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10 Things Every Indian Girl On-The-Go Should Have In Her Bag

Being a woman in the 21st century isn’t as easy as it seems. Always being on the run and having to keep it together at the same time. So, in order to make your day-to-day life more convenient and making sure you look presentable at the same time, here are 10 things you must have in your bag.

1. Make-up

Make up materials

If you belong to the majority of women, you know how important make-up is for us and our confidence. Keep a tiny bottle of moisturizer, Kajal, lipstick, mascara, blushes or whatever you use on a daily basis to look fab any time or to have a touch up during in the middle of the day.

2. Perfume or Deodorant

Girl using Deodorant

Living in India, we all know how sweaty it gets. Having a perfume or a deodorant in your bag is a must. Smelling good is very important if you don’t want to push people away. It keeps you fresh and you can raise your arms without thinking twice.

3. Face Wipes or Tissues

Face Wipes or TissuesThere is so much dirt in the air and constantly sticks to your skin. You can wipe it all off with the help of wet wipes while sitting anywhere. We constantly do things and spill them or drop them. Tissues are there to save us, and you never know when you need them, their use is remarkably multiple and who doesn’t want a savior right in their mysterious bag.

4. Sanitary Pads

Girls Sanitary Pads

Keep them with you. No questions asked, no answers needed. You never know if you might suddenly need them or someone around you may.

5. Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum

Always keep some chewing gum or refreshment to chew on to keep your breath fresh. You don’t want to communicate verbally with people with a bad breath. It’s a total no-no.

6. Munchies


Keep something to eat in your bag. Something healthy, mostly and that doesn’t consume much space like a Nutri bar, dry fruits or a fruit. It helps you stay recharged with energy in times of need. You never know when your stomach might suddenly start rumbling in the middle of nowhere.

7. Identity Card

Indian Identity Cards

It is always advisable and also makes a lot of tasks more convenient to keep your Id with you. Most likely a photocopy, but just keep one. Like a driver’s license, Aadhar card and PAN card, etc.

8. Phone Charger or a Power Bank

Phone Charger or a Power Bank

Need I justify? We’re constantly on our cell phones wherever we are. In the office, friend’s place, traveling in a metro or college. Keep it with you in your bag, You don’t want your phone to die at any cost at any time.

9. Pen & Paper

Pen and Paper

It’s always handy to keep a pen and a small diary in your bag. There might be any information or details you don’t want to miss out from slipping out of your mind or note down as fast as possible. And pens are used everywhere for many purposes.

10. Safety Pins

Indian Safety PinsYou will never know when such a need arises. But it’s always best to hope for the worst. You might need it to keep things together. If your clothes get stuck and torn somewhere, a safety pin will help you a lot. Plus, you never know when you need it for unexpected situations and you’ll be glad you came prepared. Do yourself a favor, and always keep these things in your bag. And thank me later.

Samiha Singh
Samiha Singh
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