Op-edToddlers and Kids of India at Village and Rural places: Their requirement

Toddlers and Kids of India at Village and Rural places: Their requirement

There are about 70 crores of a child, both the girls and boys in India and they are malnourished and are underweight. Their growth and the development at the infant stage is very deplorable. Seventy years have passed, but no government have done anything in particular as a case or an example, to plan and come up with national planning of nurturing these toddlers so that they turn up to the best resource of the country.

There are specific maladies, and there are certain remedies, but applying the use the remedies to the maladies would be essential first to have a sense which is attached the education completely. Unless and until the citizens are educated in terms of a proper understanding, nothing concrete would come out of anything which we try hard to curb it but find it easily unacceptable.

Our nation is such that it does not fail in bringing out national planning in terms of social engineering. There have been a lot of social measures in terms of strengthening the social fabrics and bolstering its effort to engineer it strongly, the Government made that, but with no time the piling and the planning that was plotted or implemented the schemes saw it’s air off. It has since led to the outfall or the downfall of the nation.

National Planning: A “ cock-eyed” failure

We as a nation have never been able to plot and to find out where our real problems were. We have spent our resources, and the national spending’s in terms of money to specific projects which should not have been done at all. Instead spending the money more on the education, the development of the child and the women, the strengthening of the defense industry and making the defence a powerful force to conjure with and above all we should have been the most influential country in the field of water conservation and water maintenance and farming, but it reflects a sorry figure for me to point out, that a country like India where there were as many as 26 rivers flowing on a national level, where these 26 rivers could have been the national rivers of India, we are still finding it hard to drink the cleanest water from the river Mother Ganges and almost 16 such rivers which are considered as to be the mothers in their region are on the verge of being non-existence. We have entirely failed in the front and matter of national planning, and it’s importance.

Problems of understanding the children and their necessities:

In India, it has always been the problem of first understanding what the toddlers were, and how have been their importance to have them. This country is such that the birth of the girls in the family is considered to be a curse. No sooner than the child in terms of the baby girl is born, the problems start surfacing. In the worst situation, the baby girl is thrown in the dump, say in the dust bins on the roads or maybe at the place where she is left to die.

The baby boy and its birth here at India are considered to be a boon. The matter ends over there. No sooner a baby boy is born one feels that the problems everything in terms of the future is solved. There ends the issue. However, all of the questions start here.

Little gap in the age difference: It sows the roots of the problems

There is a natural law. Go to any farmer who plants the saplings. You would see that he at least maintains a difference of three to four feet in between the two seedlings that he plants. This helps the plants to dwell better, to take the oxygen better which helps in photosynthesis for them to have their food better, helps in to root themselves better and above all to grow better and reliable. This is the fundamental of growth and plantation. This is the law of the universe. However, this is not the case with the toddlers who grow up here in India.

In India out of the population of about 135 crores now, we have about 60 crores of children’s from in and from the age group of one month to 10 years. Of these there are about 45 crores who are either very weak, are such that their development, both physically and mentally is insecure, and hinges on the fact that if at all they survive, they would not be able to do anything good for themselves in the future because of ailments that are either physical, or mental or both, 90% of them are sick, lacking in vitamins and medicines to put them in proper shape, both mentally and physically and majority of them are not very sure whether would they be able to get a good education. It is because the villages that they are in neither possesses a right school or any charitable institution worth calling it a worthful educational institution, and above all, there are no teachers well to educate them.

The women or the ladies who deliver the child over here have such a misfortune that in case if they have produced three children are the age difference between the first and the second is not even more than 18 months and the difference between the second and the third one would be no more than three years. How do you expect the mother to deliver a healthy child?

