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What If China Becomes The World’s Superpower? Here’s 11 Points

China is strong-minded to become the next global superpower. It already has road-maps to achieve this dream and follow the path to become a superpower, and Chinese President Xi Jinping has openly announced that China wants to lead the world by the year 2050. If China finds its route, we are going to change our lives completely – perhaps in our lifetime. And we will have to view the world through China’s perception. US leadership will decline, and for the first time in history, the world’s largest power will be the People’s Republic of China.

We should not scratch our mind more about how the world is going to be. China has made it crystal clear how they want to reshape the world with their vision, and with the leadership of the People’s Republic of China.

The 11 things will change or happen China Becomes The World’s Superpower are:

1. United States Will Turn Into Recession

United States Will Turn Into Recession

When they lose their position as a global superpower, the United States is severely damaged. They did not quietly slip into second place – they’re going to fall into a huge economic depression.

Currently, the US is in a great position because its currency is used for almost all international trade. The US dollar is considered the new gold standard, and it keeps the US economy relatively stable.

But China is intent on ending the US throne. He has publicly announced his plan to contain the Chinese yuan to replace the US dollar for international trade, and if they achieve this, the US going to get hit hard.

Second, if the dollar loses its place as the currency of international trade, the United States will be mired in despair. Overnight, the US loses two per cent of its economic output. Import prices remain high, export prices go down, and countless people lose their jobs.

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2. Africa Will Have Greater Power

Africa Will Have Greater Power

The rise of China is not only good for China. The overall power balance is going to change – and the biggest difference is that Africa will be a whole lot more power.

Most people do not know how big a role China is already playing in Africa. China is currently the largest source of African aid in the world. They have invested billions of dollars across the continent, and they are only planning to spend more. By 2025, they’re expecting to spend $1 trillion to Africa.

Many countries have very moral qualities for Western countries to invest a lot of money in a country led by dictators. American money comes with demands for an end to political reform or tyranny – or, depending on who the president is, completely cut off.

But China does not care about Africa. They willingly gave money to the worst African tyrants, as long as it was not beneficial to them, as it usually is. Each dollar invested in Africa yields six times the returns, China said.

Africa has already established itself as one of China’s closest trade partners, and, in exchange, China has lobbied to bring more African states into the United Nations, which means that as China grows, Africa will move with it. And since they are not allowed to do things in their own way, we won’t just see the world under Chinese influence. We’ll begin to see the world under African influence, as well.

3. Expansionary Policy Will Become Easy For China

Expansionary Policy Will Become Easy For China

In the context of China’s policies, China has always kept aggressive expansionary foreign policy at the top. This is the reason that from the 20th century to the 21st century, China does not even hawk, flouting international rules to increase its territory.

In 1959, due to China’s hunger for land, a peaceful, beloved nation like Tibet lost its independent existence, and its citizens were forced to become refugees in other countries due to China’s tyranny.

China is currently having a border dispute with India. Due to which there has been a lot of tense situation between the two countries. China is laying claim to many areas of India. China is doing so through its expansionist policy. It is not that China’s border dispute with India only. China is involved in a border dispute with 23 countries in the world. In contrast, only 14 countries share their border with China.

China has already given so much debt to many small countries that now the GDP of those countries have become dependent on China. It cannot be denied that in the future, when these countries will be unable to repay China’s debt, then if China becomes a superpower, then it can also assert its authority over these countries. And if this happens, there will be not one but many China in the world.

4. History Will Be Forcibly And Violently Rewritten

History Will Be Forcibly And Violently Rewritten

The Chinese Communist Party has very publicly declared its aim to rewrite history. In a speech, President Xi Jinping said his country that he was working to improve “international communication exchange” so that they could “present a real, multi-faceted and broad view of China.”

This may seem like a sparkler, but other documents from the People’s Republic actually explain what it means. China decides to rewrite the “Western misconceptions” of history, or in other words, to replace the global perception of history with theirs.

Their one of the top agenda is to transform our view of Chairman Mao and to get the world to accept as a wise and influential leader. They want to break the notion that the rise of communism in China is causing problems, not only for Chinese but the whole world is suffering due to Chinese policies inspired by communism, and makes it seem nicer. And the Chinese government wants to get rid of the Tiananmen Square Massacre is an injustice.

5. Europe Will Slump

Europe Will Slump

After thousands of years with Europe at the top of the world, we are finally beginning to see their power. The power of European countries has declined like never before for two decades, and Asia has steadily risen. Meanwhile, China is strengthening its relationship with countries in Asia and Africa – that is, the entire hub of world power moving into the Eastern Hemisphere.

It is already changing Europe. Many European countries have responded to their declining influence to reorganize the continent into a united force in an effort to increase its strength.

If China takes over as a global superpower, we can expect from North America and Europe that they are far less important than their allies in the East. Europeans are going to see their wages, and their luxury is moving fast in Asia and Africa.

