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13 Deadly and Beautiful Plants you Should Avoid to Grow Your Garden or Home

These days people are going gaga over plants. Mostly indoor plants, and then there are outdoor plants. Plants are beautiful, and it is doubtful if there is anybody on the planet who doesn’t love the sense of warmth, the aroma and the beauty that plants gift us. I myself is plant crazy and loves saving Pinterest posts to decorate bedrooms and outdoor with pretty plants.

But often people tend to make this mistake of buying plants simply because of the beauty or the aroma it has, not knowing that some plants are not to be welcomed to our garden.

Here are 13 plants that one should step back from if you are thinking of growing it in your garden:

1. English Ivy

English Ivy

Lot of us have heard about ivy poisoning, but this is a totally different ivy. English ivy is this beautiful green plant that you often see climbing up on houses and buildings, and it is hard to not appreciate this beautiful vision. Though this may look pretty to us, it is allergic to some people. The allergic reaction may present with itching of the skin, weeping blisters and rashes. So better stay safe from it.

2. Oleander


Nerium oleander, better know oleander are beautiful pink flowers grown in tropical and subtropical areas as an ornamental and landscaping plant. Again, they can fool you with their beauty because they are extremely toxic for your pets and you. Simple touching can cause skin irritation, and a single leaf chewing can kill an adult. So handling this plants require extreme care, maybe wear gloves while touching them or better to not grow them.

3. The pothos or devil’s ivy

The Pothos, Devils Ivy

If you have a pet, and you are planning to grow this in your home. Then you will have to rethink it. These plants are extremely toxic to cats and dogs. Chewing them can cause irritation, burning, swallowing difficulties and even death. Even in humans, it can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and other discomforts.

4. Sago palm

Sago Palm

It is a mini palm version. Though it may look fine, every inch of this plant is toxic to your pets. It can cause mild to serious illness like liver failure and death.

5. The Jerusalem cherry plant

The Jerusalem Cherry Plant

Who doesn’t like cherries? This plant grows delicious-looking red-orange berries, which on ingestion can cause you serious troubles. If you have a child at home, then you better not grow this in your home. The Jerusalem cherry plant can cause breathing difficulties to paralysis. The berry is nothing but poisonous.

6. Areca palms

Areca Palms

These beautiful plants will give you a tropical sensation in your room. But it doesn’t last long once the pests take control of it. Areca palms plants are extremely attractive to pests and mites, which is difficult to get rid of.

7. Cyclamen


Cyclamen is another pretty flowering plant that will give a sense of beauty to your room. But just like Areca, these plants are also prone to pest attack, not very desirable.

8. Caladium or an elephant ear

Caladium Or An Elephant Ear

Again if you have pets at your home, particularly dogs and cats. You don’t wanna cause these little guys trouble by bringing this plant to your home. They are extremely toxic to your pets as it causes burning to the tongue and other gastric related symptoms.

9. Euphorbia Trigona

Euphorbia Trigona

Euphorbia Trigona, a cactus look-alike plant. They are tall and good to look at, but it can cause intense skin irritation, leaves you with blisters. And if it accidentally enters your eye, then that may lead to blindness. Never take the risk of bringing this to your home if you are not extremely cautious.

10. Atropa Belladonna

Atropa Belladonna

You may have heard the name, Atropine. Atropine, the drug extracted from this plant used to treat various illnesses. But this plant is seriously toxic and can lead to mild to serious side effects including hallucinations, convulsions and even death, so it’s better to stay away from this.

11. Succulents


These are amazing to look at, and also cheap. But it comes with another package. That is they are prone to attack by insects or bugs. And once they conquer the plant, it’s hard to get rid of, and they will spread like fire affecting other plants as well

12. Sweet autumn clematis

Sweet Autumn Clematis

These white pretty flowers will definitely glow up your garden. But little do you know, and this plant is invasive. It will invade every single place where it will lay its seed on its own and spread like a weed. And once they take up your area, you are in trouble to get this rid of.

13. Tansy


Tansy is a yellow pretty plant to look at. But they are poisonous for both humans and pets once ingested. If you have toddlers in your home, then this plant is not a good choice as they can chew them and fall extremely sick

Plants are beautiful and provide us with oxygen and also serves many other purposes. But again if you have poor knowledge about gardening, then learn about each plant before you decide to grow them at your home.

Fasna Nasir
Fasna Nasir
Fasna Nasir is from the state of the Kerala, currently pursuing her career in medicine. She is a passionate writer with deep love for books and reading, often spends her time writing poetry, prose, articles

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