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What are the side effects of yoga on human body?

Yoga is an ancient Indian art that involves mental, emotional, physical and spiritual practices together into oneness. Yoga is being practised by people in their daily lives to stay healthy and live stronger for their entire life. There are a huge impact and influence of yoga on mind and body. Yoga is to balance the elements on our body. It really helps to release stress and anxiety. It was officially originated in India and slowly gained popularity over the western countries and many other parts of the world.

Yoga is very beneficial when you practice it. One can really feel peaceful and relaxed. It helps to strengthen the soul and make us feel good about ourself. It sharpens the intelligence. Yoga is also called as breathing exercises as it helps in proper respiration. For those who perform it regularly, the respiratory system works well, and the chances of respiratory disorders are very low. So doubtlessly, it is one of the best ways to maintain a good and healthy life. But benefits will always come up with consequences and disadvantages.

Yes, yoga also comes with some side effects and some disadvantages. The effects of it cannot always be physical but also mental too. According to some study, yoga causes pain physically and mentally. The pain caused by yoga is equal to the rate of sports injuries. Seeing it briefly.

Yoga is very technical, and it is always recommended to learn yoga under the supervision of a well-trained yoga teacher. Yoga has really not got any side effects if you do it in a proper way, and if not, the causes and damages to the body are real.

Back pain

Back Pain, Yoga

Some of the poses in yoga will literally make you stretch to maximum on the back. It touches out lower back, and that can cause severe back pain in one. This stretching can put so much pressure on the body. Certain poses in yoga will make you tilt your spine, and this may damage the spine and back that will carry a greater pain if not done with the proper supervision. Incorrect yoga and overstretching postures may cause back pain. You should always know the body type of yourselves and let that according to it. You should not over try too hard, putting so much pressure on the body or doing yoga will definitely have the consequences.

Wrist pain

Wrist Pain, Yoga

Wrist pain is a very common pain you will face when you are performing yoga. In some cases, the wrist is stretched upward and downward where it puts so much of stress on itself, so the soft tissues in wrist get damaged. When you overstretch the wrist in yoga, it can trigger so much pain, and it will lead to an injury. The case of wrist pain is different when a person does plank and push-ups but when it comes to the core of doing yoga overstretching wrist and putting the pressure on it is likely to bring damages to the shoulder too. Performing yoga, you can avoid wrist pain in easy ways by changing your angles of performing yoga, and at the same time, you can adjust the surface according to you and your body.

Neck pain

Neck Pain, Yoga

We always expect the solution for neck pains through yoga, but it is not the same case every time. Yoga may not be the solution for neck pains, but it may be the cause for the neck pain. There are certain poses in yoga that will definitely cause some tensions on the neck instead of curing the pain. Poses in yoga-like the camel pose where you stretch your head to the maximum at the back where it causes hyperextension in the neck. When you keep your neck at the same position all day, and suddenly in yoga, you stress out on your neck by tilting and stretching and bending your neck, causing the real tension on the soft muscles. The pose of shoulder stand in yoga can put a lot of tension on the neck, and that will definitely lead by overstretching, and that will automatically lead pain and injury.


Depression Counselling in Delhi

Definitely, yoga is the best practice to awaken and get awareness and to make ourself self-conscious. If you feel you have feelings of depression from past or previous things or suffering from depression for many years, the practice of yoga will automatically shake or bring the thoughts again to you. So one can feel depressed or feel bad after performing yoga. It’s very rare, and some time is uncommon to feel depressed after yoga. Most of the times, you will feel very good and positive while doing it, but after it is all over the previous depressing thoughts you had, or the past things you had will be coming back. It is always better to have a good meditation and some breathing exercise instead of stretching muscles and backbones when the mental condition is not in a proper stage.


Fatigue, Sleeping, Tired, Studying, Table, Girl

Fatigue will be a serious result of yoga for not sleeping well and not resting in. When you over-perform the yoga to get benefits to your health, then you end up with over soreness. Yoga is definitely a fitness activity one will always find exhausting while doing it. You should get aware that these yoga poses will work on your body into a deep level that means small yoga practice can leave you very exhausted for some time. Maybe because of some reasons like not getting enough of sleep and body not habitual of stretching, not paying attention to your breath not doing the asana properly.

Anxiety and stress

Be Aware Of How Your Body Can Contribute To Anxiety

There is an emotional release during yoga practice. Some certain poses in yoga will turn people burst into tears or give them a real frustration about something irrelevant to the practice. Yoga is a physical practice same time it is a mental practice too. Now in this world, people or often distanced from each other physically; no touch or connections due to the busy schedules of work and technology. Cravings for the deep feelings or connections with humans can be resulting in yoga by providing you with close connections with other people. While doing yoga, the human body holds the emotional pain and stress within. Stretching hips and back muscles can release hormones that are responsible for anxiety and stress. Taking breathes for too long or too deep can put the person under stress at the central nervous system.

Some definite positions will bring up negative side effects of performing yoga. So if one does have any former medical condition, it is always preferred to get a check-up done by the doctor. Exceptional to have a good consultation before heading towards the practice. Doing it aggressively for the entry-level or not being aware of proper procedures and postures will have effects in negative. It is always favoured to have a good well-trained yoga teacher to get ahead with yoga.

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