EducationBest NGO in Delhi Working in Education to Volunteer and Internship

Best NGO in Delhi Working in Education to Volunteer and Internship

NGOs are the best option to do internship and volunteership especially when it is about Education and Teaching. Have you ever wondered, What is the best gift you can give to someone, is it money or food? Well, it’s none the best thing you can gift to someone is the skill and the education that will last for the ages. If you are looking for an NGO working in field of education and educating kids, men and women living under flyovers and in slums in Delhi and NCR region then you must join Blue Pen, one of the visionary Not For Profit Organisation educating slum children, men and women.

Children, Men and Women living in these slums and under flyovers are keen enthusiast and curious learners. They need a teacher who can teach them where you can be their ultimate teacher and the guide. The NGO, Blue Pen is already fulfilling their basic needs like providing them with notebooks, textbooks, medical check-up and vocational training so that no child should be left behind.

The Blue Pen NGO is currently teaching more than 800 hundred students at various location in Delhi at IIT Delhi Flyover, Munirka Flyover, Hazrat Nizamuddin (in Barakhamba Monument Park), Tughlkabad Gaon and Sangam Vihar. The NGO, Blue Pen is managed and operated by more than 25 well-educated volunteers expertising in various fields like Engineering, Medical, Information Technology, Arts & Commerce.

How to Join Blue Pen India NGO?

At Blue Pen you can teach kids, women and men and can even give vocational training in IT, Painting & Drawing and any other skills that you expertise in where you can join Blue Pen India NGO as an intern or volunteer by apply online from

History of Blue Pen NGO

The Blue Pen India NGO came in existence on 1st January, 2017. It was founded by Educationist Dr. Manorama Khanna, Anil Kumar Tripathi and Ranjan Khanna with a vision to educate slum and flyover kids so that no kids should left behind.

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