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Love Just Loves: Heal yourself with the practice of Self-Love

People often say after getting hurt from any relationship that love hurts, love sucks etc. The fact is love is an emotion, and love loves, love never hurts. Rejection hurts, abuse hurts, being cheated upon hurts, our expectations hurt but love only heals you. Why blame passion for the cause of your pain? Let’s not confuse the terminologies. Let’s use this beautiful emotion to treat all our deep-rooted wounds.

Life often presents you with difficult situations where you have no clue why wrong, unwanted incidents are happening with you. You feel torn, and your inner self is always screaming, but maximum times these screams are rarely explained or discussed with anybody. No matter how much you reveal and share your pain with someone, there are always parts and emotions in you which nobody knows and will still be hidden in that little closet of yours.

These hazy dark clouds of thoughts often burst in the form of tears, but the silence after the rain of tears prevails and is enough to create more ominous clouds. This cycle goes on and on just like the water cycle of nature. Today we will discuss how to stop these painful screams and heal yourself through love instead of giving it all the blame. You may also be interested in 10 Life Lessons Every Single Woman Should Learn To Follow.

Before you begin your journey of self-love, try to remember these life lessons:

  1. Life never goes as planned, we plan something and maximum times it manifests differently.
  2. Love happens even if you don’t want it to happen. There are times when you promise yourself that you are never going to get into any hassles of love and the heartbreak cycle again. Even after all the promises and determination, love happens. It is the rule of nature, after all, we are human beings, but you have to learn how to stay balanced and not be depressed even if you go through a heartbreak. Easier said than done, but through will power and self-love, you will achieve it. 
  3. People are never constant; the sooner you accept it, the more comfortable life will become for you.
  4. The only thing static in life is change- Unassuming Lifestyle Habits That Will Keep You Healthy may help you in keeping a healthy lifestyle.
  5. It’s just you who stays with yourself. There will be very few people who will stay beside you in time of the trauma or crisis you are going through, but the person who will always remain by your side is ” YOU “. So get up and hug yourself first because you are precious.
  6. It’s you who matters the most, not them. Never overthink what others are thinking about you because the reality is they don’t care at all, even if you are doing well or you are in crisis they don’t care. So you are important to me, not them.
  7. Its all in your head! All the self negative talk which you are doing with yourself its all in your head, you are not what others think, you are not what trauma you faced, your past doesn’t define you, and most importantly you are a beautiful soul who deserves all the happiness of the world.

“Talk to yourself once in a day. Otherwise, you may miss meeting an excellent person in this world.” – Swami Vivekananda. 

These are the few tips for self-love, which will help you gain more insight about yourself and heal you from your emotional condition :

Remove toxic people from your life: I know this sounds crazy, but it works. Poisonous or harmful people ruin our entire mindset, no matter whoever the person is. Negative minded people find problems out of solutions! I know it’s difficult actually to eradicate negative people from our lives, but it is not impossible. You can surely avoid them, mute them on social media, or take appropriate steps to stay away from them. Your emotional and mental health is more important than people who bring you down.

Stick to people who motivate you and lift you instead of bringing you down. No matter they help you or not their silence presence is enough to help you heal rather than people who bring you down. You might not be aware of the Challenges That Are Faced By Every Women In India.

Forgive yourself! Let go of your past mistakes. We are human beings, in the game of life we do make mistakes. Do not stress out, and it will even cause more pain. Learn from your mistakes, take a lesson from other errors as well; this will help you heal. It’s gone it’s over, people change, and so you have changed too. Become a better version of yourself every single day and love your flaws. Forgiveness is the first step of healing. Unless we forgive ourselves, we cannot transcend into a better person and a peaceful life.

Reconnect with your inner-self: In this lifestyle of fast pace and virtual world, we connect with pretty much everyone but often forget to reconnect with our true self. Nowadays, we have so much pressure to be perfect that we forget who we are. You should actively connect to your inner self, and the best form of doing that is actively talking to yourself. If you want, you can write down your thoughts to reconnect more. Through scripting, we know ourselves more if you feel its tiring or time. Consuming you can type it in the notes section of your smartphone whenever you are frustrated or happy, no matter whatever the emotion is, through writing, you gain faith and confidence in yourself. Your self-worth, self-love and self-acceptance increase through this process.

Use affirmations throughout the day: After 2 hours, make it a habit of silently repeating to yourself ” I am healing, I am loved, I radiate love. I am a peaceful being ” throughout the day. It may seem weird for you, but you can never deny the power of words. Words are spells. They radiate energy if words can tear you than words can also heal you to a different level. Do this continuously and see your change.

Set your healthy boundaries and learn to say “NO “. Learn to keep yourself at the top of your priority list. It’s okay to cancel plans, not pick up a call, not do a task to protect your mental health. I am not telling that don’t do your duties, don’t sacrifice, don’t be empathetic, obviously, you have to do those as well but only for genuine people not randomly for any person.

Find out your hidden talents: remember what you enjoyed doing the most when you were a kid? Just revive your hobbies once again, and the happiness and satisfaction it gives are of a different level. I promise you. You will fall in love with yourself in the process of finding yourself.

Treat yourself, take timeouts for yourself and enjoy yourself. Dance and sing as if nobody is watching, enjoy a walk in nature with yourself. The peace you will find in these little things will surely help you heal. Time outs and breaks are seriously crucial in our busy lives for better health.

Be grateful for whatever you have in your life: This will help you attract more situations for which you will be more grateful. Be thankful to yourself for being able to do superb in every stressful situation. Be grateful for every accomplishment you made to date. You never thought you could do. Be grateful to your self for existing because you are precious.

Lead a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy, exercise and most importantly smile more often to add more years to your beautiful life.

“Always remember, you don’t need a reason to love someone or love yourself. One is loved simply because one is loved, no specifications are required.”

So from next time, think twice before loosing your power and hope. You won’t heal in a few days like magic but practising the above steps, understanding yourself will surely help you heal. Healing is never linear, it takes time, but it is possible through patience, perseverance and will power. You are beautiful; you are enough, love and accept yourself. Love will always heal you, don’t lose faith in love because of a few people who hurt you. You are living because of people in your life who love and care for you. You are living because you love yourself and that’s the most important thing. Thank you for reading until the end. You are sending you tons of love. May you master in self-love and heal yourself.

Ishita Biswas
Ishita Biswas
Hello , I am a certified life coach, to be Psychologist , a content creator and I love to help people heal themselves. Sending you lots of healing vibes ! #Peace

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