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Missed You a lot: Poetry by Isrg Rajan

I thought about you, all the time,
I wrote about you every line.
Without a beginning or an end.
Not like a lover or a friend,
But the one who can travel,
Throughout life without a stand.

You may run away, Without a cause.
But always remember my beauty,
My heart would be beating without a pause.
I will pray to my lord, to bless you in all the troubles,
So, that you can handle and travel on your path,
Without a comma or a full stop.

I’ll urge not to look back again,
You’ll only find harsh and pain that cannot be parsed.
Despite the agony, the moment you’ll change your mind,
you’ll find me in your behind,
calling your name as I was at that time,
my beauty, are you fine?

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Isrg Rajan
Isrg Rajan
Isrg Rajan is a founder of IR Digital Media and the Chief Editor of Digital Pradesh News Networks, a news company that operates several news and digital platforms.

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