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How Indian and Foreign Movies Affect Our Life?

Art is one of the most important ingredients to have a healthy life, at some point of life one need to escape from the concrete and be free. Now this passage too freedom is given to us by Art even as I write this essay a song influence me to express my creativity. The paintings, music, and movies are the art that we need in our life not just to relax, but to free ourselves and express our emotions. I am a movie addict and I watch almost all kinds of movies starting from Hollywood and Bollywood to the regional and International movies. I do not tend to miss any film festival and try to watch every new release.

I feel movies take me to the world where I am not defined by any degree but by the character of the movie. The best part is in a movie I can be anything an everything. I can be the sorted loyal Jai as well as the complicated hurt Gabbar from Sholay. When I watch Rang de Basanti I can feel the war that the actor fight on the screen. If I talk about something light then my choice is always Stanley ka Dabba which is a beautiful movie in itself. In this essay, I would mainly focus on Bollywood movie and how in a way without infringing our privacy influence us. It is like a magic show how after every good movie you feel learned and fresh.

Movies definitively affect our life, it influences you and makes you believe that this can be a reality too. As for me I still believe that someday my car will transform into a huge robot or at least I will receive a letter from Hogwarts, but that is now magical realism. If I talk about some reality grounds then the most recent example can be given about Neerja, after watching the movie a lady saved the lives of several customers of her bank during a bank robbery and she claims to be influenced by watching the movie Neerja. In Telangana a man barged into the engagement function of his girlfriend and proposed to her for marriage in front of her fiance, now this is where the movies affect our life.

Now I would like to talk about two very important movies, that have affected the lives of Indian teenager and their parents mainly. The first is the story of a little boy suffering from dyslexia, where his parents failing to understand that he is having some problem think it to be his laziness and not willing to study send him to a boarding school completely ignoring his artistic creativity and his intelligence. It is his art teacher who discovers him and brings out his talent in front of the whole world. The movie is Taare Zameen Par, a must watch for every parent to understand that the life of a child is not just confined to books and marks, they need to find themselves before finding what career they can fit in.

Someone had once mentioned to me that you cannot find the talent of the fish if you ask it to climb the tree. Similarly, every child is talented in their own personal way and this movie has shown us. It has affected many people to understand their child better and now I am assuming the gaps between the parent and child will reduce, now the parents will not send their child to boarding school or take harsh actions if there child disappointing them academically. Another movie is actually one of my favorite and it helped me to grow into a better person, is about again a boy who is actually a teenager, but this time he is being kicked out of his boarding school because of the mischief he and his gang caused, his father is strict and takes abusive method to discipline his sons.

The protagonist Arjun is hostile to his step brother who is nearly of 8 or 9 years. But by the end of the movie we see Arjun taking his step brother along with him escaping from his father or rather walking away from his father ‘s ways of lives. It is not wrong to disobey your parent if they are doing injustice to you but what is wrong is to let ANYONE do any injustice to you and you suffer in silence.

Now another movie which is actually made for the college life and its student is 3 Idiots and Wake Up Sid. Both the movie deals with different kind of plots while 3 Idiots talks about the Hippocratic related with the field of science in our country where every second family wants an engineer from their household. Wake Up Sid talks about a rich brat who is clueless about his identity. This both movies have influenced the public at large, now the parents can understand that profession is not confined to Engineer or Doctor maybe they will now push their children to be Lawyer, but on the serious note, it will help even this generation to realize that it is perfectly fine not to have a plan, you can take time off travel, eat or do anything that gives you pleasure till the time you are ready to find yourself.

Now every Indian have an important duty, to get married. The most influencing movie on marriage according to me is Vivah and Aakash Vani. Talking about Vivah it tells us the simple story of a couple who are having an arranged marriage till the second last scene everything goes smoothly with small boulders on the road such as family problems but the most complex plot is portrayed in the movie, when the female protagonist is burned by an accidental fire, this is something real, things like this happen in real life too, in fact a lot of cases are registered where after marriage the newly wedded wife is admitted to hospital as she suffered from dowry death. But here the groom beautifully played by Shahid Kapoor refuses to leave his burned fiance, in fact he does end up marrying her in the hospital itself, as he proudly claims that he had fallen for her heart and her physical feature has nothing to do with his love. If after watching this movie boys, as well as girls, are not influence towards the validity of marriage then I can say humans have converted into robots.

