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Some Bad Habits Which Can Actually Help Us To Become Successful In Our Life

All of us has some good and bad habits. Actually, these are our habits that determines what kind of individual we are. These are like our strengths and weaknesses and how we work on them. We can make our weakness our biggest strength depending on the situation. So, habits can be modified and we can learn a lot from them. We can also use them according to the situation and even our bad habits can help us to become a better person in future.

1. Talking too much or talking less

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Some of us are too much talkative — Research have shown that person who talks much can express his feelings well. He can communicate his problems with others well. Similarly, he is good in explaining things, so to make a person understand some difficult situation a talkative friend is considered as the best friend. He knows how to mould the situation and make other person feel better in stress.

On the other hand being quiet and non expressive can also help a person in many ways. Such people are are really good listeners and they observe the situation carefully. They are witty and learns a lot by watching other people.

2. Ignorant

Being ignorant is another bad habit. Often parents complain about their children of being ignorant towards studies and household work irrespective of their efforts to make them realise the same. Habit of being ignorant can also help us in our lives, as an ignorant person keeps on moving in his life according to his own wish. He decides his own destinations and find paths for them without caring about what people are saying. Such a person lives his life on his own conditions.

3. Habit of taking intervals

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Distractions can sometimes really good. Taking intervals can be bad habit, but can be good too. It does not lets you to get  bored of the repeated work. Also, it helps to keep stress away and make you concentrate better. It relaxes the body and mind so that a person feels refreshed and after taking break is more focused and attentive towards his tasks.

4. Stubborn

A person who is stubborn does not care for others. He just knows what he has to do. It can be good in a way if you pursue it to reach your dreams. Sticking to what you want in life can actually make you find your path and achieve it. It will automatically provide you strength and dedication. Being stubborn can also be seen as having a passion or dedication to achieve your goals by passing all the difficulties whatever comes in the way and whatever it takes.

5. Habit of playing games

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It really irritates when a person is always busy in playing games on computer or cell phones. But this bad habit can be good in the way it enhances the problem solving capability of a person and increases the IQ level.

Playing games makes you focus on problem and find solutions for them. Some are intellectual games which increases the general knowledge of a person and also they helps to relieve stress and anxiety by diverting the mind.

6. Loosing temper

Stubborn, short tempered

Some people loose their temper easily and become a problem for society and their own family members. But scientifically venting your emotions is good for mental and physical health as it reduces the level of stress. Research has shown that people who don’t open up and suppress their anger are more prone to risks of high blood pressure, depression and heart attacks. They can indulge themselves to one or another type of crime as they keep on thinking about the event and feeling of hatred for a particular person or situation persist in them which can even lead to suicide.

7. Gossiping

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Gossiping is favourite time pass for some. They enjoy discussing about others private and personal matters whether it can be about love relationships or giving opinions about married life etc. Gossiping can actually be good as it lets us know and be aware of what is going on and the kind of people in our surroundings. What is happening around us can be known through gossiping also it makes us feel happy and cheerful by giggling on others and makes our bond strong with our peers.

8. Daydreaming

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Daydreaming is detachment of person from its visual world and thinking about some pleasant situations and thoughts. It is taking oneself to world of fantasy and experiencing something that pleases you. Every one of us do this day dreaming in one or the other situation. It gives time to brain to connect itself with things and think in new logical way. It relaxes mind and manages stress and increases problem solving capacity by giving better solutions.

9. Saying “No”

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Saying directly “No” for something can be actually good for someone inorder to manage stress and overload of work. Saying yes when you actually want to say “no” will effect your efficiency as well as your performance. One cannot work on all things in same amount of time. It is better to do less or say no to some things graciously when things become difficult to manage. You cannot make everyone happy. For example a woman who is working too, can not perform every task at home as well in office. It is really difficult,  if her mother-in-law or husband expects her to do all the household chores and look after children too along with her office work. It will never be possible to maintain balance in her personal and professional life. It will only increase her stress. So one should learn to say no in life.

10. Being a miser

Miser is a person who does not spend money. It is well said that you do not need money to life a luxurious life but you need courage to spend money. It can be good in the sense that wastage of money is avoided and only the things which are necessary are brought. It also inculcate habit of saving for future. Being miser can be a problem for your family and partners but it is good for financial security. One should save for misfortunes and avoid unnecessary expenditure.

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