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10 Ideal New Year resolutions for every Indian for a better life ahead

Calendars are about to change, and it’s the time for the New year to come. 2020 has been a year full of weird mishaps and calamities. We never imagined a phase like the pandemic brought to us. And now when it’s ending, we all have tonnes of hopes with the upcoming year. We want the coming 2021 to be a better year. With a new year, come resolutions. New year resolutions are the vows taken by people for the upcoming year. We make resolutions to be a better person, sometimes, for ourselves and sometimes for others. Making resolutions is a western tradition brought in existence all over the globe now.

People usually break resolutions and rarely hold them for the whole year. For this, the best thing one can do is sticking on a concise list of small goals rather than more significant aims that can demotivate you to halt in the way of accomplishment. When you fulfil little things initially, you become stronger and determined for the more significant challenges. You can add many resolutions in your list for the betterment of your life in the upcoming year.

10 Ideal New Year resolutions for every Indian for a better experience ahead are:

1. I won’t miss a moment of joy

Lockdown in the pandemic taught us that we should never miss a moment of happiness and always cherish what we have with us. We used to neglect the saying “ Live like it’s your last day. ” But this Covid time made us miss the normal things we usually took for granted. Let’s resolve that we won’t let a moment go spare and cherish every bit of time we have. We’ll make the best use of the moments we have with us and our loved one.

2. I’ll try not to wastewater

Water is essentiality, we know. It’s diminishing, we know. But, this isn’t necessary all the time to bring up rallies or campaigns to save water. Start it from yourself. Turn off the tap while brushing. Avoid showers every day. Use a pail and mug instead. This sounds like the nursery lessons, but teaching this in our habit will satisfy that we are doing something for the environment. Many times, we feel, ‘This won’t affect much! ‘. But, the day you start appreciating your little efforts like – Hurray! I saved three glasses of water today. You’ll feel contented and believe me! You’ll begin bringing a change.

3. I will try not to abuse anymore

This is an accelerated issue among the masses these days. Even the kids are learning the ill-usage of words. In the last few years, using inappropriate words has become a trend. We usually utter a foul word in every 2-3 sentences we speak. Many of us are becoming habitual of this. Make yourself determined to avoid abusive words. We all know why they are wrong. It will be tough initially but will make you more polite gradually. For this, you can ask some near and dear one to poke you every time you get abusive in your wordings. Also, train your mind to put a step back whenever you’re about you speak something terrible. Avoid offensive words on social media and other platforms too. Once you try doing this, you’ll gain more control over your mind and turn yourself towards positivity.

4. I’ll make at least one face smile each day

This isn’t mandatory for you to do it every day. It is no hard and fast rule. Just do it with all your heart and try to make at least one face smile because of you. 2020 was a tough time, and many of us have so much in it. So making one face smile each day can bring a huge difference. Maybe this sounds like some philosophical theory, but the truth is that the world needs to smile a bit more in the hectic and fast running life. In the poisonous existence of mental traumas, disorders, depression, anxiety and many unknown problems that are usually ignored with the open eyes, we need to spread a bit more of happiness and glee.

Now the question that pops up is ” How will you do this? ” Not every one of us is a comedian or with a great sense of humour. You can, of course, bring up ‘funny to hear’ statements and make someone smile if you’re good at this. But if you aren’t, Try appreciating people’s efforts and acknowledge them for the favours they do for you. You can give a toffee to any little kid. That smile will be priceless. You can share your food with some poor. The best part about this is that you’ll feel happy inside. It’s a therapy for a more satisfied own soul.

5. I’ll Love Myself more

Loving ourselves is very important today. It’s the world where expectations from others may hurt. It’s better to be satisfied with ourselves than looking for happiness somewhere else. This is a key for strength.

Now the question arises – how? How to love yourself? It is easy, and no rocket science is hidden here. In a quick synopsis manner, I will mention a few points:

  • Take care of yourself
    Do things that make you happy
  • Take yourself for a treat whenever you’re extremely happy or too sad
  • Slice out some time from your schedule for your hobbies
  • Reward yourself after accomplishing a task

There are many more ways. Discover them yourself and love yourself a little more.

6. I’ll get rid off my addictions

Addiction, of anything it may be, is disastrous. Be it cigarettes, liquor, social media, mobile games, junk food, shopping, drugs, or anything else. It would be best if you got rid off it, and you know this. Now there’s another can of worms that is, How to get rid off addictions?

