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Unassuming Lifestyle Habits that will keep you Healthy

A healthy life is a life worth living. It does not mean avoiding fat, carbohydrates or ketone diet or even exercise. Yes, they are essential. But a healthy life also refers to a cleansed skin and a purified mind. A healthy life does not always correlate with physical health but also with mental health. Here are some ways to achieve just that!

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1. Journaling

Use a paper and a pen over the screen of your mobile or laptop. This will make journaling a more ‘you’ thing, giving you some ambience and allow you more intimacy. For some revealing your thoughts to someone is extremely difficult for whatever reason (i.e. fear of judgement, lack of trust, etc.). And writing in a diary might be too cheesy and a chick thing. Or someone might discover your deepest darkest secret for the world to see.

Put aside your doubts for even a week or a day, and write what you feel. It should not matter if it is positive or negative, whether it is about your day or about a topic you feel strongly about. Write your political opinion for which you might be judged, or a little quirk which might matter to you but no one else.

Do not worry about spelling or grammar. If writing like a manic is your thing, go for it! But write! And if you need some inspiration, you may go through the Best 5 Inspirational And Famous Books By Indian Authors.

This will help you overcome all the built-up tension, pressure and stress. It will also allow you a thorough look into yourself, giving up much more control over yourself and others (i.e., how you react to stimulus). And imagine just how cool it would be to look back upon your past failings and success, a great way to learn from your mistakes and reel back in peaceful and scary moments of your life. We have already covered the 10 Life Lessons Every Single Woman Should Learn To Follow.

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2. Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing

Another chick thing which everyone should incorporate in their daily lives. Why? CTM (abbreviation for cleaning, toning and moisturising) removes dead skin cells, thus, preventing chances of clogged skin, hence, pimples. It removes makeup, impurities like dust particles and pollutants, rejuvenating your skin and hydrating it. You might be thirty, but if you apply CTM in your daily, before night (and for some in the morning as well), you will end up looking for younger.

Your cleanser, toner and moisturiser should suit your skin needs. Different skin types (oily, sensitive, normal, combination, acne-prone, etc.) require different ingredients.

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3. Avoid Alarm Clocks

Most of us would have difficulty following this. Especially because they are such an essential part of our morning. Annoying but vital. And why should you even avoid alarms? What is wrong with it?

According to recent researches, the alarm clock can be wrong for your heart. The sound form your alarm clock waking you up, abruptly, can increase your blood pressure and heart rate. It can also increase your stress level by increasing adrenaline (a hormone released by the adrenal gland).

So what should you do? Sleep with the windows open. You will most likely wake up with the sun. And if you do not wish to wake up so early, you can always put the duvet over your head and snore into Netherworld.

It is not convenient but better than living like a zombie.

Do not deprive yourself of the luxury of a blissful day by thinking of all the work you have as you wake or as you go to sleep. Think of every good thing you will achieve. Listen to music before falling asleep. Stay away from the blue light of phone and laptop. Get in the habit of waking up and falling asleep at the same time. This is one excellent method of losing the practice of alarms.

Pillow covers

4. Clean pillow covers

We do not mean pillow covers (although yes, you should, of course, wash them every week). We mean pillows, the part which contains the stuffing. Did you know that one-third of the dry weight of a pillow consists of dead skin cells, bed bugs and others, mites, their excretory substances, eggs, offspring, etc.? These can prove a hindrance to comfortable, good night sleep. And as we all know, a good night’s sleep is a secret ingredient to a happy and healthy life.

Invest in washable pillows and clean them every six months or so. You can also opt for no pillows (which is way healthier than a pillow), but you do have to launder the covers, duvets and sheets.

Clutter Begone

5. Clutter Begone!

There might be a mess on the study table, and it could be the reason for your lack of productivity and stress level. You might feel overwhelmed by the mountain of papers, thinking that you have so many things to do. Sort through it, and you will realise that you just had to do like two of them only.

It is better to remove clutter before they accumulate. Keep a separate bin for things you no longer have a use for and keep it next to you. It can even be a typical bag (biodegradable for a healthy environment) which you can take for recycle or to dump in the local dustbin.

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6. Walking after a few hours of seating

After prolonged hours of sitting, it is an excellent option to walk for a minute or two. It helps in blood circulation, prevents pins and needles and after hours of working, refreshes you. While we are at it, avoid looking at your computer for long hours. Take a break, close your eyes and just breath away from the blue light emanating out of the screen. Also wear loose, comfortable clothes and work in a well-ventilated area, if you can.

Household Chores, girl

7. Do Household Chores

They are the best workout regime that you can do. It says that it has a dual function. Wash utensils, make your bed; whatever classifies as a job of a housewife can be classified as an exercise. If you ever watched ‘The Karate Kid’, then you must remember how Mr Miyagi taught Daniel-san Karate. The same theory can be applied to household chores. Strengthen your muscles by lifting boxes of ration, reflex by chopping vegetables and fruits, precision by adding salt to food, etc.

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