Painting by Winslow Homer

Should I cry or laugh,
Think or stop?
After a long wait,
I prayed to my lord, is I’m right,
Should I wait for her to arrive,
all day and even at night?

Everything is crystal clear,
But I’m still waiting for the magical air,
To bring lost happiness and fair.
I looked all the ways,
closed and opened gates,
For the precious rays,
I saw several men,
they came and passed.
Women came and laughed.
But the question is,
Should I cry or laugh?

I’m well aware,
It’s none of us fault, it might be in my fate,
That just knocked, without being late or last,
But the question is,
Should I cry or laugh?

Minutes turned to hours,
With the long wait that never lasts.
It’s not a punishment or fact,
Drama or an act.
But a devotion to the beauty,
Love and my duty.

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