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Some of Interesting and Useful Websites of 2018 That You Are Not Aware of

Here are some of the most useful and interesting websites that are used in our daily life. If you are not aware of these websites, by seeing this you will be definitely start using these websites sooner or later. So here are some of the most useful and interesting websites.

  • CodinGame:- CodinGame is a company in technology helps to learn programming language in a fun way. It is an online platform for developers to learn programming languages with solving puzzles. It supports twenty-five programming languages to learn. A person can learn a programming language or to do code with easy and fun way and can compete in contests. It is also a recruiting platform for developers to get examined by companies depending on their performances. There are many languages that are available to learn code or taking part in the contests are C, C++C#, Objective-COCamlBashclojureDartF#GoGroovyJavaJavaScriptHaskellKotlinLua, PascalPerlPHPPython (v2 and v3), RubyRustScalaSwift and Visual Basic .NET.
  • StillTasty:- StillTasty is a website to find a shelf life of your food. It has information about how long you can keep your food and beverages. It is the ultimate guide of food life. It will give you guide that how long you can store your food and in its best way. You can ask questions about it like if something is left over then how much time after it is eatable or not. There are thousands of foods that you can search about their shelf life and in its best possible way.
  • Cymath:- Cymath is a website that solves math problems. It helps millions of students to solve math problems step by step. You can enter your problem in query and it will give you step by step solution of it. It is serving million of students for guidance on math subject. It is one of most popular education websites. It helps students with their homework like a teacher. It has also launched an app that is available in google play, store and iOS app store.
  • TwoFoods:- TwoFoods is an online tool to compare foods and choose healthy foods. It provides nutritional value of food. Users searches simply two foods and get information about foods. You can choose healthy foods by this online tool. If you are a fitness enthusiastic then it is the best online tool or website  for you to choose healthy foods and be fit and achieve your fitness goals. You can compare nutritional values of common food from this website. Here you have to enter any two food item and it will give you a table full of showing calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fat in both food items. It is highly recommended websites for those people who want to keep check on their calories intake. 
  • Hacksplaining:- Hacksplaining is a website to learn hacking and get protected from hacks. It is an awesome website of learning hacking in a easy way. There are many features that you can learn about hacking are XSS, SQL Injection, CMD Execution, ClickJacking, Broken Access Control (BAC), File upload vulnerabilities, Session cracking etc.
  • About.Me:- It is a platform to create your own web page easily and freely. It is a platform to showcase or highlight your talent. This site offers users to register themselves afterwards registered users can link themselves to multiple identities, external sites and multiple social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. It is showcased by its one large page user profile with background image and short biography. It has many useful and interesting features. It collects all your online profiles at one place and give them attractive and large content.
  • Allrecipes:- It is a food focused social networking site. You can discover recipes, cooks and videos of your favorite foods. You can find here every day cooking inspiration. It is good for cooking enthusiastic people. You can discover cookie recipes, dinner receipes, salad recipes, pasta and noodles recipe, breakfast recipes and chicken recipes. Allrecipes members post the recipes on this website. You can find recipes here according to season, type of course and ingredients. This includes methods, occasions and cooking style too. It is a social networking site for food lovers.
  • CV Maker:-  It is a very helpful website for creating  professional resumes, CV and Biodata freely. You can create attractive resumes online in minutes. You have to simply enter the details and it will generate beautiful resumes in pdf and HTML. You can create an attractive resume that will highlights your academic details and work experiences. You can download it in the form of document or pdf. Give it a try to make stunning resume in minutes.
  • Glassdoor:- It is a website for searching millions of jobs and get the inside details of companies with reviews of employees, salaries of employees and more. It is a website where employees or prior employees review about the company and their management. It is a website that collects real salaries and company reviews. It allows posting of company photographs too. Here ratings of companies are based on real users. It produces report based on the data by employees post.