You need determination, a little bit of control, and continuous training for your mind that you need to quit that thing. I am not telling you to drop it at once and then start craving for it. Just lessen the multiplication of its use. In simpler words, reducing the frequency of the activity, you’re addicted to. I do it four times a day, come up to 3 times and then two and then one and then stop it. Go slow and be determined. I hope you get out of it.

7. I’ll stop littering here and there

Despite several cleanliness awareness programs like ‘Clean India Campaign’, we Indians have this terrible habit of littering here and there. We know it isn’t very good. We like cleanliness, but it’s this habit that we throw wrappers out of a moving bus or car, garbage on streets, dump house garbage on empty land patches etc. We want a clean nation, but we don’t tend to work for it. We need to bring a change in this habit. This new year, try avoiding litter. Every time you don’t find a dustbin for your garbage, keep it with you and dump it when you get one. Being a responsible human being, we must save our mother Earth. This is a lesson we are getting since childhood but rarely do we follow it. Let’s begin it this year. It’s a way towards a clean and hygienic surrounding and a self-satisfied soul.

8. I’ll not overspend

Overspending is vicious. It can quickly spoil our necessary budget and eat up all the earning without rendering any utility or contentment to you. It happens with all of us at some point in time, where we spend unnecessarily and then regret. It’s a wastage of the hard-won money. There are times when you get inside a store to buy a few soap bars and come out with a bill of a thousand rupees or more. We need to understand that what we earn or get should be used very wisely. For this, you need to keep a control on what you buy.

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But how to avoid overspend?
  1. Pass your wish through a few questions – Do I need this? Is it worth its the price? Will this bring me any sense of utility? Won’t this be kept unused? Once that longing satisfies all these questions, go for it. Else, leave it and move ahead.
  2. Avoid walking in shopping malls, departmental stores frequently or uselessly. They are webs to attract flies like humans.
  3. Prepare a list of your necessities every week and buy them together. Also, stick to your list and control your unnecessary desires.

Believe me, and this habit can save a lot of your money and time. Inculcating this habit will be the right decision.

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9. I’ll not leave a task for tomorrow

“ Meeting presentation? Will make it tomorrow. Buying essentials! Will do it tomorrow! ” That’s laziness, right! Leaving something on tomorrow is one of the biggest mistakes we do. This piles up the works altogether and they become a more significant task to handle. Lockdown spoilt our many basic habits and schedule. And as a result, many of us have become very lazy, and we keep dragging pending tasks on the upcoming days.

According to the old Hindi saying: Kal Kare So Aaj Kar ( Do it today rather than tomorrow), we should stop leaving functions for the other day until and unless we are bound to do so. If you feed this habit in you, you’ll become more progressive and will always be punctual with your work. This is a great tip to start a better life. You need to complete the tasks you need to do as soon as possible.

10. I’ll bring out time for my hobbies too

You like painting, you used to paint quite well, but now, since you have a lot of work, you don’t remember the last time you held a paintbrush. That’s the exploitation of what your heart loves to do. Don’t you agree?

That’s a complete excuse when people say, ‘ I don’t have time for this. ‘ According to the great scientist and a great soul Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, ” If you love something, you find a lot of time “.

So this 2021, bring out some time for the things you love to do. A bit more time for them than you usually took out. It’s another step in the practice of self-love. You’ll feel happy inside, and this will make your soul healthy.

11. I’ll try not to hurt anyone in any way

This is an essential thing we need to learn. We knowingly or unknowingly hurt many people. This year you can resolute to try not to hurt anyone in any way. Be it physical or emotional. Hurting someone is ethically wrong. We do it due to the circumstances but let’s avoid it this year. The happiness of others should also be a matter of concern for us. So avoid doing such things that may hurt someone’s sentiments. Whenever you do or say something, think twice if it is right or not. We hurt by words, and that’s the most painful thing at times. So, let’s learn to avoid creating such a situation where someone could feel bad because of us.

This list of resolutions can make you healthy and better as a person. I won’t insist on putting all of them in your bucket list. But if you hold onto anyone even, you can see and feel the change, a positive difference in yourself. Try owning any of the resolutions as mentioned above, stick to it for the whole year and all

Mansi Yadav
Mansi Yadav
An ardent learner and a student, I am a complete kid by heart. Making faces smile is my favorite thing to do. I can make you smile and heal through my words and I am proud of it.

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