LifeStyleSocialWhile Counting the Years of Life, do not Forget to Live!

While Counting the Years of Life, do not Forget to Live!

When counting the years of life, do not forget to live! — Life comes to everybody just once. Don’t waste it. Do everything you want to do in life. Life is about driving that luxurious car, but life is also about sitting in your pajamas at your house chilling. Life is about all those important business meetings, but life is also about bumping into an old friend. Life is about that dream job, but life is also about spending quality time with your friend.Life is indeed about being the best at what you do, but life is also about being humble with your juniors. Stop hunting for life guys – “LIVE”

Don’t stay at one place for your entire life. Travel as much as you can. Money fulfills all your needs, but adventure is something that feeds your soul. Travel when you are young and energetic. Not one of those luxurious travels, but travels full of adventures. Go climb that mountain, go swim across that river, go jump with that rope, enjoy in that camp fire. Life is too short and the world is too huge. Start now! Your life is in itself a complete package. Focus on yourself and your life and stop focusing on others. Stop judging others. You may know the person, but you may not know their story. There are wide contrasts between the sets of rights and wrongs that you have set for yourself to the ones others have for themselves. We are individuals with our own opinions and judgments. Things which may offend someone are completely fine for you and the things which you think are wrong might be the right thing to do for others. It is your life and your decisions and similarly, it is their life and their decisions. It is their set of rights and wrongs, their principles in life, which might be completely different from yours. So just STOP JUDGING and learn to empathize!

The little choices you make in your day to day life, ultimately shape up your personality and your life. So never make your choices for the wrong reasons like pressure from family, peer pressure, imitation or impulsively. Your choices must be yours and nobody else’s. Anybody who ever achieved anything in life has taken some amount of risk in their life. Don’t be afraid of taking risk. Somebody has rightly said that At the end, it is always the things which you didn’t do that you regret. Life comes to you just once. Make the most of it.

Always stay happy in all circumstances and try to make the people around you happy as well. Happiness is not a destination, not something you achieve, but it is a way of living life. Don’t seek for something that will make you happy, happiness is not materialistic. If you choose to remain happy, you will be happy no matter what. Create your own happiness.

Life is too short for phrases like “maybe later”, “this is not the right time”, and many more. Stop worrying, start living, start traveling, make your own decisions, don’t judge others and stay happy always… LIVE LIFE FULLY!!! This little poem will clearly define the meaning of living.

Thousand obstacles in my way
But I know how to put them away
The path I have chosen is a difficult one
But I won’t give up until my job is done
Whenever success or failure will come to me
I will treat them both gracefully
I will never be afraid of criticism
Because it will always give me something to learn
It is never going to be my last chance
It is never going to be my last fight
I will work harder
And make it perfectly alright
It is tough they rightly say
But “where there is a will there is a way”

Yashika Kulkarni
Yashika Kulkarni
I'm Yashika Kulkarni, currently pursuing B.Tech in CS from Amity University Rajasthan. I belong to Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh - I'm a very passionate and enthusiastic writer and believer of the fact that writers can change the world. I am punctual and take deadlines very seriously -- I love to write and that is why it never feels like a burden even if I am under a lot of pressure. I will be consistent and efficient in my work and constant feedback for improvement will always be welcomed.

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