  • Goodreads:- It is a world’s largest site of book lovers and book recommendations.  Discover and share the book you love here. It is an enormous collection of books for book readers. The app is also available in google play store. It is a social cataloging website that allows their users to search millions of books, annotations and their reviews. It has great features one can use in this site. Some of the features are Book Discovery, Content Access and User Interaction. On this website the users can add the books to their book shelves. Users can read or see the preview of books they want to read. It facilitates reader interactions with the authors by author’s blogs, interviews and their profile information.
  • GoogleTrends:- Find the latest trends and data from Google. It is a public web facility which is based on Google search. It also allows users to compare the search item between two or more terms. It has great features for users. It provides free service to the users that display how often specific words, subjects or topics are searched on Google. In various languages, you can search the hottest or latest trends on google. It visualizes data from Google.
  • GoogleTranslate:- Google Translate is a free service provided by Google. It instantly translates word, sentences and web pages in other languages. It supports over 100 languages. It is available in the form of website, mobile apps for Android and iOS and an API. It has great features for users. It can translate multiple formats of text and media that includes text, images, speech, sites and real time videos into another language. It serves over 500 million people daily. In some languages it can pronounce text too.
  • Grammerly:- It is an online platform to make your messages and documents clear, mistake free and efficient. It is an app that detects automatically grammar, spelling, punctuation and style mistakes in grammar. It is available in many browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge. It is available as an app in both Android and iOS. It is a plagiarism detection and writing enhancement platform for checking spelling and grammar.
  • Meetup:- It is an online social networking portal for servicing offline group meetings of people that shares common interests. People who shares common interest like health, dance, photography, music, book and countless others who meets each other offline. You can create your own group and meet people near you who shares common interest with you. It brings people together in thousands of cities to do what they love. It allows users to schedule events using a common platform.
  • TeamViewer:- It is a software for desktop sharing, file transfers, online meetings and web conferencing between computers. It is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux, Android, Windows RT, Windows Phone and Black berry Operating systems. You can access it with a web browser too. It can be used freely. You can access it 24/7. It provides highest security. It is downloaded 400000 times every day. You can connect with PC or server in the world in few seconds.
  • Draw.io:- It is a free online diagram making software. Diagrams includes flowcharts, process diagrams, UML, ER, org charts and network diagrams. It offers a huge library of shapes. It is an open platform to create diagrams. It is the most flexible and privacy focused diagramming tool. It provides free and high quality diagrams. It gives facility to edit your data.
  • GIPHY:- It is an online database that gives facility to search and share animated gif files to their users. It allows users to post, embed and share gif files on facebook. You can share animated gif files on twitter too. It serves over one billion gif files per day to their users. Two million visitors watch gif content every day. You can add gif files to your gmail and more. It is the world’s largest library of animated gifs.
  • HomeStyler:- You can find interior design inspiration here. It will visualize interior design ideas for you. Get decorating ideas for your bathroom, kitchen and living area. It helps people realize furnished plan and home designs. It is a free software that enables users to experience the home design ideas.
  • IMDb:- It is the world’s most popular site for celebrity, TV and movie content. It is an online database of information that relates to movies, television shows, cast, production, personnel biographies and fan reviews and ratings. The information is accessible to all users. It offers users to rate any movie on a scale of 1 to 10. It posts new trailors, photos, industry news, casting updates and more.
  • Khan Academy:- It is a free educational website to learn for everyone. It offers practice exersices, instructional videos and learning that motivates learners to study at your convenient pace. It provides education in math, science, computer programming, arts, history, economics and more. It provides summary of class performance of student profiles. It supports more than 36 languages. It provides free world class education for everyone. It is a non profit organizational company that helps to educate students. It produces short lessons in the form of videos.
  • Kuler:- It is a rich web hosted applications that facilitates artists or designers to share color ideas, themes and inspiration with the world. You can learn color relationships with the interactive color tools. It has great features for users. You can choose what you would like to learn from a large library. Here industry experts teaches with passion to their students.

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