6. Japan May Get Invisible To The International Society

Japan May Get Invisible To The International Society

From the Council of Foreign Relations, “Sheila A. Smith” statement, “No country feels China’s rise more deeply than Japan.” China’s route to Japan means more to Japan than any other country. When China gets to the top, Japan must freeze or cut it at will.

China still has not pardoned Japan for the cruelty of World War II, as Japan has not fully apologized to them. Japanese cruelty still plays a huge role in Chinese propaganda, making citizens never forget that the Japanese are their enemies.

Yet, Japan did not show any symbols of backing many disputes with China. But if Japan doesn’t give China what they want, they will have a hard time when China takes over the throne. China has already tried to undermine Japan’s role in the United Nations, with its state-controlled news agency Xinhua, writing that the country “needs to change its attitude towards history.”….. If Japan wants to play a big role in the UN…

Once China came to power, they won’t need to take threats. They are just able to cut Japan completely from the world.

7. Taiwan Will Be Invaded

Taiwan Will Be Invaded

The rise in Chinese power is unlikely to end with an independent Taiwan. China has been unconcerned with the demands for Taiwan’s return, and Xi Jinping once said that he would never allow any person, any organization, any political party, at any time or anyway, to allow anyone to break apart the Chinese territory.”

China has made it clear that if Taiwan does not come willingly, they must take the country as soon as they find an excuse by force. A minister at the Chinese embassy in Washington made it clear: “The day a US Navy Ship arrived in Kaohsiung is the day that our People’s Liberation Army unifies Taiwan with military force.”

China strongly hinted that if Taiwan tries to declare its independence, they will go to war, regardless of whether or anyone takes their side.

The only point stopping them from doing so now is that they will not be able to tolerate the inevitable struggle against America. But if China becomes a global superpower, there is hope that Taiwan to give up peacefully.

8. China And The United States May Have War

China And The United States May Have War

China has claimed that this is called “peaceful growth”. Few global powers have ever sat on the torch without violent conflict, and there is little reason to think that America and China will break the mould.

China is getting ready for this. One of Xi Jinping’s goals in 2050 is to build a world-class army that, in his words, can “fight and win” against the United States.

However, it does not look like the US is going to reduce China’s lead. In times of political grip, tariffs and conflicts, the two countries have been locked up and have struggled to keep each other up.

There is every reason to think that all this will create a new Cold War – or, if things actually lead to a sour, brutal, violent conflict, it is only a superpower left.

9. Mainstream Movies Will Be Chinese State-Approved Propaganda

Mainstream Movies Will Be Chinese State Approved Propaganda

A night in the cinema, when China is in power, is like a night in the Chinese propaganda ministry. China is ambivalent about its goals. As Xi Jinping put it, they want theatres – “take out our party, our country, our people and our heroes” and make sure China is portrayed as having a great history “with a good history, a good government, and a developed economy.

The Chinese state has started its own film production company. They are already in the process of making their own films – they recently got Matt Damon, for example, to star in his film The Great Wall.

And they’ve already been able to rewrite their films to appeal to other countries. The villain in Red Dawn (2012 edition) is set to change from China to North Korea, while Looper’s future is set in China.

China rejected the idea that art should not be controlled by the state – and if they continue to grow in power, they are going to get their way. Every mainstream movie you see, whatever it is, is run by a propaganda department and distorted until it gets state approval.

10. The Era of World Policing Will Come To An End

The Era Of World Policing Will Come To An End

Despite some insanity, China did not use its new power to invade the world and make everyone a communist. If their agreement with Africa is any indication, China’s going to work with a very gentle hand.

China has an official policy that is of noninterference with African governments. While the United States has a history of wiping out and eliminating dictators in developing countries, China, as a rule, leaves them alone. They even also invested money in countries like Sudan and Zimbabwe at the height of their human rights crimes, creating the theory that working off the principle that isn’t their job to police other governments.

That’s going to be a major difference from the US. The US military is no longer just about protecting America – it is believed to be the main defence of Europe and South Asia as well, not to mention almost every democratic country in the world.

But China does not care about democracy. If their army begins to diminish America’s strength, we can see the end of the era of soldiers in developing countries.

11. University Teachers Will Have To Teach Chinese State-Approved Lessons

University Teachers Will Have To Teach Chinese State Approved Lessons

The bombing of China may not be enough to showcase the less developed countries, but that does not mean that they won’t try to think about how the world thinks. They like to call it “soft power.”

Some of this is done through schools. China is already trying to attract more students to its universities. They are already attracted to more African students than the United States and the UK combined, and they are particularly targeted aspiring politicians.

In Chinese schools, teachers are instructed to teach government-approved ideas, especially pushing Chinese and communist ideals. As China becomes a global superpower, there is every reason to believe that they will continue to do so – but now they have the effect of attracting future politicians from every part of the world.

But it doesn’t stop there. China has already begun to affect schools in other countries as well. They have established Confucian institutions under their control in over 1,500 different schools in 140 countries. These schools have Chinese teachers who are specifically instructed to support the “China Model of Development” and “correct” the Western misconceptions.

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