The lady requires a lot who delivers

A lady that offers requires a lot, inwardly and outwardly to provide a healthy child. First, she has to ensure that her blood pressure, the haemoglobin of the blood, the physical constituent, the state of her body in terms of rigidity and solidity and above all the food intake that she takes are absolutely proper and well balanced

It is mandatory for every lady that delivers be it from the villages or be it from the city, maintains the chart that she is in a position to go in for the delivery. The reason for all these is the lady after the delivery loses a minimum of seven kilograms and a maximum of 9 kilograms, i.e. kilolitres of blood beside a considerable amount of flesh and a lot of physical rigidity of her body in ONE delivery where she bears a child. It usually takes about four years for the lady to recover and come back to the position where she could be ready physically to go in for another delivery. The blood cell and the RBC and the WBC, i.e. the Red Blood Corpuses and the White Blood Corpuses takes a lot of time to function the way it ought to be. But here in this country where an average human being needs about 3500 calories of heat to be in a reasonable condition and who hardly gets about 2000 calories per day, remaining in deficit for about 1500 calorie of energy and fuels per day, has the mortification of seeing himself delivering his wife the second one, and within no time the third one. Imagine the plight and the condition of both the mother carrying that and the baby who comes out of her momma. What would be their conditions mentally and physically? The problems surface from here for the newly born and to the mother who delivers, and it goes, and on that, they remain sick and weak till their end of the journey of their life. The result is the nation remains ill and unhealthy as a whole. No doubt that the other call us a weak government.

Social Bindings & Limitations

No doubt we are 72 years of age as a nation. We have improved a lot in most of the sector, but we have not developed in almost all the industry. There is a lot of difference in both the terms, IMPROVEMENT and DEVELOPMENT. Improvement means say we were earning at the rate of 260=00 dollars per annum. We have started making 350=00 dollars per annum. That is an improvement. Development means we were strong enough to survive for 40 years without any medical aids required, and now we are in a position to survive for 60 years without any medical subsidies required. No that is never and not visualised in this country. In certain areas, we have improved, but in most of the regions of nation-building, we have lots and lots to move, go, and grow. We aren’t a developed nation in that way, but yes over 72 years we have improved. We need to build.

Our thought process is such that we generally do not want and we do not allow the womenfolk’s to go out alone for anything. No sooner than a girl is born in the family, she is kept under the vigil and most of the time in the chain. That apart, many clauses are forced upon her. She becomes a mental slave and surrenders herself to the situation. This limits her of any spiritual development, and this is prevalent even now. This is a crux and a primary binding on her because of the norms of society.

Women and Child Development: The Area Of Concern

These are the two areas that we need to develop. As described earlier in this note, the women’ and the children’s basically the rural India has to be grown. In the children’s to ascribe and explain, the girls ought to be taken special care. The first thing that we need to educate the mass of this country is to make them lean and generate them towards having the appropriate primary education on health, nutrition, and all about the physical and mental development. This is a must. They have to be made to understand to come out of their mental block, which says that the women are meant only to do the necessary chores and nothing more than that.

In India, there were two schemes floated by the Government relating to educating the women folks. One of them was Mahila Sacksharta Abhiyan. It aimed at educating every womenfolks of primary education. The plan was implemented. But it got off that fast after it’s implementation.

The girls too, ought to be educated right from the age of four. In India, especially at the villages, even now the girls are not sent to schools for everything or anything. A wrong notion still creeps in the mind of the people here at India especially in the rural part of the country everywhere that the girls have to be married as quickly as possible and that she only is meant to take care of the house. Hence why educate them? An uneducated mother can only help in producing an ignorant child to form an illiterate, porous and a weak society.

A Mother is the first teacher at home. If she is uneducated and weak, she cannot be expected to teach the best, the strongest and the basics of the things which are needed by the toddler to be shown there at home. The foundation of the toddler right from the time is weak. This weakness continues, and it continuously grows with him forever, and ultimately a weak foundation produced a weal edifice which can be blown off easily. Then comes the nutrition. If the toddler and the mother are malnourished and hungry right from the stage of infancy, obviously a weak body will never be able to produce any substantial edifice or any results in the and for the future.

Growth of the child:

Any toddler that takes his birth grows very fast at a very quicker rate immediately within the first two hours of his delivery. The price of growth is extremely fast. It is here the mother ought to be properly nourished and fed with the best of the things so that the newly born toddler gets the vitamins and the nourishment appropriately at this time of the development of the body.

