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Aradhana: Roop Tera Mastana and the birth of two Houdini of the Silver Screen

This is perhaps one of the most unimaginable incident and that wholly overturned the career of two leading silver stars of the Indian film industry, and it placed them at a place which could be termed as the place so above all the others that it could be called as the seventh sky — Folklore was the repercussion. The milky way was the two Indian film personality after the release of this song.

One of them went on to become the first-ever superstar of the Indian silver screen, and the other one went on to become the greatest ever singer that was born to the Indian silver screen Kishore Kumar was the ever singer with that kind of a voice which was full of modulation and which could be turned around by 360 degrees to fit into the schemes of any leading male that would ever act in the annals of the Indian film industry

This song later gave the nickname to Kishore Kumar as the only all-rounder of the Indian silver screen

A Little about these two stars

Well the name Kishore Kumar affectionately known as “ Kishoreda“ Well the name RAJESH KHANNA known as “ Kaka Babu “ of the Indian screen It was none other than the Bengali super star Mr Uttam Kumar who suggested this name to Rajesh Khanna It was Uttam Kumar who was the judge of a competition than to select a face that could be fitted into a film as a hero of a banner that was being held by Mr. B R Chopra Ultimately it was Rajesh Khanna who won that competition After the function was over Mr Uttam Kumar went upto Rajesh Khanna and just said him- “ Ki goes Kaka Babu Kaemon “ which means Hey Kaka Babu, how are you and the reply from him was “ Joh Agya huzoor “ After this incident later Rajesh Khanna was to do a film AMAR PREM in which he had to throw a dialouge “” Pushpa I hate tears “ This was a dialouge of Uttam Kumar in a film to Suchitra Sen Rajesh Khanna had to retake this dialogue for about 100 times Even after that he admitted that he was not happy in terms of the perfection that Uttam Kumar could do while delivering this dialouge to Suchitra Sen in that Bengali film Later when the film was released at Kolkatta and when Rajesh Khanna met Uttam Kumar it was again Uttam Kumar repeating that dialogue “Ki go Kaka Babu Kaemon “ and the reply this time from Rajesh Khanna was “ Bana nahin “ to which Uttam Kumar again replied him “ Hello the first superstar of the Indian film screen and the Indian film industry ““


Now a little about Kishore Kumar. Very famous and known to one-and-sundry as Kishoreda he was to act and sing He made his singing debut for a film in 1948 lending his voice to the evergreen Dev Anand He would then ape the great, Kundan Lal Sehgal for everything His style changed with a film called Mem Sahab in which he sang a song “ DIL DIL SE MILA KAR DEKHO “ That song was picturized on himself He made his presence felt with that song yet he could get any of the admiration or any fame because a singer by the name of Mohammed Rafi was ruling the wave and the world of Indian music as a playback singer

It may be mentioned here that Kishore Kumar was the youngest of the Ganguly brothers and his eldest brother Ashik Kumar was a famous film personality Kishore Kumar initially had to struggle a lot to get any break into films, and initially, he was an actor He later switched on to singing and went to become one of the best singers that the world of Hindi cinema could see

Kishoreda was hard was very sincere and was giving everything in terms of the modulations He added the “ Yodeling “ to add to his repertoire of the songs, but still he was finding it very hard either to break into the topmost league or to demand at his will that Mohammed Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar would demand from the producer for the songs and the voice that they would lend it to the songs in the films


Rajesh Khanna by winning that competition got a break into the uncompromising arena of the Indian film industry “ Raaj “ was his first venture He again got another film by the name of “ Pehla Khat “ The banners were solid and good The performance was excellent but the poor plots of the film through him many miles away from the field where he could feel that he was also something extraordinary in the Indian film industry

Kishoreda from 1948 where he sang that song for Dev Anand- MALONEY KI DUAEIN KYON MAANGU, JEENAY KI TAMANNA KAUN KAREY, KAUN KARAY to about 1969 was finding it very hard to strongly claim about whatever he wanted to claim in the film industry Both Rajesh Khanna and Kishoreda had to face the ignominy of everything that they might not have expected in their life


It was Mr. Shakti Samanta who was the producer of the film Aradhana He had selected the pairpf Sharmila Tagore and Rajesh Khanna one of the most romantic pair of the Indian silver screen then It was Madam Sharmila Tagore known as Rinku to the entire film world, and of course Rajesh Khanna by then had some films as well like Saccha Jhootha, Bandhan, Ittefaq, Mehboob Ki Mehandi, and Dushman but somehow the kind of the place that he should have got in spite of the films having good plot and such a terrific songs sung by Mohammed Rafi and even Kishore Kumar was not enough for him to get that kind of a place and worship an ocean of treasure in terms of the talent the potential and above all the magnetism in his voice, but even after that he was finding the bearing very hard to get the world under his feet He made the world go insane with his number “ Aye Dil Na Hota Bechara Kadam Na Hotay Awara ” in “ Jewel Thief ” and in a film named Jhumroo were he sang that miraculous the one “ Mai hook jhum jhum jhum jhoom jhoomroo ” Yet nothing was working out for these two superb actors of the Indian silver screen and the one which we later called him the most magical and Houdini of the singer of the Indian film industry

