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15 Best Android And iOS Apps To Create Memes For Free

Memes are like a mimicry of any popular audio, visual clips. It can be understood in a way as for making any comedy clip to add some part of any other video clip to your original video or in some other video clip to add different voice. For instance, from the speech of any famous personality to cut or edit any particular clip or words and replace or add it with other words of your choice, it may be adding some words before the particular position of a selected word or after it. A meme can be of any photo, images, drawing, video or can be of any statement or message.

Generally, it is a comedy and fun-filled. Memes are shared on the internet on social media sites and apps. There are a lot of meme generator apps on Playstore and iTunes store. All of those apps will help to easily create memes on your smartphone.

The 15 Best Android and iOS Apps To Create Memes For Free are:

1. Meme Generator By ZomboDroid

Meme Generator By Zombodroid

It is one of the popular apps which allows you to create free memes on your smartphone. You can create the funniest memes and share them with your friends, family. The app was released on 6 Sep 2011. It has more than 1000 high-quality meme templates. Custom meme support makes it possible to use any picture from your device. You can add other funny effects to memes. You can adjust text colour and size freely. You can create modern or classic memes with multiple captions. Meme Generator does not automatically upload any meme you create or import. So, privacy concern is also not an issue. You can easily customize the memes already available in-app.

2. Meme Creator by Gentoozero

Meme Creator By Gentoozero

It is another meme generator app which allows you to easily make unlimited memes on your phone. Millions of people enjoy this meme maker app. You don’t need a photoshop app or other photo editors with this app. You can add your own close caption quotes. A huge library of stock photo memes is available. Watermark option is also available to add. It has a list of more than thousands of different and unique background which is updated from time to time. You can sort meme background by their popularity news and most searches. Can select any from them and create memes for free.

3. Easy Meme Maker

Easy Meme Maker

You can create your own funny memes with Easy Meme Maker. It is super easy and fun. There is 100+ photos to browse from to create an endless supply of funny memes. You can add text captions to any picture and customize the colour, size, location and font style. You can easily share it with your family and friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, E-mail and more. Memes will be automatically saved to your gallery. You can also create a funny meme of your friend’s photo, by clicking a selfie or image by a camera. It also lists popular and existing image so that you can choose any of them to make a new and unique funny meme.

4. GATM Meme Generator

Gatm Meme Generator

It offers a gallery of images or you can create a meme using your own images. It is easy to use, live preview of memes can be seen while creating, which is one of the best options. You can save the memes in the SD card and share it as soon as it is ready. You can search and sort to find memes easily. The content to browse is also updated daily. This app does not store or upload your content without your knowledge. It is free to use meme generator app created by IDDWD. There are hundreds of popular memes are there to create from and thousands of browsable memes to browse. It is available on Android and ios platform and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

5. Mematic


It is free to use meme generator app developed and published by Trilliarden. With this app, you can easily create countless memes and share them with others on the social media platform. It is a popular app and is being used by many users. Android and ios users both can create memes in this app. You can save the memes in your gallery. It contains a library of meme templates that include most of the classic and some recent memes as well. It has a simple UI. You can select your own photo and create memes from them as well.

6. Memedroid


It is one of the older meme generator apps. It features a rich meme template library and just basic text tools. It is a great source of new meme templates because the gallery is constantly updated. It is compatible with both android and ios platform. One of the best feature of this app is to allow you to create celebrities memes on your phone. In this app, there is one voting system also in which internally ranking of memes is done. You can select any pic or image from your gallery, make a meme of that image and upload it and can check the ranking of memes.

7. Instamemes


It is perfect for quick, easy photo editing and creating powerful memes. It offers an easy way to generate your own meme instantly to the android phone users, allowing users to work with over 5000 templates or their own pictures, own captions, dialogues or phrases in it. This app is compatible with all of your devices. You can select any image from the Instamemes gallery or can upload any image from your phone also. This app is large in size accordingly it has many features also. As in Facebook, there is a feature of the timeline, in installments, there is a feature of memeline. It allows you to create your memes and share them directly to Instagram. It is a free app. Also, there are more than 90 memes available on this app you can use any of it according to your choice.