Growth & Development of the Brain and the Bones after birth:

After the birth and especially after the first two hours after the toddler comes to the world, the brain that it is which develops every day in a measurable manner. This development of the brain stops developing after the fourth year of the birth of the toddler. It is here that the mother ought to be fed with proper vitamins, vitamin pills, nourishing food, and ought to be taken care to see that she is not overburdened with anything. The mother that gives the birth ought to be in a state of mental happiness always, and she should be kept away from every kind of physical exertions. She should be allowed to spent most of her time on the new and with the newly born. The mental state of happiness that the mother is subjected to help in producing the maximum of the breast milk which the baby toddler sucks.

This milk ought to have enough of the calcium, sulphur, phosphorus and other vitamins which helps the milk sucking newly born toddler to remain in a happy state of mind always. That happy state of mind helps in developing the brain in a correct and in a very right measurable manner. More the nourishing milk that the newborn baby toddler is fed with, the more and the strong or the strongest brain that it develops. This development of the brain is what the baby toddler when he or she grows up, uses with all intelligent till he or she breathes her last

It is obvious that in the infant stage till the age of four if the baby toddler is nourished properly and supplied properly with all the vitamins and natural mineral which enters his or her body through the mother the baby toddler becomes strong, healthy and brainy to be strong in every sphere for all her life. On the contrary, if the feeding is reverse to than what I have mentioned here, the result also will be inverse Hence it is IMPERATIVE that the mother is always well taken in terms of the care, nourishment and food and be kept in the happiest state of mind. The future and the health of the baby is directly proportional to the nourishment and the food supplements that were provided to the mother.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with either the mother, or the toddler in India, and BY GOD, if a baby girl is born, GOD HELPS THE MOTHER AND THE BABY. The LIFE becomes a HELL for them, especially in rural India and in the villages and the mofussil. The educated and the rich too are no different. That is what is the MODERN INDIA and its line of thinking even now at this modern age.

The body keeps on developing for the male till the age of 21 and for the female till the age of 19. However, the bones keep on developing for the males till the age of 24 and for the female till the age of 21. It is still that age that the solidity, solidity, rigidity, plasticity, elasticity and the strength of the body forms, develops and takes a form of a structure that maintains the body till death. If nourished properly the body maintains in itself everything which makes the one move the world, but if there are any deficiencies in those states, the death moves the soul. Hence it is imperative that proper food, vitamins and a well-balanced diet which would nourish the body is supplemented as the food intake. The bones it is which develops if the nourishment is proper and fine.

Food, what could help for most: A Food Of Thought

Imperative it is, and very necessary it is. For any school-going toddler, be it in the village, be it in the mofussil, be it in the hamlets or be it in the city where the toddlers go to the school, they everyday ought to be fed by at least 150 ml ( milliliters) of milk and ablest and at least one banana per day. The banana is termed as the APPLE FOR THE POOR’S. The banana contains 0.6 grams of NATURAL GOLD and almost every vitamin in a proportionate manner. The GREATEST advantage of a banana is the natural gold that it contains helps in vitalising and strengthening his veins. It provides not only a good amount of energy, but it also helps in providing the necessary starch, the glucose, an appreciable amount of calcium and above all it kills the probability of gastric and the unnecessary acids which in the long run prevents many a disease that could hamper the toddler in the long run. The milk provides enough calcium, which helps in the growth and also in the development of the bones. The Government, from time to time, has come up with the idea of mid-day meals. I do not flick and call it bad, but if that is substituted with MILK and BANANA, the wonder could be envisaged and seen. This is the need of the hour and the Government of the day ought to think on these lines.


Factuality, Practicalities and Actuality: Stark Difference

There ought to be a real picture that ought to be taken into account to see and find out what are the actualities, factuality and the practicalities that had emerged from the scenario that had emerged and has come out of this sector since Independence

The toddlers have been wrongly taught and drilled there at their homes for grooming themselves correctly. It is because when the mother herself is not in a position to balance and maintain herself how can she balance the others at home. Then most of the school’s at the village, at the talukas, at the mofussil and at the rural part of the country just do not run in any manner that could be termed as on the lines of nation’s principles. Many schools that were built at one point of time exists, but those have been converted into stables where the cattle are kept. These castles are those who belong to the Head of the Gram, ie Panchayats.

