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10 Mutual Fund apps in India that are making a name for itself

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleepyou will work until you die.” – Warren Buffett.

One of the ways to make money while you sleep is to invest in stocks. But investing in stocks takes a proper understanding of the company. Not everyone has enough time to investigate the subject. Therefore, for a common man, it is advisable to invest in Mutual Funds.

So, First of all, Let’s understand

What are Mutual funds?

Mutual Funds are investment options wherein you invest your lump sum amount or a fixed amount in instalment (SIP). This money is then invested in shares and other investment instruments by the financial institutions.

There are many apps in the market nowadays. Everything you need has an app now. The more you see the more you want to use them. The stock market is huge now with investments ranging thousands of dollars. Mutuals funds too are a rage. Mutual Funds are crowding the expansive market offering lucrative deals, and a huge return over time. There are apps for Mutual Funds too in the market now which make the process of investment easy and simple.

Some of the best android apps for Mutual Funds are:-

1. Coin by Zerodha

Coin By Zerodha

Coin by Zerodha is India’s largest platform for Mutual Funds investment. It offers investment options across 40 fund houses.

    • Offered by – Zerodha
    • Playstore ratings – 3+
    • Number of downloads – 1,000,000+
    • Download size – 9.45 MB

Features –

    • The SIPs can be instantly created, paused, and modified anytime.
    • It is easy to search and discover funds with its navigation themes and scheme details.
    • One can easily view scheme holdings. It offers sector-wise data and shows detailed information on the securities.
    • It offers short videos to explain fund management philosophies.
    • It offers instant payment facilities through UPI payments.
    • It also offers the facility to automate the fund transfer for SIP instalments.
    • It offers candlesticks charts to track price movent and past performances.

2. Groww – Stocks, Demat, Mutual Fund, SIP

Groww, Stocks, Demat, Mutual Fund, Sip

Through this app, one can start investing in the stock market, buy Mutual Funds, and can also buy online gold. It offers 100% paperless investments. It offers 0% commission on investment in any direct mutual funds.

    • Offered by – Groww-Stock Trading, Demat, Mutual Funds, SIP.
    • Playstore ratings – 3+
    • Number of downloads – 10,000,000+
    • Download size – 25.75 MB

Features –

    • This app uses filters to categorize different mutual funds based on merits.
    • It offers a Mutual fund SIP calculator to help you calculate return over a period of time.
    • It offers candlestick charts to shows price movements and past performances.
    • It offers videos, latest finance news to give insights to beginners.
    • It offers 128 SSL encryption to safeguard your account and the transaction records.

3. Mutual Funds, SIP & ELSS Investments App: ETMONEY

Etmoney, Stocks, Demat, Mutual Fund, Sip

This app offers a mutual fund investment facility with zero commission and guarantees interest rates from fixed deposits. This also offers options for investment in NPS for assured retirement pension.

    • Offered by – Times Internet Limited
    • Playstore ratings – 3+
    • Number of downloads – 5,000,000+
    • Download size – 18.50 MB

Features –

    • It offers mutual funds via SIP/Lumpsum investments at zero commission.
    • It supports all UPI payment apps like google play, phone-pe, Paytm, etc for funding.
    • It is easy to switch your existing mutual funds from other apps to this.
    • It offers a single investment dashboard to track all your past mutual funds.
    • It provides with SMS facility to automatically track your expenses and bills on your device.

4. Paytm Money – Stocks & Mutual Funds Investment App

Paytm Money

This app offers options to invest in stocks, mutual funds, and NPS retirement pension plans. Also, digital gold can be bought through this app.

    • Offered by – Paytm-One97 Communications Ltd.
    • Playstore rating – 3+
    • Number of downloads – 5,000,000+
    • Download size – 27.17 MB

Features –

    • It offers zero brokerage on Delivery Trading with an intraday as low as Rs.10. Future and Options trading is also low as Rs.10 for all orders.
    • It is simple to discover stocks on this app by just searching its’ name.
    • It provides facilities to do market research, stock trading, or long-term investing, all in one place.
    • It sends its’ users alerts and notifications when a stock or index has hit the price.
    • One can buy securities through ETFs at this platform.
    • One also invests in NPS and can buy digital gold.