Rajesh Khanna after the release of the film Aradhana was termed and branded as the First Indian superstar of the Indian Silver screen and Mr. Kishore Kumar was termed as the most unusual miraculous singer of the Indian silver screen This song Roop Tera Mastana Pyar Mera Deewana made them so How did it happen- well the story is all about that


There was a sequence in the film where it was all about the intimacy that was to be screened by the Producer Mr. Shakti Samant It was a scene wherein spite of all the odds and spite of all the eventualities against them, both the pair the hero and the heroine in that shot and in that film were to act for this song Roop Tera Mastana Pyar Mera Deewana Bhool Koi Humsay Na Ho Jaye

This song initially it was decided that Mr. Sachin Dev Burman who was the Music Director of the film would sing The entire recording was over It was the habit of Mr. Sachin Dev Burman known as Sachinda to the entire film industry fall back to Kishoreda to narrate and describe as to what he was doing in any of the films that he was lending his hands on the music Sachinda had finished recording this song in his voice, and he called upon Kishoreda exactly at 1.30 AM Calling him over the phone he said to Kishreda If you are awake, then please come to the place where myself and my troupe have just finished recording a song for the film Aradhana

I’m was sleeping, said Kishoreda No, and nothing to say about it now said Sachinda after hearing to Kishoreda Now that you are awake and as I have broken your sleep, come on to the place now.I want you to hear about a song that I have recorded for a Nepali who is the hero of this film You have to reach here immediately

A broken Kishoreda whose sleep was completely broken had nothing more to say after hearing his Gurudev Sachinda He just said in Bengali “ Acchha aaschee “ which means OK I’m coming over there

He woke up his son Amit Kumar who later was to become a leading singer in the Indian film industry and who was only 14 years of age then Both the father and the son headed for the place where Sachinda was waiting for Kishoreda After they reached the spot and sat beside each other it was Sachinda who broke the news- listen I have finished recording a song for the film Aradhana The song was fully recorded and was played to Kishoreda to listen to it Kishoreda listened to that

This is to be screened on a Nepali said Sachinda That Nepali was none other than Rajesh Khanna who was seated there Rajesh Khanna was not at all happy with the recording The scene was intimacy and passionate and the way Sachinda sang it, it was never to create any effect on anybody That was the feeling of Rajesh Khanna In away and in all the way, but the way Sachinda sang it was something like the village infancy That would not go well with the audience felt Rajesh Khanna, but he was speechless as Sachinda was the music director of the film and he was a huge figure, and terms of the towering personality beside the inferno that he was as far as his place in the Indian music industry was concerned

How was it asked Sachinda after the song was played to Kishoreda At that time when he asked Kishoreda to give a reply Kishoreda just looked at Rajesh Khanna It was about 2.30 early morning The night was fully leaving its minutes in term of the moment Looking to Rajesh Khanna Kishoreda could make out the pall of doom that was showing on the face of Rajesh Khanna Sachinda again asked him – how is the song However while noticing that the preparations were flowing out from the face of Kishoreda he could make it out that Kishoreda did not like the song

OK – he said to Kishoreda, “ If you had to sing this one, how would you ing Come on now and sing it? I wish to hear it Sing t in the best possible manner.”

Getting a chance to topple the applecart he, i.e., Kishoreda just asked Sachinda- can I sing it in your way when you had sung a song when I would wear that half pant and go to the school Which was that asked Sachinda OK- listen to it and then give me your nod to sing that I do not possess and have that kind of an audacity to sing this song the way that you have sung I would recite the first two lines of the same In case if you like it then we would go ahead with That would do a lot of favor to the Nepali actor as you say This would do him a lot of good and favor on whom this song has to be screened

Taking the permission from his Gurudev Sachinda Kishoreda sang the first two lines of that song which was sung by Sachinda The lines were

“Ailey Jhhey Chollam Soshur Baadi, Soshur Baadi Bodo Mojar Haadi Aaray shunboni shunboni shunboni O Sundari “

This was a Bengali Song sung by Sachinda when Kishoreda was in the school Once he had heard the song and it impressed him like anything In the school whenever there would be a function and if he were told to sing a Bengali song he would sing this one Sachinda was on cloud nine when he heard the way Kishoreda singing that one He gave the nod- rehearse that once more time and come on we will record this one Sing it the way you have composed this

One repeat and when thoroughly convinced Sachinda got onto a final record that one which went on to become the rage of the songs, and that was Roop Tera Mastana, Pyar Mera Deewana Bhool Koi Humsay Na Hoh Jaye

This was the final result, and the outcome and wata wave did this song create during that era

This song was picturized on Rajesh Khanna, and Sharmila Tagore on the screen The less said, the better about this song made the film to run for 50 consecutive weeks, and this was the FIRST of many a movie of Rajesh Khanna which celebrated the silver jubilee

