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5 Ways to Recreate Your Old Outfit in an Innovative Way

Fashion is something that makes us enhance our appearance. Not only appearance but it also enhances our personality and tells a lot about our sense of style. We all have days when we have a closet full of clothes but cannot decide what to wear. Here we come up with a solution,’ RECREATION OF OLD CLOTHES’.

Every piece of cloth is unique in its pattern and colour, fabric, and whatnot. All this uniqueness comes to become a trend when we put our creative minds to make out something new of it. Making new things out of the things that we have at our home makes us reuse them in a way that is economical ad well as creative.

Here we are with 5 unique ways about how to recreate your clothes and turn them into something trendy and unique-

1. Recreation using a silk scarf:

A scarf is something you can wear in different ways. So having a good scarf is a must for the closet. Be it old or new, and it can be recreated in many ways. Wearing a square scarf in place of a top is something on-trend these days. It gives a sleek and the 90’s look in just a few minutes. All you need to do is just tie it firmly around the parts of the body to be covered. Another way to recreate your look using a scarf is to wear it like a cardigan. With the help of safety pins, secure the edges of the scarf to the centre and wear it over tops and T-shirts like a cardigan. A cardigan should be made from a solid coloured scarf. Even beautiful patterns and flower prints would give you a smoothening look during summers.

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2. Recreation of the old T-shirt into cushion covers:

All our closets are always full of those basic t-shirts that we don’t need anymore. But then they are too costly to be thrown away.

We have come up with an interesting idea to convert them into comfy cushion covers that can enhance the interior of your house. Buying cushion covers can be costly, but making them is pocket friendly as well as creative. All you need to do is sew the corners of the shirt into the size of the cushion, and voila, you get comfy cushion covers. You can decorate them with cloth cuttings and patterns of stars and flowers. You can even personalize them by printing your name or photograph using the print on paper stickers and flat iron. Voila, you are ready with your beautiful personalized cushion covers.

3. Recreation of denim:

Who doesn’t has those waggy pants and rugged jeans in their closets? Our dresses tell a lot about us. And denim never goes out of style. The current trend of carrying denim pouches bottle covers is something that we all admire. But what if we could use our old jeans and denim shorts to make them. So let’s learn how to make a pouch out of old denim jeans. You need to cut one of the sides of the jeans to the desired length of the pouch you want. Sew it from three of the sides. You can even use a hot glue gun as a substitute to fix the three sides of the denim jeans. All you need to add is a zipper to the fourth side and let your creativity have a hand on it to decorate it the way you want. This way, you can update your old denim to something useful and handy to carry and guess what you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy your makeup pouches because you are a creator and can create them yourself and possibly you can personalize them by getting your name letter printed on it.

4. Recreation of backpacks:

School life is all about flaunting about your goods. Having a good style still turns out to be a necessity. We can easily convert our old backpacks into beautiful travel bags as well as college bags. All you need is a solid old backpack and a set of fabric colours. You can paint galaxies, creatures and design them the way you wanted to. There you go with something eye catchy to carry with yourself over a trip or maybe in your daily routine. The best part about it is that the creator is you yourself.

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5. Recreation of old Sarees:

Saree is the most ethnic wear that hangs out of our closet. But what to do of them when it’s not the wedding season. You can easily convert your sari into a skirt, palazzo, or sharara worn by trending fashion icons nowadays. Saree drapes over pants and leggings can be a wonderful way to recreate it into a new look. Now it’s time to make your own outfit out of your sari and just pair it up with some ethnic jewellery like Jhumka and neckpieces, and there you go. You have your very own Recreated outfit that is perfect for any festival or family functions.

Now we go ahead with no more wastage with these pocket-friendly ideas about how to bring back the fashion out of the old clothes that we have. All we need is some creativity and some spare time to change every bit of it. And guess what, you get the best out of the waste and ‘ I have nothing to wear days are never gonna come back ‘ just make sure you invest more in basic clothing as they can be styled in various different ways. Solid colours and eye-catching patterns are also in trends these days. Diy knot painted tops and handmade jewellery is beating all sorts of a trend nowadays. Using something handmade is using something unique that is one of a kind. Hope these ideas let you know how to recreate your old clothes and make them trendy. Fashion is about choice. You create your own style and rock on it.

Isha Daswani
Isha Daswani
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