EducationTop Scholarship Programs for Youth to Study in College Abroad

Top Scholarship Programs for Youth to Study in College Abroad

Scholarships help students to build a good and bright future for themselves, and the students get a scholarship to feel a great sense of achievement, and if it is for a college abroad, it is a matter of huge prestige for the parents and the student as well. A major percentage of students in any given country find it difficult to complete their education because of financial crisis or weak economic family background as the fees for the educational institutes are on a race track. Scholarships allow the students to dream big and achieve them with financial help with the help of available programs.

Some of the top scholarship programs for youth to study in colleges abroad are:


Tata Education & Development Trust offers the Tata Scholarships W/ Cornell university to nearly 20 students from India. The students are awarded this scholarship annually & the students receive the award in the duration of their undergraduate at Cornell University. The eligible candidate must have done the senior secondary schooling from India and is then admitted to Cornell for an undergraduate program as he/she is considered eligible for financial aid. Cornell University receives a 25 million dollar endowment from the Tata Education Development Trust. Ratan Tata, who is the head of the Tata trust, is a trustee of Cornell University. The Tata group of Industries is the largest and oldest form of industry established in India.

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This scholarship is awarded to the students who hold the merit but are underprivileged. The Felix scholarships are provided to the students who have a Bachelor’s degree of first-class from a recognized Indian University & are below the age of 30 years. Under the Felix scholarship, the students get a maximum of 71,700 Euros as an award. Students who want to pursue post-graduation in the country can apply for this scholarship.


The United States – India Educational Foundation, i.e. USIEF, provides this scholarship to the Indian applicants willing to pursue a Master’s degree in gender studies, arts & culture, public administration, international legal studies, regional planning, and many other fields. The applicants who have a minimum of 3 years of work experience and have completed at least 4 years of education in the country can apply for this scholarship.


The CommonWealth Scholarships Commission offers this scholarship to Indian applicants who have an academic record of 65% marks in science, agriculture, technology, and agriculture or 60% marks in humanities & social studies. This scholarship also helps the applicants cover tuition fees, travel expenses, and other expenses involved while joining the university. This scholarship is offered to the majority of the students needing financial support and a good academic report.


The students who want to study for a one-year master’s degree in the United Kingdom. The applicants of the Chevening Scholarship will also get their accommodation, travelling, and tuition fee expenses covered for their one-year study program. The application process begins in the month of August and ends in the month of November.


This Scholarship was started in the year 1976. The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarship is responsible for the scholarships, awards, and grants in various fields. The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation scholarship grants the scholarship to Indian students to study in many prestigious colleges abroad, i.e. Europe, America, and many other places. Students or applicants can pursue a Master’s degree, diploma, PhD through this scholarship. However, the students who are willing to pursue their career in the Business field, computer science, public health will not be able to take the help of this scholarship as this scholarship doesn’t provide support for these fields.


The Melbourne scholarship is fully funded awards that are available to the students covering all the expenses for them. The students can apply for this scholarship before October, and the students will receive the scholarship for a maximum of 3.5 years.

Therefore, all these scholarships can be used by the students in India to grab the scholarships that are provided by prestigious colleges all over the world. The students who are unable to support or afford their education financially will be able to complete their education. A major percentage of students are below the poverty line, and in search of some morale-boosting support that will help them rise and build a future in the country, these scholarships are a ray of hope for these children.

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