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Why the Perfect is No Good? And Why the Perfect is the Enemy of good

Perfection is a goal every passionate person dreams to achieve, but is there a definition to be a perfect human being? Is there a way to live a life without making any mistakes unless you live so cautiously that you didn’t even live your life, in that case, it’s a mistake by default; you forgot to live just because you didn’t want to make any mistakes.

Think about it, isn’t that all this life’s about. A person is brought into the world, he goes to school, makes friend, they play they fight, they cry on small bruises that leave their marks. When they cry in front of everyone to get attention and would be happy with a glass of milk and cookies.

And then suddenly they become teenagers and slowly all the feelings enter into their lives. They choose right or wrong partners, they make promises they don’t wish to follow, they lose their identity to find themselves, they cry in silence to not gain any attention and most of all they keep on making the wrong decisions, they hurt themselves, they cry, they isolate and all of this only to know what the right decisions should be.

Slowly and steady, maturity kicks in; they start to finally understand feelings and have a hold on them, they start to understand what’s right and what’s not, they learn to make decisions not only with their heart but also with their minds. They reach to that age of young adults where they realize the meaning of all the promises and commitments they’ve ever made. When they have to leave their parents home to make their own identity, to find out what they are without their parents, to find their own worth, leave their childhood dreams and enter the world.

Moving along the road of life, they get a hand full of responsibility that keeps on growing. They need to earn a living, find a partner to spend all their lives with and just in case a partner isn’t enough they create new lives with even more responsibilities. Now that’s the world where we finally get a taste of reality. We survived childhood, teenage and the age of young adults only to be ready for these responsibilities, family and life.

A person has to have a house, food, take care of their family, medical expenses, luxury expenses, further education and God know what more and if while walking this road, they suddenly realize that the partner they chose isn’t the one they want to walk any further with, or just losing someone dear to you; it feels like life has stopped. These kinds of things forces a person to break down, stop and question their whole existence, did they come this far only to lose someone who once was so dear to them?

They might lose themselves or stand back again to face the world with a new perspective. And as they get old they finally know why everything had to be the way it did. They understand the mistakes they made and how important they were in shaping them. That’s the wise phase of life, when you have time only to breathe and enjoy every breath.

Now, we always stress ourselves to make the right decision, be sure to be perfect, a perfect son, a perfect husband, a perfect father and with this we often forget that we too are human beings, it’s our right to make mistakes (not intentionally) and have courage enough to ask for forgiveness when realizations kick upon us.

Imagine a perfect person, perfect looks, perfect academics, sports, master in feelings and everything that includes the definition of perfect. How that person is supposed to live the life? He has everything figured out, life has nothing to teach him; then he would have one ultimate goal and that is helping others figure out their lives, but if that person is wise enough, then he must know that lives are to be lived by each individual and they have to fight their battles on their own.

So a perfect human being is just a delusion. Every new phase of life, requires a different you and as we enter that new phase, we’ll see that there’s so much we have to learn, there are so many wrong choices before making one right one. You can’t expect a new father to make all the right decisions for his baby, and as by the time he gets the hang of being father to a little baby, the baby grows up and the man is again new to being a father of a teenage child.

We all have this one life and no two people live it the same way, they might decide to walk the same road, but their feelings will always differ. Everyone has a new experience every day and they learn something, so if someone makes mistakes, have the heart to forgive them, because they don’t know life any better than you do.

Love the crazy, flawed, imperfect you; perfection is no fun because after that, there’s nothing and life always has to be about something. Do not stress yourself for always making the right decision, you have the right to make the wrong ones too, well you have to make the wrong choices before knowing what’s right for you.

But always remember, if you hurt someone who means something to you, never think before saying sorry because you can only control yourself not others. If hurting someone makes them leave, just go and apologize. Even if they don’t forgive you, at least your consciousness will be clean and will have no guilt, the more important thing is that you forgive yourself; that’s how a person let go, that’s how a person heals and that is how a person lives.

Akanksha Agrawal
Akanksha Agrawal
I was named Akanksha Agrawal when I first cried on 18th July 1997. I've always loved to study and get in touch with new things. After completing my high school studies from KPS Bhilai, I opted for CA as a profession but gradually, it came to me that it wasn't the best option. Currently I am all with B.Com planning to do MA in literature. I have a great interest in spirituality and self development. Reading and travelling are the top in my list of hobbies.

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