Parents and Unconditional Love (Poetry)

Parents and Unconditional love

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Parents and Unconditional love

Parents and Unconditional love

Right there in your arms mom,
I find heights of peace.
Under the mountain of your shadow dad
Taking care of all my needs
Holding hands you made me walk
With all manners I learned to talk
Off to school for the very first time.

You stood there waving with a smile
Then I grew having all fun
Making mistakes
Regretting none
Even when I’ve wronged so much
You’re the one’s never to judge
Now, as I grow, you grow old too
The time for me to be there for you
For all the love to me you gave.


Now it’s time for me to pay
Promise you’ll never leave me alone
Where else will I find again a home?
Maybe mom I am not that brave
But I have that strength to say
If ever in life comes such day
I swear I’ll walk with you till grave.

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Parents are a kind of life line. Love, Care, affection, sacrifice, forgiveness everything can be settles down in just one word — “parents”. They teach us everything in life except how to live without them. They believe in us before we could believe ourselves.

The only truest and purest form of love we can ever see on this earth is that of parents. And for the love they give us they never expect anything in return, not a single thing. So it’s our responsibility to take care of them even if they don’t ask for it. The gift they gave us can’t be compared to anything in the world. So just be there for them.

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