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Best ways of getting over Depression, Stress and Anxiety

In today’s world, according to a survey, around 36% of Indian population is suffering from depression.  So what depression actually is? Rather than going towards medical terms, let’s take it superficially. In other words, depression is a kind of sadness, the feeling that comes from inside that tells you that you don’t have a reason to live anymore. It tells you that the reason for your depression is bigger than any other reason for living. It makes you feel that your life is miserable, and nothing worse can happen.
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But friends, this is not the end of the world. You’ve overcome almost everything till now and you, somewhere inside yourself, know that this too shall pass. Nothing is permanent, not even our problems, so if you’re happy, enjoy the moment and if something is making you gloomy, remind yourself that it’s not permanent either.

Here are a few ways to overcome depression:

1. Take a break from the regular work

Everyone is so much busy in the materialistic world that they forget to give time to themselves. Either they are occupied by their work, studies and families, etc. — that they forget about spending time with themselves. Everyone needs time and space for themselves. So, take a break from your regular life, look for a peaceful place. Sit and relax. For some time, forget about the world and what’s going on in your life. Forget about all your problems, just for that particular amount of time and sit and relax. It is very important to spend time with yourself, reminding you about the life that exists other than the materialistic world.

Take a break from the regular work, Relaxing

2. Express yourself and share

It would help if you shared whatever is going in your mind. If something is bothering you speak it out either to your parents or any best friend or any relative you’re close with. Some people are timid and don’t feel right to open up, in that case, if you own any pet, speak in front of them or write everything on a paper then later you can dump it or burn it. Whatever way you feel right, make sure that it’s not with you only. Medically, sharing what’s in your head reduces a lot of stress, anger and anxiety. And it is a great way to prevent and overcome depression.

Express yourself and share

3. Stay calm with Meditation

Meditation is a practice that relaxes and calms your body and mind. There hundreds of different ways to meditate, the best way as a beginner is the guided meditation. So open YouTube and listen to a good guided meditation session. It helps release everyday stress and helps your mind to rest. It helps you focus on the NOW. It helps you forget what’s going on in your life for now and soothes your body mind and soul. Try practising at least 10-minute meditation daily. It’s the best way to avoid depression.

Stay calm with Meditation

4. Listen to Good Music and Songs

Music is the best therapy for the mind. Whether it be a bad mood or a good mood, music works great for all types of moods. You yourself must have noticed, and whenever you feel low or somehow depressed, you’d prefer the company of a song over a person, maybe later you could explain the person whatever the reason it be But songs and music always work great. Keep your tracks updated with all types of songs and music and whenever you feel low, play a happy song that will surely lift your mood.

Listen to the Good Music and Songs
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5. Eat tasty Sweets and desserts

Maybe not everyone has noticed, but ‘stressed’ spelled backwards is ‘desserts’. Have lots of chocolates, sweets and ice cream, it actually boosts up your morale and makes you feel better. It actually works really well. So if you ever feel that you’re going into a depression, go and grab an ice cream or chocolate. It will lift your mood, and obviously, you’ll feel better. It may sound stupid or childish, but is something worth trying.

Eat tasty Sweets and desserts

So you see, depression is a very ugly state of mind, but it’s still just a state of mind. Don’t let the mind control whole of your life. It’s just a phase of your life, and it will pass, have patience, have faith in yourself. In the end, everything sets exactly at their places, and that’s when you understand why everything had to be that way. Hold on to hope and believe in yourself. You are the alchemist of your life, and you can create anything out of it. Life comes around only once, so do whatever you make happy. Don’t waste your time on being sad and gloomy or else you’ll spend the rest half of your life about how you wasted half of your life being sad.

Live in now and live happily. Know that everything will work out. Take chances. Living with depression is not living; it’s more like just existing. Do more than that. Being sad is okay but giving up is never an option. Hold on, stay blessed.

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