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Rascal or a Blind: Poetry by Isrg Rajan

What could I describe?
What should I prescribe?
You’re the personification of beauty,
And staring you is my duty.

You are kind-hearted,
Maybe that’s why I’d started.
Oh! My beauty you’re well known.
To everyone like an onyx bon,
And now for me,
That moment has gone,
When I felt all alone,
Now I’ve sweet memories,
And dream waiting to be drawn.

Darkness and shadows of life,
Strikes in the mid of your arrival,
Leaves me behind and a mark in mind,
Rascal or a blind?

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Isrg Rajan
Isrg Rajan
Isrg Rajan is a founder of Isrg Rajan Digital Media and the Chief Editor of Digital Pradesh News Networks, a news company that operates several news and digital platforms.

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