The option to go to the playground to play too has gone in the air or might have gone with the winds. It is because thee toddlers are not under a supervisor who could watch them carefully and channelise them to play the sports of the games in the right manner

Then comes the fabrication of household affairs. Slowly they grow up in that atmosphere, and they become vicious by thought and nature. Obviously, when you grow up in a vicious condition, your mental attitude will always be vicious. They are then sent to work to the cities for living as they in the places that they dwell is not in shape to offer them any work.

When they come to the cities, they are offered works where they would have to work from early morning till midnight every day. That is the kind of work they are offered. It is because the uneducated just cannot get any work that the babus would get to work in the office. A little bit of time exposes them to the “ mods “ of the world. They develop the habit of drinking, smoking, intoxication, drugs etc. The “ mods “ of the city life and the glamour that they did’ not see at their villages etc., and the modern films etc. pollutes their mind. Incessant and fragile activities slowly become part of their lives. They end up raping, stealing, looting, and such activities make them prone to creating more heinous crimes. At last, they become juvenile delinquents, and that ends their life. The BUDS are NIPPED, and the scent, the fragrance of these flowers are off with the thinnest of the thin air. That ends everything for them.

Government Aid: Lateral or Divergent, it is necessary

Over the last five decades, we always have been hearing the different Government stating and declaring that they have a moon for the blues. We so far have not even seen the blacks. In other words, the Government of the day has failed in this manner and matter

We have seen the sharing of technology, the partnership of the State and the Centre, the sharing of the business between the foreigners and the locals. We call it the collaboration. Some of this collaboration has produced tremendous success. The classic example is the Maruti-Suzuki, to cite it as an example. When the Government successively has failed on its own why can’t it engage that kind of an agency which works on similar lines abroad? Why can’t the Government enters into an agreement to share the burden with them to channelise these toddlers at the levels where the Government finds it very hard to even reach at the proper time. This idea is a new one that I suggest, but it can work wonders.

These agencies can sit with the Government, draw out a plan and can follow the Government’s dictates and the terms with an open bent of mind to be flexible to adopting the foreign method of grooming these toddlers and build them. Games such as Malkhamb, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, running and the games and sports of those kinds could be inculcated in the syllabi so that these villagers could be bred in the manner of the village and later on they could be trans shifted to some games like shooting, wrestling, boxing, so hence and so forth. Cricket will not find a place because the Germans, the French, the Austrians, the Hungarians, for example, do not play cricket, and it should not be encouraged as well.

Fear: The Dangler That Hangs Over the Head

A cry that can crop up and that I envisage right at this time is that the politicians will raise a hue and cry about them, ie the foreign agencies that would engage themselves in conversion. Well if that is so the Government can enter into a national agreement that if any of the agency that is engaged in this work or the job or the projects as such is found guilty of engaging in conversion, they would have to pay a heavy penalty if found guilty and would have to leave the shores of the country immediately. Where is the impossibility of taking that kind of a step? The equation is simple if you can do it and show it. If you can’t take the help, lateral or vertical as the case may be and expedite the job in a manner such that these natural resources and their strength does not goes wayward and awry. The Government for the last five decades has failed. Then why not change the line of thinking and adopting a valuable model to bring about an adiabatic change in this field

Learning and Education

A syllabus can be formulated and strategised by the Government about how these toddlers that would be in alignment with the foreign agencies, for their early development and channelisation, to be implemented and that should be the one on which the teachings could be imparted to these That would help.

I say, and I write because I can straight away visualise that the political hue and cry would be raised about many saying that these foreign agencies are teaching something which is detrimental to the cause of Hindu, Hinduism and India. If a well-planned syllabus is drawn and that is followed scrupulously, then these problems could be driven away, and the problems could be nipped in the bud.

