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Searching Happiness: Ten secrets to live happy and prosperous life

To be happy live happy and feel happy

Everyone want to be happy in life and wish good luck and success. But in today’s race of money we have lost our happiness and peace of mind. Consequences of this stress are increase in cases of suicide and other chronic diseases, heart attacks, high blood pressure etc. We find different ways to stay happy like watching comedy shows, going to laughter clubs etc. But does happiness lies in these things.

The answer is ‘No’. Just like God stays in human beings mind similarly we can be happy only if we are happy within. No one can make us happy if our soul is not happy. There is difference between laughing and being happy. Let us discuss some ways with which we can actually be happy in our lives.

1. Stay away from negative people and things

Always try to be positive. Don’t let others tell you what you can do and what are your limitations. It is you who knows better yourself. Stay away from such people who demoralize and tell you what you are capable of or take their words as challenge and move ahead in your life work hard and your success will answer them. Throw away all the negativity from your house and your surroundings. Keep your surroundings clean as Cleanliness is next to Godliness

2. Do not look upon your past

Forget about what happened in the past and move ahead thinking about new life and meet new people. Stop blaming yourself for the things that happened in your past. Learn from your mistakes but sticking to your past will only give you pain. So to be happy in life instead of looking behind or worrying about future just live your present to its fullest as life is too short to live. Let go off things and people who were not meant for you and search for the better option.

3. Be confident

Confident Businessman

To be happy one should feel confident and face the difficulties of life with your wit and good spirit. Life is not easy for anyone, it is rightly said that hardwork is a key to success. Their are no shortcuts but one has to make his way through his work and dedication. Be confident to face the challenges and set yourself an example for others. Another important thing to be happy is to be honest to yourself and to others too. Your inner conscience knows everything. Whenever we do anything wrong our mind remains upset and we loose our confidence and peace.  So we should think not twice but thrice before saying lies or harming others.

4. Look for reasons to be happy

To be happy look even for small reasons. Attending friends birthday party or sometimes watching children playing or small babies doing their activities makes you happy. Feel attached to others and things will start pleasing you. If you have a clear heart happiness will always chase you where ever you are. Stress is common in our busy life but take some time to  think about about some events that you enjoyed in life your school or college memories that makes you happy and relieves your stress. Call your family when you feel alone talk to your near and dear ones to soothe your soul.

5. Help others

philanthropist, social work

Helping others is also one of the way to keep yourself happy and satisfied. The amount of happiness and satisfaction that we get cannot be measured. Our good deeds comes back to us and really pay us in long run.

6. Stop comparing yourself

God has made every one unique. Even twins are not alike so stop comparing yourself with others and learn to get satisfied with what you have. No one is alike and comparision and the wish to get more will only make you restless and unhappy. Yes, healthy competition is good but it should be to some limit. Do not let it spoil your calmness and peace of mind. Love yourself the way you are only then you can love others.

7. Live your relationships

relationship, couples

Relationships are God’s gift to man. Mother and child relation, relationship between friends, father and daughter, brother and sister all these are necessary for a person to live on Earth. No one can live isolated. One needs a partner or a person with whom he can share his grief and happiness. Live your relationships. Devote some time from your busy schedule and be honest to them and be aware of your responsibilities too. Listen to others and discuss  your problems with them, you will definitely find a solution for your one.

8. Take care of yourself

pamper yourself

In a race of money we have forgot about ourself. Today we think that money can give us everything but that is not true, we cannot buy love, sleep and peace with money. It is just an illusion that we can get happy by earning money. Money is just a source that is necessary for living but to be happy we have to take care of our soul and mind too. Eat healthy have regular exercise. A healthy body is necessary for a sound mind. Do not compromise with health for money. It will only make you ill instead of being happy

9. Find friends

Friendship, friends

To be happy it is very important to make friends. As they are those people who become sad in your sorrows and happy in your happiness. They are like light in dark and shows us the way when we fell alone and depressed. Donot sit at home with your doors shut, instead open your doors and windows, let the fresh air come in and take a deep breath. Go out make friends or call your friends at home and have a blast. Let things happen in the way they are. Relax yourself and enjoy your day and make memories for lifetime that will please you even in future.

10. Don’t limit yourself

Dont limit yourself

Explore yourself and don’t limit your dreams. Think positive and try new things. Don’t under estimate yourself. Think you are the best and can do whatever you want. To achieve something big you have to think big. So pursue your hobby or decide what you want in life. Set your goals and find out the ways you can achieve them. There are problems in the path of success as nothing is easy. But face them with hardwork and dedication.