This song gave Kishoreda his first Filmfare award for the best male playback singer and this song gave Rajesh Khanna his first Filmfare award for being the best actor for the year 1970 when the film was released

Rajesh Khanna went on to become the first superstar in the annals of the Indian movies from the Hindi section of the film and the wave he created after this song as a superstar, it is still not being matched by became the Houdini I of the Indian movie industry He after that ruled the entire Indian music industry of the Indian film, and it’s noon and corner in a manner that there would be nobody who would come up to the 1/10 of the standard the way Kishoreda ruled the Indian music industry

Rajesh Khana’s term of being the Himalaya of the Indian cinema came to an end after the film Deewar was released where Amitabh Bachchan took it over from him However till the moment Kishore expired on October 13th, 1987 he was simply the best singer with no competition and o body to challenge him for the number one pot as a singer in the world f Indian music The silver him the gold of a singer in the Indian screen and film industry.


This song made Rajesh Khanna the first superstar of the Indian silver screen He was, and his fan following hare at India was merely unimaginable and unbelievable People would live for him by taking his name, breathe for him by taking his name and would do anything for them to feel that they were always amidst him To make him dearer to the peoples was the Rajesh Khanna kurta He could not imagine as an individual as to what was the kind of wave in terms of fans, popularity and supporters that he had created after the film Aradhana and after that song about which I’m writing the article over here

It was not until the premier show of the Film Amar Prem that to be screened at Kolkatta Uttam Kumar reached him at the hotel to drive him to the venue where the film was to be tested for the premier When Uttam Kumar took him to the balcony of the hotel he found out that there were about 80,000 spectators, all his fans waiting to see a glimpse of him

Uttar Kumar raised his hand in a gesture to wave the crowd, and no sooner than the side got upraised to the sky, the people went berserk. It was uncontrollable and out of the belief of one and Sunday Uttam Kumar just said him- even though the screen lovers and the movie mongers here consider me to be the god, believe me, I never have this kind of a crowd at any point of my life and time to think that I was a God here You have beaten everybody fair and square for this admiration, and you are the first superstar of the Indian silver screen It was only when the ” Kaka Babu ” of the Indian silver screen started believing that he was a superstar

If Rajesh Khanna was to become a superstar, Kishore was to become the unparallel all-rounder of the Indian silver screen Kishoreda was one-in-all and all-in-one has he had by then placed his hands in all the department of film making But from this moment onward when the song was released he became an unbeatable and an unperilled singer

His modeling took a different turn and to add to that as his modeling. No other singer could manage to module their voice as Kishoreda did that, and they could not model the way that great man did it with so much of ease grace and poise.

Aradhana went on to be a movie in terms of the golden it celebrated and after that one by one Rajesh Khanna gave 15 films at a stretch which went past the celebration of the silver jubilee Seven of them were Gen jubilee He on the process matched Rajendra Kumar who has the distinction of giving 25 movies at a run and stretch which were the silver jubilee.

Rajendra Kumar is known as the Jubilee Kumar of the Hindi film as well as the Indian film industry He was untouched and his record remains untouched the way he created those records for himself in the world of Indian cinema

Kishore did not have any competitor to oust him, and he won eight consecutive Filmfare award lest he wrote the adjudicator of the Filmfare award that for the future his name might not at all be considered for this ward anymore as he is not interested in any distinction at all

This is the story of the film Aradhana the story of the song and the entire story of Rajesh Khanna becoming the first superstar of the Indian film industry and all about Kishore Kumar who after struggling from 1948 to 1969- becoming the Houdini of the Indian film industry which had to do with the music

Kishore Kumar is more famously known as Kishoreda made a mountain which peaks would beat all the peaks and the Himalayas of the music He ultimately held his own He ultimately made the Indian music industry for dancing to his tune He made a merry and the cherry of everything that was a song. If at all it was related to the music, He completely demolished all the other singers who were there in the film industry when it came either to sing the songs in terms of the totality and numbers in the film and the completely controlled the rate that he would demand.

One by one, he sang for the oldies like Shashi Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, rah Kapoor, He later became the VOICE for Rajesh Khanna. After that, he added the name of Amitabh Bachchan to his list Amitabh, and Kishoreda then was to add magic and hysteria with each other Amitabh could not have been Amitabh despite all his acting talent The voice that Kishoreda lend him in his movie ” BOMBAY TO GOA ” in the songs:

“ Tum Meray Zindagi Mai Kuch is Tarah say Aaye ” was simply a class and a way for the moon to cast more light on the stars to twinkle with glory listen to that song in the U-Tube and feel it for yourself.

You would yourself know what Kishoreda brought in for Amitabh Bachchan in terms of a change, which was a mixture of adiabatic and isometric change.

That was Kishoreda for you. Born at Khandwa to the Ganguly family, he was cut into the way as the diamond is cut by Mr. Khemchand Prakash and was showcased the world by Mr. Sachin Dev Burman whom we affectionately call Sachinda.

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