5. Mutual Funds, SIP, Tax Saving & More – IPRUTOUCH

Iprutouch, Mutual Funds, Sip, Tax Saving

This app helps you to invest in mutual funds through lump-sum or in installment via SIP.

    • Offered by – ICICI Prudential AMC
    • Playstore rating – 3+
    • Number of downloads – 500,000+
    • Download size – 29.07 MB

Features –

    • It offers video lessons, notes, daily financial news, to help you make investment decisions.
    • It has a calculator to help you calculate the amount of investment to be made to attain a certain return over time.
    • It is easy to use and switch from one scheme to another. It is easy to track your portfolio with this app.
    • They have Help services available from Mondays to Saturdays from 8 am to 8 pm.

6. SBI Mutual Fund – InvestTap

Sbi Mutual Fund

This app offers easy and quick investment in Mutual Funds.

    • Offered by – SBI Funds Management Private Limited.
    • Playstore rating – 3+
    • Number of downloads – 1,000,000+
    • Download size – 14.76 MB

Features –

    • It maintains the security of your portfolio through 6 digit MPIN or requesting an OTP each time you log in.
    • At this app, frequent investments and plans can be marked as favourite transactions to quickly access it.
    • It offers multiple funding options from net banking to UPI payments.
    • It offers interactive graph pages and past performances to monitor the returns of each scheme.
    • It has a SIP calculator to select investment duration and installment amount to estimate return.

7. Aditya Birla Sun Life MF FinGo

Aditya Birla Sun Life Mf Fingo

This app provides you to invest in mutual funds quickly and conveniently.

    • Offered by – Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Ltd.
    • Playstore rating – 3+
    • Number of downloads – 500,000+
    • Download size – 9.48 MB

Features –

    • It is easy to purchase, redeem, and switch any mutual fund.
    • Your portfolio is easily tracked at this app.
    • One can request an account statement by email or SMS at this app.
    • One can log in to 5 different accounts on the same app.

8. HDFC MFOnline Investors: Mutual Fund Invest App

Hdfc Mfonline Investors

This app aims to facilitate and simplify your mutual fund investment process.

    • Offered by – HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd.
    • Playstore rating – 3+
    • Number of downloads – 100,000+
    • Download size – 13.07 MB

Features –

    • It offers the facility to effortlessly track all your lump-sum and SIP investments.
    • One can view all investments under a single portfolio.
    • It provides instant account statement in real-time. Statements can be downloaded
    • It offers easy log-in through OTP. There is no need to remember passwords at this app.

9. Axis Mutual Fund: Invest in SIP, ELSS, Lumpsum MF

Axis Mutual Fund, Invest In Sip, Elss, Lumpsum Mf

This app enables investors to easily purchase, redeem, switch and start SIP investments.

    • Offered by – Axis Mutual Fund
    • Playstore rating – 3+
    • Number of downloads – 500,000+
    • Download size – 10.54 MB

Features –

    • It offers investors to buy multiple funds via Investment Packs.
    • One can do multiple transactions at one go at this app.
    • It provides charts and details to check the latest NAV and dividend history.
    • It is convenient to analyze portfolios, schemes, and SIP returns at this app.
    • The investors can request an account statement, capital gain statement, and STT letter.

10. Upstox – Stocks, Mutual Funds, IPOs, & Gold

Upstox, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Ipos, Gold

This app is easy and convenient to use. This app offers opportunities to invest in stocks, mutual funds, gold, IPOs, and Futures and Options as well.

    • Offered by – Upstox
    • Playstore rating – 3+
    • Number of downloads – 5,000,000+
    • Download size – 9.80 MB

Features –

    • This app offers zero brokerage on stock investments and Rs.20 per trade for intraday F&O and commodities.
    • Investors can access charts, financial data, and news at this app easily.
    • Investment in digital gold is also an option available at this app.
    • Investors can apply for IPOs and can track its’ status online at this app.

To grow your wealth, Investing is the easiest way. There are a lot of apps available in the market for purchasing mutual funds. These were some of the examples of investment apps.

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