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20 Must-haves You Should Keep in Your Bag

Your purse and bag are very important for you as you keep all your essentials in it when you go outside. Let’s say you’ve just started to carry a purse or thinking of doing it and you are confused about what to carry in your purse. Apart from your wallet, phone, id, and keys, there are a lot more things that you might need when you go outside for work or study. In this article, we are suggesting some essential things that you must have in your bag.

The 20 Must-Haves and Essentials you should have in your bag.

A small pack of tissues

A Small Pack Of Tissues

Tissues are one of the most important things that you must carry in your bag. You never know when you suddenly catch a cold, spill something on yourself, eat something with your hands or get oily or sweaty throughout the day. There are many situations when you need something to wipe; having a pack of tissues in your bag is very handy for these situations.

Sanitary napkins or tampons

Sanitary Napkins Or Tampons

Girls/women should always have a sanitary napkin or tampon in their bag, especially when it is about to be that time of the month. Let’s be real, and it is awkward for girls/women to ask for a napkin or tampon every time a sudden period occurs. Almost every woman has gone through these situations when their periods occur suddenly. Sometimes, they don’t even have a friend around to ask for a napkin or tampon, so they have to use their handkerchief or tissue papers instead. You can easily avoid these awkward problems by just having a napkin or tampon in your bag, and it doesn’t even take that much space. Also, read the Things Every Indian Girl On-The-Go Should Have In Her Bag.

Mini Vaseline

Mini Vaseline

Vaseline is the greatest thing to have in your purse. You can do a lot of things with just this one little container of Vaseline. It acts as a moisturizer, makeup remover, lip balm, and blister preventer. This little all-in-one container of Vaseline doesn’t even take that much space, and it fits in the smallest of small bags.

Hair ties and hair clips

Hair Ties And Hair Clips

Hair ties and hair clips can be a lifesaver in many situations like sweaty weather, hair disturbing while work or study, wardrobe malfunction, etc. Sometimes you already have hair ties and hair clips in your hair, just in case your hair tie breaks or you lose your clips, you have another one in your bag. So, tossing in a few hair ties and hair clips can be very helpful on an everyday basis.

Hand sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser

In the era of COVID-19, hand sanitiser is the essential thing to carry. Even if there wasn’t COVID-19, there are germs and bacteria everywhere, and sometimes you don’t have water to wash your hands. Hand sanitiser is very generous when you don’t have water and soap to wash your hands. You can even wipe your phone with this, as germ can transfer on your phone screen throughout the day.

Water bottle

Water Bottle

It will help if you carry a water bottle wherever you go as you can get dehydrated quickly, especially in summers. Having your filtered water bottle from home is much healthier than buying a water bottle or drinking from water taps. Packaged water bottle contains added minerals and pesticides which can be harmful if taken too much and you can’t trust the water from taps, you don’t know where it came from.

Snack bars or healthy snacks

Snack Bars Or Healthy Snacks

Sometimes there are situations where you already had your lunch, and you get hungry again, having a snack bar or healthy snacks are way better than ordering or getting anything from outside.

A pen

A Pen, Diary, Bag

If you have a pen in your bag, you don’t have to ask for one if you have to write something. You can write all your brilliant ideas.

A notebook

A Notebook, Copy, Register

You have a brilliant idea in your mind or have to note down something urgently, and you already have a pen, where would you write? On the notebook, obviously! Of course, you can use your phone, but some things are meant to be written on notebooks.

Face wipes

Face Wipes

Face wipes are great to have in your bag, especially when you have greasy skin. There’s nothing more satisfying and refreshing than wiping your face after your tiring work. You can even use it on your hands for extra refreshment. Some people even use it on their armpits when it’s too sweaty.

Mint freshener or gum

Mint Freshener Or Gum

Having mint or gum is very important in your bag because let’s be real, no one likes smelly breath. You can even prevent cavities by chewing gum. And the best part is you don’t even have to rush to the washroom to brush your teeth to prevent smelly breath. There are situations where you eat something that contains onion, garlic, or other things that make your breath stink, a mint or gum comes in very handy in these situations.



Don’t just take any medicines and throw them in your bag. The kind of medicines you keep in your bag depends on the problem you face every day (for example- if you have a migraine, you should keep medicines for headache or if you get gassy, keep medicines to reduce acidity) or the medicines your doctor has prescribed to you to take every day. It is good to have medicines according to your problems in your bag every time you step out.


Band Aid, First Aid Kit

Ever had a paper cut? Or an accidental boo-boo while using a blade, cutter, or scissors? A band-aid is very handy for situations like this. You can even help a friend if they accidentally cut themselves.

Power bank & portable charger

Power Bank, Portable Charger

The phone is a very important part of our life you do a lot of necessary things on your phone throughout the day. And there’s nothing worse than having your phone run out of battery, and there’s no electric port where you can charge your phone. A power bank or a portable charger acts as a hero in these situations.

A spare mask

Face Mask, Surgical, Virus

You should always have an extra mask in your bag, especially in today’s situation. You never know when the string of your mask breaks, and your mask gets dirty throughout the day, it gets contaminated with germs and bacteria. So, it would be best if you always had an extra clean mask in your bag.


Wireless Earbuds, Gift For Student

If you travel a long way from your home to work or college via bus or metro, you should always keep a pair of earbuds in your bag. There’s nothing more calming than finishing your day and listening to music on your way home.

Pepper spray

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is extremely necessary to have in your bag, especially in India where rape and molestation cases are increasing day by day. Not only girls, but boys should also have pepper spray in handy as no one knows what criminals can do.

Face mist

Face Mist

If you were makeup every day and don’t want to ruin it, but you want to freshen up your face, you can’t use face wipes because it’ll ruin your it, you can use face mist instead. It freshens you up without ruining your makeup.

Makeup bag

Cosmetics And Makeups

If you are an everyday makeup wearer, you know that your foundation and concealer oxidise throughout the day, the coverage lightens up, and your blemishes start peeking through your makeup. If you have a concealer in your bag, you can reapply it and bring back the coverage. The same goes for lipstick. A face powder comes in handy when your face gets the oil, and you can freshen up your face by applying a little bit of powder.



If you sweat a lot, you smell, and no one likes to have stinky armpits. Having a deodorant in your bag helps you to freshen up when your body starts to release an odour.

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