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Apple iPhone 8 Leaks Confirm Launch and Release Date in India and Abroad

Iphone has new colors and battery power

The launch of every new iPhone, smartphone on the market is one of the most awaited thing for the iPhone lovers who wait whole-night before the day of its launch to get its first look and touch.

According to some source of Apple Giant, Apple iPhone 8 confirms launch date and release date. This is a big news for the iPhone lovers waiting for it to be launched.

iPhone 8 First Look

Pricing and Launch date:

The price of iPhone 8 will be around USD $1000 (Approx. Rs. 63825) and it will be will be provided to public on 22 September.

What’s New in iPhone 8?

Display and Touch:

According to technology sources, iPhone 8 will come with a completely new design. The home button is provided on the OLED screen in place of physical buttons. There is also a sensor provided on the back part of iPhone 8 on its symbol. IPhone 8 comes with 5.8” large display end to end glass screen.

Storage and Colors:

The new glass structure is also provided in the back part of the iPhone and it will be available in 3 colors black, gold and silver. This time iPhone will be available in 3 different storage variants 64 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB. 3 GB ram will be provided

Video and Camera:

iPhone 8 will be able to record 4K video at 60 fps and perform 3D modeling and sensing function.

Battery and Charger:

In iPhone 8, two cell battery with 2700 mAh power is provided with 5W power adapter and will be improved for more energy used in the OLED screen panel. Type C USB is also provided for charging slot and external storage use.

Enhanced Siri:

According to DigiTime, iPhone 8 provides enhanced Siri. It is just a rumor and not confirmed.