8. Thug Life Photo Maker

Thug Life Photo Maker

It is one of the best funny face changer apps and it has a huge library of Thug life stickers. It is created with the intention of bringing a moment of entertainment in a busy life. You can share your photo edited with thug life stickers on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The app is compatible with android and ios users. It allows you to easily create unique stickers on your phone and along with stickers you can also create funny memes for free. There are some of the popular thug life items as sunglasses, hats, goggles, caps, necklace etc and thug life stickers. You can easily use any of it and create a unique meme. It is a free app. You just have to choose any picture from the gallery, then add thug life stickers to your pic. Drag it to the right position and then you can resize or rotate it. Finally, save it and share with your friends.

9. Pictophile


It is free and easy to use meme maker app which has an option to create or get free unlimited memes. Along with memes it also has an option to create gifs with your image collection. Add captions to images and GIFs to make the perfect meme. It also has its own social network where memes are voted up and down. It has a list of more than 1000 unique and fixes meme captions to use and create a meme.

10. Straight Outta Meme Maker

Straight Outta Meme Maker

This meme maker app is compatible on Android and ios platform. It lets you type a text on any existing photo or any recent photo captured from your camera. You can then share it with others. You can select any background image from its library or from your image gallery and after adding some text if required it can be used to make memes. With memes it also allows you to edit videos, to create GIFs for free.

11. 9GAG


It is one of the older app to make funny memes. It’s free to download. It is the app that has the stock of unlimited funny pics, gifs, memes and videos. It is the perfect app for spending time, laugh and also make friends. You can show your best creativity in meme-making and if chosen by 9GAG door of fame is open for you. The app also loads quickly without wasting your time, and allow effortless scrolling. You can enjoy the features of this app anytime, anywhere or at any place. You can connect with millions of other fellow 9GAG users by discussing any topic of interest. Can share the latest trends with your friends through E-mail, What’s App, Facebook, Instagram etc. It is the leading platform for humour content with millions of visitors.



It is the world’s largest and most popular GIF editor app. For making GIFs you can either create or shot a video and select or add one from your gallery also. It has the world’s largest library of GIFs and used by many famous social media apps. It is one of the best-animated GIFs apps for android and ios users. It also has a good collection of GIFs from popular movies and series with emojis. It is the app where you can get amazing stickers, funny memes for your conversation. The app loading rate is fast and is easy to use.

13. Memes Maker Pro

Memes Maker Pro

It is extremely easy to use the app. You can create memes from pictures from your albums or can choose from about 200 different meme templates. More memes also being constantly added. You can make your memes using existing meme templates such as scumbag steve, success kid and socially awkward penguin and all the famous advice animals or can use your imagination to make brand new memes. There is no limitation on how many memes you can make. You have to simply choose an image from the picture gallery and add funny text, and edit text size, style and colour.

14. Meme Factory

Meme Factory

It is a nice app to create memes and gif easily. More than 125 meme templates are there to create a meme from. Meme templates also regularly updated. This app also lets you browse thousands of funny memes uploaded by the users. You can add a caption to over 125 image templates or use your own image. You can also sort the memes from the list on the basis of time and popularity. The app also has a built-in rating system, to let you know if your meme-making contribution are appreciated. And for that user has to sign up for the Meme Factory social network.

15. Imgur Meme Generator

Imgur Meme Generator

It offers an image hosting service. You can select one of the default images from the site or can use your own images to add the text that is needed at the top and bottom of the image. The app has 135, 000 templates to choose from. After selecting the image, just add the text, save it to your Imgur account and then can share it on social media sites. Through this app, it is easier and faster for users to make their own memes and post them on social sites.

Thus, these are some of the apps that can be used for making memes free. You can make your own meme through these apps whenever you want. Depending on your choice and idea select the suitable app for meme generation and share your creativity with others.

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