Is There any such Foreign Agency Involved

Yes, an AGENCY by the name of IGEP under the watchful eye of Mr Dietrich Kebschull is working in an independent manner but on a private basis. It is doing a great job in terms of sanity and mercy to the toddlers based near the Haryana-Delhi border, Mr Kebschull, and his dutiful wife is leaving no stone unturned to nurture and nourish these toddlers. They are not getting any help from the Government yet they have taken this task to shape the future, and the career of some of the underprivileged toddlers A little about Mr Kebschull would do an interesting reading

Dr Dietrich Kebschull is currently the chairman of IGEP based in Gurgaon near Delhi. IGEP operates the Hamburg and the Schleswig Holstein Business Centre and provides market research and market entry assistance, mainly to SMEs.

From 1987-2005 he headed the Indo-German Export Promotion Project (IGEP) in India, a bilateral project of the Indian and the German government implemented by the GIZ. He is Founder Chairman of Rugmark guaranteeing carpet production without child labour and developed the first comprehensive social standard system. IGEP played a pioneering role in establishing social compliance and CSR as well as carrying out private sector promotion for international trade and investment.

He is an economist and began his professional career in 1964 as a research assistant at the Hamburg HWWI Institute. He worked as chief editor of HWWI’s economic magazines and was head of various research departments. In 1968 he became a lecturer for development policies at the Hamburg University. This assignment was followed by others in Germany and India, also as Visiting and Honorary Professor. He very early specialised in the field of foreign trade and development with particular emphasis on social and environmental questions. In 1972 he was elected as a member of the Council of Scientific Advisors of the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). From 1977-1987 he was chairman of this council. In this function, he visited over 30 developing countries. He planned, implemented, supervised and evaluated many projects. He became the advisor of numerous German and multilateral organisations. He has long experience in writing and preparing project offers and managing projects.

Came 2007 the India representation of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) of the Brussels based Foreign Trade Association (FTA) was included in the IGEP program. For his work, he has been awarded by many associations and organisations. He received the German Cross of Merits in 1995.

Program Diversification: Child Care Was The result Of This

Financial support of exporters and importers is used for providing education to the poor, for vocational training, for support of women and for health care. IGEP is, therefore, running various programmes and it was always focused in doing it with pomp, but all of a sudden upon the advice of his wife and some of the research associates that he was working with, he diversifies to include the adoption of the kids of the village under the village adoption scheme, and there were 11 schools with about 4000 students adopted. Kebschull was responsible for working out the project strategy and for all activities. He represented IGEP at hundreds of occasions, delivered analyses and speeches, organised conferences & seminars and participated in important negotiations on highest levels.

I have written and described Mr Kebschull in details because to highlight the kind of magnanimity and Samaritans that is required to do these kinds of jobs and for the Government to analyse and pick, choose or select these kinds of individuals that are needed to carry on these kinds of jobs. This Government can invite many a kind of such agencies, can evaluate them and finally can use their office in a beautiful manner to set the things correct appropriately. This can set the motion and reverse the trend, which is all in a state of nadir. The brilliants toddlers from these could be sent abroad under the schemes of the Government and those agencies for further horning their skills in which they would come in flying colours. That would change the scenario

Will the Government of the day rethink on these matters. It is imperative that Madam Smriti Irani, the Minister of Human Resources and the Hon’ble Prime Minister give serious thought and take this matter on a highly needed initiative kind of a national project

Finally, I dedicate this article To Dr Mr Dietrich Kebschull for doing such and great service to the toddlers of India. Many of them are needed here to push this kind of a Nobel and a novel projects ahead. While writing this article he was my CENTRAL CHARACTER, and I have written this article keeping him in my mind, and my article is dedicated to him for the GREAT job that he is doing for the Indian toddlers at the village level

His agency though it works as a private entity, it is taking care to nurture and groom these toddlers at the village level taking immense care of the nourishment, food supplement and imparting the right kind of mental and moral education and that is what is needed to be done on a large scale of national priority. Once again, I dedicate this article to him before paying my GREATEST regard to him and tell him that WELL DONE GENTLEMAN.

Bhattacharjee Shyamal
Bhattacharjee Shyamal
Shyamal Bhattacharjee has been a SPORTS SCRIBE to start with, a MARKETING PROFESSIONAL for 35 years and author of SIX International standard books . Now he spends his entire time in SOCIAL DEVLOPEMENT and WRITING.

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