, but to change a bit in this orthodox Indian culture to a fresh and unconventional culture.

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Priya Israni
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