The next movie is Aakash Vani, a simple story of two love birds who do not end up getting married but as the hero sees the girl suffering in her married life he decides to influence her to walk away from the unhappy matrimony which in fact she does, and confesses to her parents that she has been a victim of marital rape. She tells her parents that no mistake committed either by her or her parents is that big that she needs to be punished for her entire life. This movie affects the girls, they get courage to do something for themselves and walk away from such abusive relationship. In Punjab there is a trend to get their girls married off to NRIs but after the release of Provoke they have learned the lesson, they have become cautious and that have been shown. No One Killed Jessica have influenced a lot of youth to fight against the powerful and show them that India is for all, the security of the women in India cannot be targeted and the law will serve justice to all.

Dor is again a beautifully crafted movie that continues to influence many by its plot of the strong bond between the two ladies coming from two extreme part of India with different background and two complex problems. Again movies like My Name is Khan is made to remind us every once in a while that we all are humans end of the day, the religious barrier is hoax, we all are the same, we breathe the same air and have been the same way for ages, the problems are not created by Hindus or Muslims but by individual people and them do it not for any God but for their own selfish motives, so if someone is to be blamed it is definitely not their religion. Going into little complex movies like B.A Pass shows us an important part that we as women are capable of having sexual desires too and there is nothing wrong in it. Sex is not a taboo for us, the movie affects the women particularly making it a point to convey the message that we also have hormones and can be turned on there is nothing wrong or to be ashamed of it, if you can get hard while watching a girl undress herself, even we can get excited watching a boy shirtless and it is perfectly fine.

Tamasha is one of the most complex movie of this time and not everyone has the capability to understand the beauty of the movie. It talks about something that this generation avoids, it talks about our emotions among men, another taboo. Boys are supposed to be knight in shinning armor they cannot cry, they cannot be hurt they are capable of just beating up the bad guy. Well this movie proved otherwise it is perfectly fine to cry and to show your emotions at least this is the way we can say you are alive, you are real, you are you. For those who did understand Tamasha they definitely are influenced by it.The last movie that I would like to talk about it Dear Zindagi, it talks about mental problem yes the mental problem even after so many new medical discovery a majority of people still feel that the only reason you need a psychiatrist is because you have gone insane or you have gone mad. Beyond insanity there is a disease named depression almost everyone is affected by it but no one wants to come open about it, the disease is very harmful for one ‘s health it is like AIDS or HIV. But we need to talk, this needs to be discussed with depression is a real thing it is problem, this movie have affected people at a great length and I personally wish that people continue to feel influence by it. The main problem is regarding communication the gap is so large between people that we tend to forget the basic essence of life is communication.

So, I would like to conclude by saying yes the movies affect our life and obviously I am not waiting to be a wizard but would like to communicate my problems every now and then with my beloved. I believe that after 3 Idiots my parents can trust me with my future plan and maybe allow me to take a year off to go on a world tour. I am not ashamed to say that at days I too feel depressed and there is nothing wrong in it, I can choose to write a story in place of my exams but this is fine. Lastly, about a dedicate topic relationship, every married people going through problems can watch The Lunchbox, a movie that cannot be replaced for a long time.

Sexual abuse of children is another sensitive topic which has been portrayed in the movie Highway, something that people should be educated about, a topic that needs to be learned, this is the movies that affect our society and we need more movies like this in order to understand the society better, apart from the item songs, the violence, the censored scene movies has a lot to offer to this generation. I believe the true treasure of movies is seen in the film festival one of the best movies in recent time is Lipstick under My Burkha, a movie I am anxiously waiting for but maybe the fatwa needs to be taken care of before showing it.

Monalisa Mukherjee
Monalisa Mukherjee
I am a human being and the distress condition of human disturbs me, but this has been writing again and again so here is the new twist. I will write each day about something that I feel wrong in this society with a pinch of comedy because nothing is better than sarcasm.

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