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The 7 Indian Home Remedies for Heart Palpitations

Do you know exactly what heart palpitations are? You may have heard about them somewhere or may have personally experienced them, but can you explain what exactly they are?

Heart palpitations are the irregular heartbeat that we experience occasionally, and you may feel the fairly aggressive pounding or a faster beat. It can occur for various reasons that may include stress heart conditions or various other medical conditions, whatever the reasons are they are very uncomfortable and scary for the first time.

Many questions might arise in your mind that is the heart palpitations sign of heart attack? , is heart palpitations a symptom of coronavirus? Or are heart palpitations dangerous? These questions will be answered shortly; here are seven home remedies for heart palpitations.

1. Cut down on your caffeine intake

caffeine based soft drinks

We all intake caffeine in one way or the other as we all love drinking tea, coffee and caffeinated beverages, but their consumption should be reduced. If you are facing heart issues, carbonated and caffeinated drinks like coca-cola should be next to existing.

According to researchers, caffeine is not the direct cause of heart palpitations, but it can certainly add up to the problem.

Caffeine increases the alertness of the brain. It triggers your adrenaline; this can make your heart go crazy; as a result, your stress will worsen. Try to change your sleeping habits this way you won’t be as tired when you wake up in the morning if you are less tired your urge to drink coffee won’t be as persistent.

2. Avoid alcohol consumption

Avoid consumption in hazardous

If you often experience irregular heartbeat, beer and alcohol is not the way to go. Alcoholic beverages are very hard on your heart; even one drink per day can be harmful to your heart. Alcohol consumption in large quantities can increase the risk of heart attack, So you may have got the answer to the question are heart palpitations a sign of heart attacks, yes they are.

Heavy drinkers should take a not, try to decrease your alcohol consumption gradually and ultimately cut it down to drinking occasionally. Alcohol consumption is restricted for pregnant women but are the heart palpitations normal during pregnancy? Amount of blood in the body of pregnant women increases that result in increased heart rate leads to heart palpitations. Hence, heart palpitations are normal during pregnancy, but it can also be indicative of any underlying health issue.

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3. Don’t eat too much

eating too much

The more you eat at once, the harder you are on your heart. When you eat too much at once you pressurise your digestive system due to this your heart will begin to transport blood to aid your digestive tract, and now the heart is using limited blood, it has to work harder to accomplish the function. Thus it will react violently, causing heart palpitations.

Food should take more than twenty minutes to eat because it is precisely the duration needed by your stomach to deliver a signal to your brain that you are done.

4. Breathing and meditation

breathing meditation

Several remedies can fit under this category. Stress is a common cause of heart palpitations, so breathing exercises are the best way to release out stress.

Meditation is also recommended; it requires you to sit and breathe. It can work wonders for you and let your stress go free. Another terrific way to relax is more sleep. Missing out sleep can knock out your heart of the normal rhythm. Seven yo eight hours of snooze is the normal amount. Also, read how to have an attractive deeper voice like Bollywood celebrities.

5. Eat lots of fish

Fish, Cooking, Non Veg

You don’t need to shut out your current diet plan, just add-in fishes to it. Fishes are particularly beneficial for us as it carries omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega – 3 is too in battle with heart disease; heart palpitations aren’t indicative of disease; thus, they are not a symptom of coronavirus but can be an underlying cause of heart attacks. It will certainly help to lower your risk in future. These fats help heart find it’s a normal rhythm again. It also lowers your blood pressure, decreases heart rate and improves the function of blood vessels. Salmon is the most common fish and particularly good at it.

In a Research heart attack, survivors were given a capsule containing one gram of omega – 3 fatty acids. After three years, they were found less likely to suffer another attack. They also showed reduced signs of stroke and overall sudden death. Risk of cardiac arrest also decreased by 50%.

6. Drink more water

water drinking

To reduce heart palpitations, it is important to stay hydrated. When you don’t have enough water, your heart needs to work harder to pump the blood. This can cause the heart to palpitate. Blood becomes thicker when you are not consuming sufficient water. This makes it more problematic for blood to travel through your veins. As a result, your pulse rate increases and contributes to heart palpitations.

The most commonly recommended amount of water you should drink is eight glasses that include a glass after waking up and once before bed. There are numerous indications of dehydration other than heart palpitations, that include dark urine, severe thirst, headache and parched skin. If you have any of these indications, grab yourself a glass of water.

7. Exercise on the regular

regular exercises

If you are going to fight heart palpitations, you should be active. Most of the people doesn’t have enough time due to busy schedules, that why the smallest and easiest exercises count. The simplest way to do so could be walking. Walking decreases the risk of heart problems. It can range from abnormal beats to serious heart issues.

Experts recommend an exercise of thirty minutes a day if thirty minutes session is too long for you to try ten minutes session three times a day instead. During the pandemic, we are locked up indoors, and aerobic exercises could be a great choice to make your heart healthy.

What do you think? Are heart palpitations dangerous?

Heart palpitations are easy to get rid off by performing these simple remedies, so keep your heart healthy and take care.

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