EducationWhat is the Bolo app and its features and how it works?

What is the Bolo app and its features and how it works?

The Bolo app is a free reading app which is specially designed for primary children to enhance their skills in reading by having some fun activities along with that. It will focus on children to develop their skills who have already know some basic alphabet knowledge. It is available in English and some regional languages.

Who launched the bolo app?

Google launched the bolo app. They launched this app in order to improve children reading skill in English. Their ultimate focus is on primary grade children by encouraging them to read aloud. And also they are giving instant feedback to children by observing them. This app is available in play store for free, and it is of 44mb.

How to install bolo app from google play store?

  • Step 1:  Search google bolo app on google play store.
  • Step 2: Details about google bolo app will be displayed on the screen.
  • Step 3: On the right side of the app, an install option will be there.
  • Step 4: Click install option and your app will be installed soon.

How to download bolo app for windows 7,8,10, XP?

  • Step 1: Download android emulator on pc and install it.
  • Step 2: Now download the bolo app on it.
  • Step 3: Now you can use android bolo app on your pc.

Features available on this app:

Bolo is powered by Google speech and text to speech technology and features built-in fun and helpful reading.

  • Provides assistant-This app provides an assistant to guide children to correct their mistakes. That assistant is called “Diya”. This Diya assistant will notice children reading skill and if they made any mistake while reading aloud in that Diya will correct it immediately.
  • Online and Offline availability-This app will work both online and offline. This is an amazing feature that is available in this app. Everyone will like if any app works in both online and offline.
  • Fun reading app-It is a fun reading app so that children will not feel stressed to use this app, and also they will have more interest to read.
  • Improves reading skill-It helps children to improve their reading skill within a short period of time so that they can develop their skill.

How does it work?

Now let’s see how bolo app works to help children to improve their skill in reading in English using our own regional languages along with an assistant called Diya.

After installing first, it will ask to select our language. The option is available in English with eight regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etc. If we select Hindi Diya will start to speak in Hindi or whatever language we are selecting.

After selecting the language, this application will give important information for parents and after reading that we should click I consent button to move further.

Now we entered into the teaching part. There stories, games will be there and also they have a library and prizes option in their dashboard. On settings option, we can change the language and privacy, licenses and terms are there.

Available stories topic:

  • Family fun
  • Playtime
  • Magic math
  • Chotta Beem

Story types:

  • Long stories
  • Tiny stories
  • Very long stories
  • Short stories are types.

Time spent on reading:

It will show the time spent on reading by your children for the last seven days. This will help you to encourage your children to read more.


It will give stars for children based on their reading ability. If your children spent more time on reading, it would give more number of stars and other rewards just to encourage your children to learn the reading skill.

Background score:

On the background, they used to play music as children like that music, and it encourages children to read without getting bored.

Why you have to use the bolo app?

As I said above, it is a fun reading app which will help to improve your children reading skill in English. And also it is friendly to you and your children. You can select your native language to guide your children, and also you can change the language at any time. The assistant Diya will be friendly with you so that your children will understand more and try to improve your children reading skill. This app is asking your children to read aloud so that the speed of pronunciation of words will increase.

And the very important thing is, it is fun reading that your children will not get bored while reading. And also they will not feel like it is school or class to study with a bad mood. Children will ask voluntarily ask you to run that.

And the other important feature is that it is available in both online and offline. So that we don’t need internet connection all the time, we can use 24/7.

They are not collecting any initial amount to use the app. It is totally free to use this app. Now many have downloaded this app and use to enhance their children skill in reading.

More than 1 million downloads for this app and also 9000 have reviewed this app as it is helping their children to enhance their skill using our own language. Almost everyone reviewed in a positive way that it is the best app to use.

Many people have been asking to include more number of languages in this app as it contains only eight languages. So people who know languages other than this will not be able to get their own language. But they can use English as a speech-language.

So as I personally downloaded this app and using it for a week. Actually, this will definitely help your children to improve their speaking ability in English and also they will have some fun by using this app.

I have found that it is designed colourfully to attract children, and also it is full of cartoon pictures to attract children. So children will be happy to use this app, and they will speak aloud. This will encourage them to spend more time using this app, and they will gain more confidence to read.

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