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Here are the 6 Best Ways to Love Yourself

In this big busy world, we meet many people, teachers, preachers and wise men etc. and everyone has something to teach us, but before any other learning, one should learn to love themselves. Now, the question arises, how do we love ourselves? Should I take myself on a date? Or should I dance with myself?

Well, why not? Take yourself for a coffee, turn on your favorite song and dance. And the best thing is, you won’t expect anything for yourself because you’ll know that you can never stop loving yourself. So now taking things practically, how should a person really fall in love with himself or herself.

Here are the 6 best ways to love and show affection to yourself :

1. Do what makes you Happy

This is very simple, it’s like: you want ice cream, go and get it, as simple as that. You need to keep YOUR happiness on the top of your priority list. Don’t let anyone else tell you what you should do or what you should not do, it’s your life, no one knows better than you about what can make you happy.

Even if it’s at the cost of someone else’s expectation. But that doesn’t mean that you can hurt anyone. Remember the difference between self love and being self obsessed. It’s okay to be A BIT selfish when it comes to being happy.

Do what makes you Happy

2. Never regret anything

Most of the time, we waste our time regretting about what we shouldn’t have done 3 months ago. Now, ask yourself, is what happened 3 months ago, worth regretting? That’s something you can’t change, so why waste our time regretting about the things that we can’t change.

Another thing is, nothing is actually right or wrong, everything teaches us something. For instance, if I did something and later found it to be wrong, so now I know what I should not do. A person can’t always be right and it’s okay to be wrong. That proves that you are a human and you’re trying.

Never regret anything

3. Be grateful, Always

If ever you feel low and think that life can’t be even worse, have a look around yourself. You’ll realize, you have unlimited blessings to grateful for. Go one day without complaining about anything and you’ll see how beautifully your life changes. Have an attitude of gratitude towards almost everything.

You wake up, thank God for a brand new day, you have food to eat, thank your mom or whosoever cooks, thank your father for your clothes, thank your teachers; you can be thankful for everything you can see around you. Don’t start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday, every day is a brand new to start, the choice is always yours.

Be grateful, Always

4. Keep helping everyone you can and be kind

Everyone on the earth is fighting a battle we know nothing about, so just be kind, it just costs a smile. If you can, then help anyone who needs you, that might be a small thing to you, but may take a big space in someone else’s heart. And it also makes you feel good and happy about yourself. No act of kindness is ever wasted as it always gives a positive impact on your life.

Keep helping everyone you can and be kind

5. Always be a student

Always be willing to learn — listen more than you speak. Even if you are 95 years old, still you can learn something from a 3 year old kid. Never think that you know everything, there is always someone better and there is always room for the improvement.

Being a student you can learn a lot of things in your life, no matter how much educated you are or have the skill and the talent you can always learn the things from everyone and everywhere. You must have not forgotten the tale that you have studied at primary school, which was about the spider and the king. In the tale the king learnt not to lose faith in yourself and there is always space for learning new things.

Always be a student

6. Be a crazy baby

You grow old only when you start acting like old. Always keep the child in your heart alive. Do stupid, crazy stuffs that make you happy, like: Draw stupidly, colour outside the lines, play with toys if you like and so much more. Make the best out of your life, dream big and make it happen, believe in magic and Santa clause, even if you know they doesn’t exist — just believe in them. Life is too short to be anything, but you can make it happy.  You don’t need a reason for celebration, make everyday the best day of your life and celebrate it.

Be a crazy baby

There are so many other ways to love yourself, that you create yourself, there’s no limit to your imagination. Life is beautiful and you have to understand that. The problems we have to make the life happening. Just imagine if you don’t have any problem and everything was smooth, would you call it a life? What will you struggle or fight for? If you don’t know what is sadness and how could you appreciate happiness?

Fall in love with yourself before falling for anyone else. Know your worth and never let anyone treat you anything less. This is your life and yours only, no one will take responsibility of your choices and no one else is going to walk in your shoes. People will come and go from your life, but you have to live it.

So be Happy and Love yourself.
Thank you.