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5 Reasons to Adopt Animals instead of Buying Them

There isn’t anything cuter than having a pet in your house to go home to, who’ll be waiting just to embrace your love. But is it always the right choice to buy an animal of a fancy breed with an expensive bill to follow?

Here are 5 reasons to adopt pets from animal shelters instead of purchasing them from pet stores, there are much more to be spoken honestly, but not all fit through our materialistic outlook of life that might make innocent lives matter.

1. Save a life.

Dog in cage to be loved

Save an innocent’s life, instead of buying a fancy gift for yourself. Do something that matters.

You always have the chance to make one’s life’s better. All it depends on is your choice. Adopting from animal shelters can save a life of an animal from living like an orphan. The good you do will only spread.

2. Best things in life are for free

Two cute dogs sitting together
It is true indeed.

Adopting will not only cut the costs of purchasing animals from pet stores, the animals at animal shelters are pre-vaccinating and mostly treated. Also, shelters assist in aiding animals in comparatively cheaper rates from hospitals. Such as Friendicoes in Defense Colony.

And for those, who cannot devote their time training a newborn pet, also have the advantage of animals at these shelters being potty trained, etc.

3. A Re-do at life

Dog in cage, dog behind bars

Would you drop the chance of having a second chance at life? Then why stop others from having it. Adopt and give an innocent life a second chance at life. Even though their understanding of the concept of life is altogether a different perspective, they have the magic to grace our lives with happiness and love like no other human.

4. Pets are Best Family Members

Girl hugging dog

Once we welcome a pet into our home, we all know it is no longer just a pet, it’s our family. And family stays no matter what. The kind of love we receive from our pets is unspeakable and unfathomable. Nothing can be a purer form of love. The existence of a bond without communicating through words. They become family to us.

And, it is even more important for animals have a family as their family, becomes their life, whereas they are only a part of ours.

An animal should have the right to have a home and a family, again. And you should be the one to gift a new life, a new family.

5. Animal shelters, A Cause.

These shelters run for a cause. A cause important in order to maintain the quality of life of the animals without homes.

When you adopt one, you not only give a second chance to a homeless lovable creature, but also give enough space for another one to have equal chances of having a second chance at life by making room for another one.

Millions of animals become homeless and are brought to animal shelters every year, but does this change anything for them and their happiness in life. The question is, Can You? 

“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.”
— Kinky Friedman

The answer lies within you.

Samiha Singh
Samiha Singh
A Literature Student born and brought up in New Delhi, whose heart belongs in bright colours, meaningful words, and beautiful creatures. This world is full of good and evil and I write about what lies between it.

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